Be A Pro At Our Online Community Using This Guide

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 Welcome to class everyone! Here we will go over the ins and outs of using this Online Community.




Our Online Community allows like-minded individuals to make connections, network, come together in a fun and collaborative way, and they allow for your voice to be heard. If you are reading this, chances are you have already made yourself familiar with the community, but you may have questions. My goal is to answer most of the questions you may have!


Signing up shouldn’t be too difficult, provided you already have an OfferUp account. Once you’ve signed into your OfferUp account, you’re eligible to start posting and earning those Badges and Kudos right away. Keep in mind, if you are coming to these forums from the web (rather than from in the app) you'll want to be sure you're logged in before responding. As long as you see your avatar in the upper right-hand corner, you're in!




We have a few threads on Badges, Community Guidelines, and what you should do before getting started that we recommend everyone read before posting.


But how do I start a topic?!


If you’re signed in, you’ll see this! If you aren’t signed in, you won’t have this option.

start a topic.png

Once you select “Start a topic”, you’ll have a couple different text boxes that you’ll be adding to, similar to drafting an email. You’ll want to enter a Subject, the Body of your message, and any relevant tags that you think go along with your new topic.



If you want to get fancy, you have a couple tools to enhance your post! You will be able to bold, italicize, underline, or strikethrough. That triangle with a ! will hide the text of your post as a spoiler, and you can add emojis here as well!



Once you have created your new post, stand by as the responses start coming in! Once you’re ready to respond to someone, hit the “Reply” button, and draft your perfect response. Then just hit “Post” once you are done. If you want your response to alert someone to your post, put a @ before their forum username and it will notify them of your post!




Want to receive an email notification when someone responds to your thread? Check this box to the right of the Subject line.



Who wants a Kudo?


Everyone wants Kudos! See a good thread or post within a thread you like? Give it a thumbs up! This is an easy way to interact and engage with the other community members. If you’re a bit too shy to start your own topic, but want to show you liked one that you’ve read, giving out Kudos is for you! You’ll see a thumbs up icon on each post which will give the author a Kudo from you right away! Did you give someone Kudos when you didn’t mean to? You can just click the thumbs up again and it will go away.




Solution? Where?


Did you open a new topic and receive the perfect response, or read something that answers the topic? You can mark a response as an Accepted Solution. Doing so will help out other community members who may be wondering the same thing. The Accepted Solution will be the first reply you see in that topic before scrolling through to the other replies. Be careful to not accidentally hit that Accept button though - only a Community Manager can remove this tag once it has been selected.



Want to send someone a Private Message, or read one that you may have received?


private messages.png

Clicking the envelope icon will bring you to your Private Messages inbox. You can privately discuss topics with other community members or reach out to a Community Manager for help this way! If you click on your Sent messages, you’ll be able to tell if a community member has read your message or not. If they haven’t yet read your message, you’ll see a green bar to the left of your message. If they did read it, there won’t be a bar.


An unread message will look like this -



A read message will look like this -



You will want to click on the subject line to read the message, which will allow for you to Delete or Reply to the message. This is also where you can report a message if it is inappropriate  -



If you have friended anybody through a Private Message conversation, you can click on the Friends section to see what your friend was most recently up to -


Interested in seeing only the Latest Posts or Top Kudoed Authors?


If you click on the main Discuss landing page, you’ll see a section that will list the 5 most recent posts. To the right of that, you’ll see a section of the Top Kudoed Authors - if you’re competitive you’ll want your name here eventually!



Not a fan of our Discussion Forums? Have no fear! Check out our Blog here


This is where you can check out any major Announcements, Feature descriptions, our TruStories which highlight stories from our community, and best Tips from us and your fellow community members. We try to post new blogs often, so be sure to check out the Discover tab regularly!


That’s enough from me - check out tips from one of our top posters, @Shupat, over here.


Have a question about something that isn’t listed above? Check out our FAQ! There is a ton of information there that goes into great detail on everything I touched on in this blog. Still have questions? Let us know in the comments below.

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This is magnificent @Mj_206 !

This guide is FABULOUS!

Be A Pro At Our Online Community Using This Guide    

You covered everything. This is a fantastic tool for everyone especially the Newbies.

