What's the difference between a bump and promote?

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I'm wondering if anyone has had experience using promote, and what the difference is between that and bumping an item up?


Also - is it something that's free or what does it cost to promote compared to bump, and...why can't I see the option myself!


From the offerup help:


Bumping an item moves it to the top of the main feed and search results, as if you just posted it for the first time. 



Featuring an item shows it more often in the main feed, category, and search results, marked Promoted, for the time period (3, 7, or 14 days) you choose. 



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Bump takes it to the top of the listing for a bit.

Technically, bumping can be done by reposting, although doing it frequently will result in the post being ghosted — since it will be counted as a duplicate.

It's best to wait a couple days before reaposting, if you don't want to wait — that's what the bump feature is for.

This wait time is used to deter spammers.

Promoting one the other hand, uses one of the 'ad blocks' I believe and has options for more time up.

Both options and more can be found under the promote tab.

Look at one of your posts and below it there should be green text that says 'Promote'
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Does it cost to promote? I know it does to bump.