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I’m sure we’ve all been asked if we can hold an item for an interested buyer. The idea sounds great, but you’re worried that the buyer might cancel last minute. The buyer is willing to initiate payment for the item now ensuring that it is held for them until they can get it. A win-win for all! 


The buyer knows the item will be held for them, the seller knows that they have funds pending the completion of the transaction, and the fear of having a buyer flake has significantly improved!


When you're buying and selling on OfferUp, a "hold" is an agreement between a buyer and seller that they'll meet in person to exchange the item and the payment. It's more than two people taking each other's word for it. The buyer authorizes payment in advance, and the money is "held" until the meeting. The seller agrees to "hold" the item just for that buyer until they meet.


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Once the buyer and seller meet, the buyer inspects the item to make sure everything is as expected. After inspecting the item, the buyer releases the "hold" on the payment, and the seller gets paid.


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Make a hold offer

  1. When you make an offer, tap Hold for pickup.
  2. You’ll see a summary of your offer, including any fees.
  3. If you haven’t entered a payment method yet, tap Add payment method, fill out all required fields, and Save.
  4. Tap Send Hold Offer to send your offer to the seller.

You’ll get a response within 24 hours. If the seller accepts, the full price of the item will be pre-authorized on your credit card. It will not be released to the seller until you inspect the item in person and confirm your purchase. If the seller doesn't respond, the offer cancels automatically.


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Meet and complete the purchase

Meet the seller within 6 days. If you don’t meet within this time, the offer will expire and will automatically be canceled. This will release the hold on your card, and your money will be returned to you.


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I’ve been trying this feature out for a couple of months now. It makes completing in-person transactions so much smoother! Not only does it make me feel more confident as a seller, but it makes my purchases a TON easier. What I do is pick 2 days per week to complete any hold purchases - typically Wednesday’s, and Sunday’s. This way, I can complete multiple purchases in the most convenient way possible for me! I save a ton of time scheduling out transactions like this, and love how seamless this feature is!


Have you Held any items yet? We want to hear your feedback below!


The BUYER should be charged the fee for using their card instead of cash, NOT the seller. Why would I accept an offering if it is going to take out 30% of my profit? Maybe ok for larger sales, but everything I sell is under $50. Someone didn’t think that through. 

@Rosendahl  On point! If the buyer is wanting to use this option they should pay the fee! 


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Alotta lookey loos out there... Be careful whos looking, especially when they wanna be your friend right away ..!!!


I have a problem,  I have contacted support and emailed them and sent messages I’ve contacted Instagram support, I shipped an item and I have the receipt and the print off from the purchase and even the entire report from usps which I went to and got them to trace this package and it has arrived yet offer up was never notified. And now I’m not being paid, I want my 65 dollar payment and I don’t understand I have photos to prove this is what do I do ?! 

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Just been reading about the Hold Option & it doesn't sound real popular thus far. Could you give me or us here an update on how it's going with Hild Option since last months posting. I'm truly still pretty ignorant about it all but am reading, reading, reading...@L11

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The only win is OfferUp that collect 10% fee from seller for meet in person transaction, doesn’t make any sense to seller 

@Bmassey  Did you use the shipping label Offerup email you to use? It sounds like you purchase your own shipping label. If so Offer up can't track the package if you purchased your own label.


 I hate this new system. Sellers are using it like an auction block. Everyone I have sent an offer to within 5 or 6 hours has sent me back a notice that it has been sold. If I wanted to be on 5 miles I would be on 5 miles. I liked offer up in the past as one of my favorite venues but this new hold nonsense has changed my mind.

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I re-read your post just now. I also read responses. 

About items being sold by sellers like an auction, I can see that happening. I get it about 5-Miles etc...However, I kind of prefer O.U. myself. 

Main thing is I try to stay in constant or timely communication with my buyers to know for sure they are serious. If I'm being baited by numerous scammers trying to low-ball me by changing pictures & profile names then I'll blow them off & sell to what I perceive is a serious buyer. I still reply to that helps your ratings!  sometimes it is kind of like an auction to protect yourself from scamming low ballers. 

HOWEVER, if someone makes an offer & I accept, agree to meet, then they mark it sold... I-REPORT THAT & BLOCK THAT PERSON. 

Very sorry this happened to you. Better luck in the future with your pick up/deliver sales! @L11


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I hear a lot of sellers complain about this feature however for us buyers it is good for high priced ticket items. For example I don't want to have $1K in cash on me for an item and realize I got scammed after picking it up for cash. There is no recourse for me as a buyer.. So I see it working for high price items and maybe they should only offer it up on items priced over $500. Otherwise it is just like having craigslist. There is no incentive for a seller to hold an item for a buyer and that just makes this app no different than CL. I have already had a seller sell something underneath me after I offered to buy the item. This is why no one likes CL.. I won't use this app if there is nothing more offering than CL on here.. So to sellers.. be nice to your buyers. Your wanting to make $$$ off your used stuff and want to treat the transaction like a garage sale but want dept store pricing on items that have seen better days or are used for last couple of years and you are asking retail on the item.... Just realize this is a glorified garage sale app.. so don't expect a lot of sales if you just want to treat this like CL. Go to CL then. Just saying...

