What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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@Woodguychris  I only have one sorrow about the picture of Cheesecake and I. It’s gone! I ate it. I’m not sorry. Just sorry I didn’t go pick up another one.

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Hi would you take $25.00 for this
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There was a woman looking at a few dolls I was selling on here she asked "Are they haunted?" I said I don't know (how can I tell and what do I look for?)- If they start talking to me or flying around the room I'll let you know. Honestly she wanted a haunted doll. On Craigslist the other day I had a guy ask me if I had slightly used heels instead of newer ones. I said are you serious? I was thinking did you want me to step in dog poop first (what the heck!) He said yes, I'm looking for well worn with your feet sent in them I have a foot fetish. I took that list down. Same day on Craigslist had a guy ask me about my typewriter - Does it look good with paper in it? I said yes, he says again I'm interested in buying it but does it look good with paper in it? I'm now confused at this stupid question and said as I mentioned already yes it looks good with or without paper in it and if your asking if it works "Yes It Works. He says I'm not interested. I told him I figured, but the question I have for you is do you look good with paper on you? I had to give it back to him lol...
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I absolutely gate people that try to lowball your asking price then get upset when you tell them no. I had a guy get huffy puffy the other day and said I was a scammer because I took a whole 15-20 minutes to reply to his offer. Oh, I'm sooo sorry I dont have my phone on me all the time! People do have lives. I told him I didnt want to do business with him for acting that way. Sold that same item to someone else that day who was patient enough to make an offer and wait for my reply.
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May I use your crystals in a succulent planter?

Thank you!
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Depends on how tall the door is compared to the height of the doll.
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Remember! If you do decide to accept EBT. Remember that the going trade rate is :
1.00 EBT = $0.50 USD
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I was selling wrestling gear.

A nice gentleman was asking lots of questions and then could I take pictures of me wearing the outfit 😊

I said no but maybe I should have asked how much he was willing to offer 😂
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I once got asked if i was married?? I'm here to sell not date???
I for one would like to see a category for listing items called Strange or Unusual! (CL has one, funny as heck) I don't know how to contact them to suggest it...anybody know how to email them?