why over charge on critical mddical equipment?

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Offer Up is supposed to be like online yard saling ....sorta

i always see medical equipment like oxygen tubing, or asthma breathig nebulizers or cpap stuff WAAAAAAAY  over priced. new of course 90 sum percent is new but not even priced down. like cmon man its life or death stuff people im sure without insureance are on here in the first place llooking to get affordable and prob be a continual buyer....  but nope dont discount items like asthma breathing machines , no one needs to breathe or anything we can just hope emt cocmes fast enough or that they make it to ER without having failure to breathe or heart, or being intubated or christ skaes.  jeeeze .....   humanity is dog eat dog world seriously now , how do ppl sleep at night burning needy people, i dont get it... on a dang website that supposed to be cheaper too