What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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Around 4:30 one morning a guy messaged me at least 10 times wanting to know if my hair color in my profile pic was real... I kept asking him ... "So did you want the breakfast sandwich maker?"
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EBT that's a good one lol
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I was selling something for $25 and a buyer said:
$5 delivered!

Can you believe? 1. I don’t know this person to give him a discount. 2. The item was firm 3. I don’t deliver anything under $50
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@UuugeDeals--Hello!! We have all had experiences the same or similar to this. People try to look for a deal & sometimes the way they go about may come across in a negative way.

You know what your item is worth & what you would like to get out of the deal. It's okay to respectfully decline & move on.