What is the strangest question reguarding your item?

LOL @Hesse you should tell them 10 foot 😁
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I am glad she asked in a post because I was laughing pretty hard reading it. If I would of gotten that in a phone call I would of lost it.
I find it strange when people ask if something is available and you say yes and they don't answer back.
Are they waiting to see if you will reply back with a lower price? I really don't understand this!
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"what does it do?" It was a warming bottle (for babies) and so many asked "what does it do?" Maybe they meant how does it work? Although that wasnt their question
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That keeps happening to me too, and I was wondering the same thing. I figure they are just flirting the the idea of making a purchase but theyre hesitant for whatever reason.
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That is totally craziness!
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they are just shopping and wondering if this item is something they should keep in mind or Not. I say this from experience. my apologies if I've ever left you wondering... :-)
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"Will this help meet women?"

The best way to answer that is 

Where is the nearest branch of your bank?  We will meet there.  

Do the transaction in the bank is not unusual.  Be with the person when the cash is drawn out and do the exchange in front of the teller.  It works for small items.  

If the sale is real the buyer will be OK.

Never take the check, let the account holder cash the check and give you the money.