What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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Around 4:30 one morning a guy messaged me at least 10 times wanting to know if my hair color in my profile pic was real... I kept asking him ... "So did you want the breakfast sandwich maker?"
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EBT that's a good one lol
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I was selling something for $25 and a buyer said:
$5 delivered!

Can you believe? 1. I don’t know this person to give him a discount. 2. The item was firm 3. I don’t deliver anything under $50
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@UuugeDeals--Hello!! We have all had experiences the same or similar to this. People try to look for a deal & sometimes the way they go about may come across in a negative way.

You know what your item is worth & what you would like to get out of the deal. It's okay to respectfully decline & move on.
I was asked to model a couple of bathing suits I had for sale. Some creep wanted me to take pictures of myself in them and send them to his cell phone so he could see if it would fit his girlfriend. WTF!!?? Freaks!!
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When they make an offer and I accept their offer, then they disappear. I don’t get that. It happens quite often.
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Today I was asked, in regards to a pair of heels I have listed, “if I paid more $$ could you wear them in a little more for me Smiley Happy” uhhh block
What size bra do you wear?
I have, but it was a lady from my church I see every Sunday. She's one of my best, repeat customers. You never know.
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I get a lot of, "Can you donate to a church", or "Can you deliver, Im disabled". Oops, sorry. Me too, and I have no car.