What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

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I would say maybe its not the strangest ! ( the strangest by far & funniest is kudos mailing her sofa in the priority envelope 😂😂 I about tinkled myself 💥 ) The EBT one just **bleep** me off ! But , mine so far is in one I am selling a vehicle & I'm completely open & honest about the fact it has a crack in the frame😷 but would make a great MUDDER /or Parts 🚙💨 So do you know how often I've had people ask why can't it be driven home ?!🔥 One guy actually came here & brought tags with him & his wife so SHE COULD DRIVE IT HOME !! 😂😂😂 And another guy/ kid said " im interested in your jeep " I said " when do you want to come by ? " he replied " when your hubby isn't home 😂. Great topic !! I'm rollin" 😂 Didn't know this forum even existed !
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Is there where I reply to your comment on my strangest ?😂 I want to say thanks & im so happy I found this part of letgo ! I must say the funniest comment I ever got from LETGO WAS CUST SERV after I blew a gasket about no duplicate listings and seeing multiple people do this I asked " so if we word it differently or use a diff termonolgy is that how people are getting away with it ?" she replied " sorry about that ! Our chat feature was down ...etc etc etc .." What chat feature ?😂
I said "did you even read my complaint ?" Lol ! Then she replied back" ok im sorry my mistake if you see people doing this do steps :1, 2, 3, 4, 5,-10 & send a pic of it to Letgo !" " And we ARE VERY SORRY WE TOOK YOUR AD DOWN by accident ! 😂 " WHAT ?? " YES THEY TOOK OUR AD DOWN TOO !! BUT I had no idea ! So I said " since I'm essentially doing your job & you essentially cost us $$ by doing so, are you going to pay me for doing your job? " and loosing us jobs !? " No reply as of yet 😂😂😂
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@Tazz66--You're very welcome, & that's too funny the way some people respond. Thank you so much for sharing!!
If I come with the item....
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How much is it?
Gees! can anyone post an item without a price
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The strangest question I get is "what condition is it in" I sell minerals as in crystals, quartz etc..and thats a hard question to answer then you sell things that are not man made. They come from the earth so nothing is ever perfect so its hard to answer that. If it's been dropped or chipped during shipping etc I always mention that in my descriptions
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"Trade?" Without stating what would be an option to be traded. So one assumes what they have listed as offers would be open for trade, only everything they have listed is incompatible to your lifestyle.
@Librarox Oh my gosh Yes!! I wouldn't mind trading sometimes if the people asking had something I could use but that never happens!