What's OfferUp do different than let go and Poshmark?

Curious why this app is relevant. I just made it yesterday. Sidenote: Everyone thinks they can jack up the price of their used scratched up watches.

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I don't really think you care about the answer, but here is the comparison anyhow from a seller that uses as many platforms as I can:

Poshmark: 20% service fee, flat rate 5 lb max shipping. Prices inflated to cover 20%. Mostly fashion items. Focused now on "new, boutique sellers" aka drop shippers from wish, gilt, and online retailers.
Letgo: local only. No fees, no option to ship. Buyers almost nonexistent in past few months.
Used and new random items mostly cross posted on ou.
OU: same random new and used items. Free local. 10% service fee option to ship. Flat rate shipping tiers usps
Mix of lowball offers and serious buyers. Mostly the former.

I have an inconsistent stream of buyers all at once, then none at all on ou and poshmark.
Its all free to list, so wherever it sells, it sells. Usually hope it sells for a 10% fee instead of posh's 20%, but I take all the sales I can get.

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I can say the same thing about the places you posted. I’ve been on them from time to time. What makes them relevant? Hmmm. Same as here. Each place is different and the same. I don’t ship so meetups is ok with me. It’s up to you where you post scratched up watches. Good luck to you. 

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I would say that the features that set us apart from the other local marketplace apps would be: our focus on Trust and Safety, having a dedicated community forum for members to connect, the relationships we've built with officers across the US, shipping, hold, and buy now. Phew! That was a mouthful Smiley LOL

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You said a lot that’s true @Mj_206. Thank you for filling in where I left out.

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Excuse me? 

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@Mj_206   Where do these people come from. He changed his picture to. Seems we always get a few along the way. It’s sad. 

Lol bro your doing a great job at promoting OfferUp! You keep doing your thing. I'm not interested in your comments.
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Glad to hear it. @TeddySalesWeigh  

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@TeddySalesWeigh wrote:
Lol bro your doing a great job at promoting OfferUp! You keep doing your thing. I'm not interested in your comments.

Let's keep everything civil now.