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Help I've been a n offer up seller for a few years and lately my items are not selling I don't know if it is the price or something else please help any advice thank you

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What are you selling?
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I've also experinced highs and lows over the years.

Even with quality, reasonably priced items.

Could be that people aren't searching for your specific items in your area, try to change the zip a little off to have a slightly broader reach.

Keep in mind, some items just sell faster than other.

If you want a way to stand out, take good images and offer a short, yet comprehensive description.

Also archieve the old post and repost every two weeks or so.
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@Plekanof Here’s a link below with members giving Pro-tips top three tips when selling items. Hope you find these tips helpful. Happy new year! 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Are the prices competitive? Before I post anything I check ebay and facebook market and google to get an idea of current value. Then I mark it down so that potential buyers doing the same research see that you have the best deal. It's a supply and demand game as well. Check to see if there's an over saturation of your item already being sold. If there is you'll have to stand out by making it cheaper or sweetening the deal by adding something extra. It can be emotional knowing you're losing the money you invested into something by not selling it for the price you know you deserve for it but if no one buying then you're not making money anyway.

Example, I bought a nice coffee table for 300 and it's in like new condition. If it's on sale for 260 then I'd hope I could get at least 150 for it so I'd put it on offer up for $200 or also mentioning I'm willing to negotiate. If someone is interested but can only do 120 I'd counter 180 and expect them to barter back 140... the idea is to meet in the middle at $150 which is what I expected for it anyway. If you make realistic expectations and due diligence by researching the online market for that item, you'll be able to sell anything! I hope that helped!
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Thank you for the advice i appreciate it i have always been competitive with my prices prior to listing i have tried to take good pictures I have always been very descriptive about my items except for the last week maybe it is the items I'm selling?
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What are you selling?
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I am selling arts and Crafts.All my articles are having many buyers views yet none has been bought.Is it because of prices or what reason
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I posted a dining table and chairs for months now no one brought 😌 also a Mercedes hard top