One suggestion:

Upon completion of this class maybe one could earn a badge.  Heart


Community Manager

@JH Be sure to check out this blog! I answer your questions on the Friends feature here Smiley Happy

New Member

Sounds great


I had a member contact me about a week ago to inquire about purchasing an item I had for $10, which I had asked for $15. I agreed on her offer and she asked me if we could meet later in the week. She messaged me today asking to meet at a middle point from her city and mine. We agreed on a Starbucks. I arrived at the meeting time of 6 PM and went to msg her to confirm I was there and when I clicked on the messages Offerup said her acct was deactivated. What purpose does that serve for people to create these profiles, make offers to buy and then never show??


Level 1

 Always get a valid cell phone number. Many scammers or flakes wont give this to you,  because you can bug them,  which anyone would do out of frustration or concern at the time of the meet. I generally offer free delivery. If the buyer gives you a home address you can bet they're a buyer. Of course I sell furniture so that is a necessity for what I do and not a rule written in stone. 

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@ichiange , @PS4USA., @Chianti35 , and @wineonlips

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum!

Take a look around the different forums, ask questions, join conversations, hand out a few Kudos and earn some badges.

Wishing you the best--

Level 1

Your Welcome!!

I am learning how to operate in this community correctly. Welcome all🍷

Level 1

Hello everyone!

I have a security guard on -sight, as well as a camera. I also post that at the top of  some of my listings. This helps rid those who are up to no good🍷


Excellent introduction!

Thank you,

Now, x 2 SELL. Smiley Happy 

Community Manager

@wineonlips That is so smart!


@askme Welcome to the community Smiley Very Happy

Level 1

Thank you @Mj_206 It really works. Now I get the serious and older buyers. I love dealing with the older customer's. They are more serious. I also keep a record of everyone who purchases. When I have items that they might be interested in, I text them first and let them know. I always have returning customers. The same ones purchase from me. I love building rapport. Once you have a strong fan base you can sell away.

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Good Morning everyone,

A great ice-breaker to use! When customer comes to purchase, offer them a bottled water. I always do, it seems to surprise them and love you even more😊

Community Manager

Heart these tips, @wineonlips!

I like to take pics with anyone I meet up with - if they are comfortable doing so, that is.

I just love that you message your previous customers to let them know when you may have an item for them. Those kinds of personal touches really make the OfferUp experience pleasant and exciting Smiley Very Happy


Great! I'm feeling very hopeful. This community forum is looking very promising. Cheers...Man Very Happy to positivity! Positive gains, positive items, and positive offers! Up up and awayyyy!Robot wink

Community Manager

 Totally agree, @LOKI77! Posi vibes only 😎

New Member

Hey all, looking to do some buying and selling here. If I list something know that it is what I say it is. Full of integrity. Looking to to have a positive experience, cheers.

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@LOKI77  and  @Hes_got_mehot91

Warmest welcome to the forums!

Keep spreading that positive energy. Smiley Happy

New Member

Offer-up support is worse than support from India. Tried a numberr of times to resolve a location issue and was directed to 3 different persons and NO resolution. Wasted 2 hours of my time.

Level 9

Hello @prican99

Welcome to the forums!  While in the forums ask questions, hand out a kudo or two (thumbs up) and earn badges along the way.

Sorry to hear about your support issues with OfferUp. Did you speak to the Customer Care Team here ?


New Member

Sell sell sell it's what we do right?


I live for Offer Up! Best idea ever! ❤️❤️ Met so many people from my community that I would have never crossed paths with if it wasn't for this app, my most recent customer was ordering Dim Sum when he saw my post, he mentioned it during our back and forth and I said I had never tried it before SO HE ORDERED ME A PLATE AND BOUGHT MY ITEM!!! Never know what's going to happen on here but I have ONLY had positive experiences and fatter pockets thabksto Offer Up - much love! (In no way am I encouraging people to accept food from strangers, I was weary myself but also hungry, we all know who won that battle).



Level 9

Warmest welcome to the community @Khajiit !

Thanks for sharing that awesome story.

May success always be with you!