@SSpradlin78  If you would like to pay the service fee for us sellers to use this service we don't mind using it. The only reason we have to up our price is to cover the added on fee.

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I find it mostly worthless due to the fact if they change their mind all they have to do is show up and say “ oh, that’s not as described.” 

This after holding the item for up to 6 days, all the while your item is getting fewer looks each day as it sinks lower and lower into the listings. 

@Gibby23 100% agree! 

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@Gibby23  Anytime someone wants to take a look at an item doesn't mean it's sold. So I'm not sure where your coming from. If it doesn't meet the person's expectations or doesn't fit (ie couch, clothing) then anyone should have the right to not be committed to buying something they do not want. That's the same on CL or LetGo. Please keep this in mind. It's your stuff you want to get rid of and you are opening yourself up to the public. I don't want to go around Seattle with $500+ in my pocket to pay someone and possibly get scammed or get my money stolen. It's added protection for me. It will be the wave of the future and I believe Offer Up will find a way to make consequences for those who abuse the system. But just like CL you again will get no shows. But maybe less on here verses CL. If they take that option away I will go back to CL. 

@SSpradlin78 For those of us that have been selling awhile it happens all the time. Its not fair for us to hold a item for someone when they don't read the description or ask questions and decide after we have passed up other offers because its on hold and then someone chooses not to follow through and backs out. That's why we don't use this service. Also you keep talking about 500.00 + items that's a huge 10% loss for us to use this service. If you're buying a 500.00 items that's 50.00+ we have to pay in fees not counting this new tax add on. Sorry but a lot of us arnt going to take that much of a cut.

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@BrightMoonstone  I see your frustration. It sounds like maybe the online eBay local auctions might be a better option for you. That way you don't have to deal with no shows or back outs and there are true consequences for not following through with the sale. However the better you inform your potential buyer on the description of the item and have excellent pics including dimensions or links to same item for sale elsewhere helps to make a person feel as though you will be honest in description and quality of the item your selling. I sell 2nd hand kids stuff. I always clean things, take excellent photos (not blurry and full pic of item from different angles ) and have a very detailed description. I've only encountered a few no shows. I've seen too many listings on Offer Up and other sites with very bad photos (like a pic of half the item) and no real description. This is on pretty much everything from furniture or clothes or outdoor gear. It's not that we are shady but anyone has a right to decline if they feel as though your item is overpriced or not described as well as another or they just decide it's not the one. That's part of retail and resale. You just have to make it a point to make sure you communicate well with your buyers and I'm sure you'll weed out the bad apples but there's always a few. Just don't assume we are all like that. That's were you'll lose sales if you just cant stand people on here. Good luck 👍😁

Plus we have to wait for our money for days. It's not in the sellers best interest to use this service when someone will pay cash. No way I'm paying tax on something I have already paid tax on and then 10% plus wait days to get my money when I can have cash. It's not doing me a favor one bit, it's silly to think it would

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@BrightMoonstone . Unfortunately I see this as just a part of the transition of doing business online. Since Uncle Sam is finding unfair ways to tax people for cash items it looks like online selling is only moving towards electronic transactions and eventually you'll see like zelle type paying an option (it transfers money on the spot to your acct like cash would). I  don't see this option going away anytime soon. Maybe till you have to do it look at other selling apps that don't do it. The best to you. 

@SSpradlin78  I've been selling online for years. Offerup is only for advertising purposes for me with some local sells where I use my card reader. It would be silly to pay 10% when I pay 3.7 with my card reader. Ebay? No I haven't sold on EBay in years its another site where I have to mark up prices

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Why do many items ONLY have the Hold feature when you click on Make an Offer?  

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What is the purpose of holding an item? I know OfferUp charges for it, so OU benefits from the transaction. The buyer secured the item and has extra time to pick up or come up with payment, that’s the buyer’s benefit. What about the seller? I did not benefit from holding the item at all. In fact, I could’ve sell the item during the 6 days I was holding it for someone. You marked the item as sold when I accepted the hold offer. By the way, the “buyer” did not make an effort to pick up the item after setting up several pick up dates. I was under the impression that this was pretty much a done deal, or at least the buyer would show up to see the item in person. Boy, was I wrong! Please, do not ask me to not be disappointed with this process because I am. OU IS NOT PERFECT, just like your processes are not perfect. Take this comment as opportunity to improve. Perhaps OU should charge a retainer fee and release once the item is inspected and the transaction is completed. If the buyer does not follow through with the commitment, the retainer is kept. This will facilitate compliance from both parties, not just one. That’s just my two cents. Oh, by the way, I do not recommend holding an item. At least not until the process is changed. Happy selling peeps! 😉


I am commenting again.  I just tried to buy two different office chairs...both took me to hold offers...I don't want to ask for hold...I just wanted to buy a chair.  What's the purpose of having a 5 star rating if you're afraid I won't buy your 5 dollar chair?  This is rediculous.  I am really considering leaving offer up.

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@J_W - if you don't want to do hold offer just communicate it to the seller. You can do a hold offer and pick them up that day. Pay cash and you don't have to pay online. The hold is there so you can have time to set up a pick up for items and the seller should not sell them underneath you. I've had that happen several times on CL. 

That's all it's for. You can let the seller know you will be there right away to pick them up. Communication is key.