What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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I get a lot of questions like..
"Do you accept EBT?"
"Can I get a refund if it doesn't fit?"
"I know it says $10. FIRM, will you take $1.50?"
What strange/crazy questions have you gotten?

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@Mj_206--As I started reading your post; I was shocked to say the least!! Very bizarre that someone would offer a prohibited item as a trade; insane!! Thank you so much for sharing!! You all are making my day!! 😀😁

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@K-Zakk How about "Can I pay you with check?"
Who in their right mind accept check for OU sales. Now that is crazy!
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@K-Zakk Welcome to the community! Coming in hot with a great new topic too!! Smiley LOL

Hmmm... I think the strangest thing I've ever been asked is if I come with the item. Maybe more gross/creepy than strange. Getting asked if you accept EBT is definitely a new one! Not sure I heard that asked before!

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@K-Zakk--I love this question & feedback!! Pretty funny!! 😀😁 I've received questions like "Can I get the item for free & can you deliver it?" "Can we go out after I pick up the item?" "If I have to drive to the location can I get the item for free?" "Is it still for sale?" (If it's posted😀😉). Can I get it cheaper, what about $1?"

I love this question!! You would be surprised the things people ask & say. Thank you so much for your response!!
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I was once selling a large sofa and headboard, and got asked "can you ship this for $5?"
Yeah, sure let me slip it in a first class envelope 😂
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@RevivalGypsy--I read your post and couldn't stop laughing!! 😀😁 It's refreshing to know we all have some funny stories to share; & unfortunately it's a reality!! 😀😉
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I'd Kudo, but I'm in overlap hell again where it tries to escalate. Lol @Hi-there.
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@RevivalGypsy--I just finished drinking water when you responded. I was laughing non-stop!! 😀😁😂 I thought "Did the mail them?" (Lol). Couldn't resist!! 😀😁😊😄
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@K-Zakk--The fact that someone asked you "Do you accept EBT?" I about lost it, laughing so hard 😀😁😂🤣
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OH! How could I forget!! Someone once offered to trade a GUN for my makeup!! Spoiler alert - trying to trade items that are listed on the prohibited items list will get an account removed.