Hello Everyone!! Great Introduction! I'm still a newbie at Selling..even though I've been a member for a while. I've been more on the shopping end of Offer Up. Im getting my feet wet now as a Seller. Your info puts most of the answers to my questions in one place. Thanks for taking the time to help lead the way to success and community on here! I look forward to sharing my "Sold" stories and tips Ive learned along the way real soon! 

Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @Keli1! We're happy to have you here, and I'm glad my guide was helpful! Smiley Happy

I'm looking forward to hearing your stories! 

Community Helper

@Mj_206 Well done 👍

Community Helper

@prican99 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum, 

Not holding location how to change from iPhone in settings


Yes I’ve had other people asking the same questions in other threads,

I always recommend updating the location from the website rather than the app. click on the gear that says "Settings" from the drop-down menu. From here you can enter your new zip code in the ‘location’ box,


You can also change you setting from the OfferUp app on your IPhone -> tap on settings scroll down -> tap on the OfferUp app -> tap on location -> tap on (never) giving it this ✔️

Open your OfferUp app, edit your posts putting your zip code in, this should show your location close to your location. You can also do a search in the forum and find threads with topics that may help with issues 

hope this helps you. 

Level 9

This is excellent,  I've been search for this info to helps out new members maneuver OC and welcome them. Thank you @Mj_206 for make it look easy. Good jobs.🤗

Level 9

@Carms, Welcome to the community forum.  Are you a buyer or seller? Check out OfferUp Community Forum list here. It have tons of info how to get start it. You can direct question to me @StevenY I my best ro answer it. You can also ask anyone in this OC forums using tag# in front of username. Good luck and have blast selling/buying on OfferUp app.

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Level 9

 @Jaxmc,  Welcome to Community Forum, Thank you for reports to OfferUp Team Customer Care, they will handle from there. Take a look around OC Forums latest post how to be better at NOT GET SCAM BY SCAMMER POST AS CAR DEALER. There are many topic been discussed in the forums check it out. Have you had any luck at buying/selling on OfferUp app?


I just want everyone to know that the reason I'm coming up with all these items is because I'm following the gentle art of Swedish death cleaning. I'm partying with some treasured items because I don't want my children to have to sort them out and get rid of them.

Level 3

This makes a great gift for someone special.  Make an offer.

Level 3

Make an offer.

Level 9

Hi @CindywRich, Welcome to Community Forum, Be sure to check out this Comunity guide. If you wants to address our members by using tag @ in front of the username to get swift respond like I did on top. Do stay and check out latest post in this Community Forum on all topics being dicuss using search engines at top. Have blast selling on OfferUp app.


New here to selling although I've bought some and none left feedback. Has anyone had success with vintage/antique type breakables selling? I've got stuff stored that needs to go but I don't know how to get rid of the good things.

Level 1

I like offerup a lot, but some jokers wants to turn it into their play ground. You may offer an item for sale, say $6000, you will see someone making you an offer of $1500 or $2000.. Smh... But there are several serious buyers here though..


I have a question I sold a tablet to a guy it worked perfect before I sold it to him then 8 days later he contacts me and says it's broke and he wants his money back or he will report me . I sold a lot of stuff on offer up this us first time anything like this has happened.  What should I do he said he was going to report me and call police if I don't give him his money back . The tablet was bought and paid for I have receipt for purchase this is just ridiculous I would like to see if he did this with any other people he has purchased items from

Level 9
@Meatball725...The transaction is over. The tablet was working when he bought it. There is no need to continue to communicate with the buyer. You can choose to report/block him.

How do I block him . And I told him to that if it was same day or next day ya no problem but 8 days later he contacts me . Would like to report and block him 

Community Manager

Hey there @Meatball725 - I agree with @Lapua. Once the funds have been exchanged, the transaction is complete. You can learn how to block this user in our Help Center article here


I don't know what's going on?? I get on offer up this morning and everything is post us, or Kansas. Yesterday, I was looking at things for my area, and it was right . I do know , I also went to another category, and everything was from Kansas to. When yes terday again was around my area. I checked the zip code on my account,. It's still the same. And now the deal I was working on yesterday, I don't even see him on this sight anymore, further more I'm trying to sell my truck and I don't see that either, and everything was right yesterday, today it's all messed up... HELP.


Community Member

I hate when someone makes an offer and you respond, but they never respond back. Why do rhey make an offer in the first place?