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Hi I'm relatively new to community! The name you see me as is Woodguychris. As I navigate through the vast community reading posts from all the people here, I find myself wondering how they got such cool names! Did somebody give it to them or did they just make it up on their own. Either way there are some totally cool names. Myself mine was given me. I used to own a store where I built and repaired furniture. I also sold wooden items that I made in the store. My shop was actually part of the store. People loved it, but most didn't remember my name so they called me the wood guy! Well it stuck and the rest is history. I don't know about the rest you but I'm courius how you got yours. 


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@Hi-there  We all have stories. Pretty cool how people pick there names. Our names mean something to us.. says a little about who you are. Funny thing is that most people don’t even realize that. It all came out today. Pretty Cool!👍

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Hey what's up wood guy! @Woodguychris awesome name and coolpost!


I chose Fredyfred5 because me and my pop share the same name except my fullname ends with V ( i am the fifth ) but my nickname is Fredy while most people call my dad Fred so that is basically where Fredyfred5 comes from Robot LOL

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@Fredyfred5 You see that's what I'm talking about! Cool names with even cooler reasons behind them

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Very Cool idea for a post...
In agreement with
Now you two have given me word association to your user names.
Will definitely "remember" how to spell them now! Interesting names!
Mine is more a "Spiritual" aspect...
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Awesome name @REMEMBRANCE 


Strong memory = strong spirit!! Robot Happy

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Thanks... @Fredyfred5! 😉
Like the motto too!
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@Woodguychris--Very creative post. I love it!! My name Hi-there because I can do different cartoon voices, like Barney "Hi boys & girls" 😀😉.
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Well, there was a lot of crime and my city needed my help so............

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@Battmann sounds like your busy most of the time but when your just a regular citizen, is hard to hide the "S"?  

Just kidding lol

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@Mj_206 thank a bunch