Worst customer service ever!

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I feel your pain. I sold my first shipping item 2 weeks ago. Between me and the customer communication. We’re we’re both satisfied with the transaction. He said he paid and I shipped w/i same day. He received the item. Said it arrived in great condition. OU has pending funds to my bank then OU cancelled transaction. Then resubmitted for payment and OU cancelled again. Customer says that the sale is still pending on his end. This is the worse Customer Service app ever. I’m wondering if I need to just remove all my items from shipping and just deal local (cash and carry). Because OU does not respond with a true status as to how they operate their business when it comes to shipping and payments
I tried it with a few shippable items and some girl in NYC responded to one item and she had no idea that the thing had to be shipped with shipping charges or that I was about 1200 miles away. When I explained it to her (a long wasted conversation) she cussed me and said she didn't send money to nobody until she had her boots in her hand. Otherwise the terms and conditions regarding the shipping deal are scary. You could send your item and they say they didn't get it and you get $0. So I just don't do it.
@JenniferK0122 that's just crazy! I guess she thinks she's entitled lol
I don't blame you! She's in for a shock if she thinks anyone on Offerup is going to mail out a item and ler her pay later
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@Hi-there, I do not know who to believe anymore. All I hear is my problem apparently has b en escalated over a week ago, and that it is now in the hands of a payment specialist ( the same script I have been hearing 2-3 times a week the last 3 months).I am very very frustrated, now for my transaction that took place on August 6th I have 140 dollars that apparently is pending to be deposited into my account meaning offer up has the payment. If I do not hear from offer up by the end of this week, I will get a lawyer involved and will get consumer services involved.
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@MV221212--Hello!! As soon as you asked for your case to be escalated I did, & also connected with the OfferUp Community Forum Manager, @Mj_206. Then you were sent a message saying your request was excalated to the right person. I am a community member just as you & I'm limited as to how far I can send you request.

@Mj_206 further stated your request was escalated to the appropriate team. If you would like you can send another message to the email I sent you &/or respond to the community forum manager directly in a p m. Thank you so much for your response!!
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@Mj_206 my case has been escalated ? What does that mean ? I haven’t heard from anyone for the last two weeks , no updates or anything when asked I receive the same answer your case is being reviewed by a management specialist which is the same script I received over 20 times of contact with anyone at offer up. I am extremely frustrated and am starting to believe offer up is taking me on a ride, I am seriously considering a legal case and would involve consumer services . I have proof of emails answers of more than twenty emails stating the same line over 3 months now right after my question it says solved. I have not heard from ‘this payment specialist’ from over two months neither have I heard from anyone regarding my case being escalated ? So offer up just took my money and thinks it’s a joke for me to contact y’all with the same generated computer answer ? Ridiculous !
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@Hi there, thank you for your message. 3 weeks have passed and we are going on to a full month, not received a single reply or acknowledgment regarding my escalated case and neither have I received my owed money. I am finding it hard to believe that OfferUp is a legit company or platform for sale and if it is, it has claimed sales tax from the sale I made and deserves a class action very soon. I have also noticed various messages of the same nature about not being paid so I am guessing it is of a norm .
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@MV221212--It's unfortunate that you're having issues resolving your situation. Have you checked all of your folders/junk mail/spam to see if you have any/additional responses from customer care? I hope everything works out.
Hi, I haven’t used offer up in honestly 2-3 months and I am checking my email and seeing this, I have not bought anything! Please Message me personally, because I am confused. Someone has taken over my account.
@Hi You had been tagged by mistake and it went to your email. Your account is fine.. Someone was trying to message @Hithere and messaged you by mistake.