there is to many scams on this site

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hi @suezy,,,,,,,,,,,,,offerups been good to me ,,,,,,,,,i havent run into any scams yet,,,,,,welcome to the forums

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I've only had two times out of the 300 that I've met someone and they tried pulling some crap I agree there are scammers and theifs but they are everywhere
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I've said it before and I'll say it again.

This is not a problem unique to OfferUp

It's also sad and at times heartbreaking to see others fall for common scams, but what can you really do except give them tips on how to avoid them in the future.

Push them to do some basic level research on both — best business practices and common scams.

Also I'm with Nickies on this one.

It's a rare occurrence for the avarage user.
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I have not encountered any scams on offer up either but i know there out there. You have to use common sense. Check the seller or buyer out. How long have they been a member whats their rating and just always go with your gut feeling if it doesn't seem right don't do it
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Hi @suezy ,Welcome to Community Forum.

Always go with your guts feeling, stay clear of those sound too good to be true because scammers had practices thousand times over before they're perfect at scam people.

My best advise is for you to spend times gain knowledge how not to be victims of scammer. In this Community Forum there are many latest topics being dicuss about how scammer gain advantage of the buyer and seller alike.

Arm yourself with knowledgeable info so you're better off defending yourself if situation rise.
There are scammer everywhere so be aware you'll be doing just fine. What are you using OfferUp app for buying or selling?