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@Fredyfred5  I always wanted to learn another language. I think it’s so cool. It just amazed me how easy it is for some people. Its so hard for me.

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I hear Ya! I was lucky enough to grow up in a spanish speaking household while going to english speaking school here in Florida. @Jones68 

I did also learn American sign language as a young teen but have unfortunately forgotten most of it in my adult years aside from basic words and the alphabet. I tell ya what it gets harder with age to even remember my first two languages LOL!!

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Interesting... @Fredyfred5!
Would love to learn to speak more fluent Espanol... took a little bit in school. Italian would be fun too!
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@Fredyfred5 Creole, that's got to be interesting to desyphur, the wife and I both learned Spanish working in restaurants and I also in construction. Were not fluent by any means, but enough to get in and out of trouble. Its kind of a pet peive of mine when comes to communicating in this country in a foreign language when the national language in English! But I usually don't make a fuss, only when I feel like jumping on my soapbox. 

You know when I was in school we had to take two years of foreign language classes to graduate. Already knowing one would have been almost cheating! Lol

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Getting lost for awhile...
Sounds like a plan @Woodguychris
Enjoy! Smiley Wink
Watch out for those hurricanes.Lol