Buyer Protection Just Got Easier!

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We've been listening to all feedback regarding our Shipping feature, and it became clear that we could make some improvements to the Buyer Protection Flow. It's now easier than ever to initiate a Buyer Protection Claim which we'll highlight below!


Starting now, or after you update your app, you will now be able to open a Buyer Protection claim within the messaging feature on OfferUp! No more digging to find an email to reach out to or struggling to get your claim in on time, because this is something that is built into the messaging platform now. This will help our teams get back to you faster than ever!


Once an item has been delivered, if something happened to go wrong, you'll instantly be able to get help.


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From there, you're just two more steps from getting the claim sent off to the right team.


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And just like that, you can submit. Let us know what you think below!


I have noticed that some people have multiple accounts,how can that be stopped????


 Will a pre paid credit card work for receiving payment from item sold..I do not have checking or savings account..



Hi, it’s have been two weeks now and I haven’t get my refund back for an item that not described ( transaction #1136228. Seller post says only used twice! But when I received it’s a white coat with yellow stains all over the coat! Therefore, I contacted OfferUp buyer protection right away to put in a claim. Until now, still haven’t get my refund back! This is so frustrating and upsetting me, because I paid $62 for an item, a coat that have yellow stains everywhere! I can’t wear it!!! It’s dirty and I can’t believe Seller lie and able to ship it to me! Please, I just want my money back! It’ve been two weeks long... I can send the coat back... I even took pictures of the coat and conversation between seller and I. If you needed. 


I’m reaching out for help, can someone get back with me on this case? 

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I need help!! I recently purchased a ring from a seller i met face to face in public. He is a self proclaimed jeweler and had all the right lingo. He sold me a 1.4 kt diamond eternity band and promised GIA certs and provided a false 1500$ ring appraisal. He also set up appointments for resizing and was going to be confronted about the authenticity of the ring and the discoloration that begam 2 weeks after purchase..he no showed the resizing and left my wife sitting in north dallas ssying he was soon to areive and never did.  He then scheduled a meeting with me at a jeweler and told me he was bringing other rings and my money if the jeweler did not authenticate his merchandise. Again he no showed. He then sent a text message stating he would send a refund and the funds to send his ring back and again he did not follow through. He had muktipke items on this site and preys in thise who conduct legitimate business here. I am out money,pride,and trust with my wife. I have made a report and asked through email for compensation to offer up or some kind of action with no response. Can someone please advise?!?!

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@Cody6 since it was a face to face meeting, presumably cash was exchanged, there is nothing that Offerup can do but investigate the users account. They cannot give you your money back as it did not flow through their system like shipping does. 

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I have the merchandise, text messages,emaiks of his appraisal, and a witness. I will gladly help in anyway to bring this fraud to justice

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I would honestly send Offerup the screenshots and pictures to help prove your case. As I said, they will not give you a refund. You would have to talk with the seller about it.

@Cody6 have you reached out to your District Attorney office? If not I would do the police report and file with the DA office. They can do a local investigation of this person.



@Mj_206 I’m having an issue with the buyer Protection claim, I had sent you a private message about a half hour ago letting you know what had happened. If you can tag someone from Offerup that can help me get things straightened out and my money refunded I’d greatly appreciate it. 

Message that was sent...

I went online looking for a Offerup phone number days ago & happen to see some of your post, tags & solutions.. I received a fake Nintendo 64 game days ago & that same day I contacted the seller about it but he never replied. After still not hearing from him the next day I looked at the pictures & description of what I was supposed to receive, noticed that he had changed the description adding “Repro” in the title along with how much the original game cost. This guy Never stated anything like that before I bought it... In the description or through messaging.
Well I went on the HELP bar where it gives details about the game, selected fake for the reason why I wanted a refund along with a message on What happened & Never heard back from anyone..

Hmm 🤔 Clicked HELP the next day & clicked something similar only to receive a few rude reply’s from the seller, no refund and didn’t get anywhere. I went on their this morning and clicked on refund again and it stated time has expired?!? I need a phone number or a point in the right direction to resolve this Please! I seen the seller has another Fake Game on their just like the one I purchased along with Thousands of selling feedbacks but only with 2 FAKE items being Sold.


What do I do if my debit card won't let me collect money on here


What about the sellers protection claim I got ripped off due to this stupid crap no iPad and no money the buyer deactivated his account and I got nothing I feel like u let thks man steal from me u should have never gave the money back until I received my item back and had 2 days to inspect it why does just the buyer get protected I got scammed.  Who's gonna pay for my ipad?

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I've sent a claim thru what has been provided as the most difficult selling experience I've had with the fact I put 30 dollars as shipping charge included with item price intending the extra money to provide the packaging of guitar, somewhat sensitive item. After having gone thru much delima with tracking issues as well as paying 25 dollars packaging we had to end up cancelling order and reorder just making what shipping fee was included all in total charge, the repurchase created a different tracking after I already had package posted being updated thru usps but not provided or even referred to the whole time I've tried to contact and file claims and never have heard anything in regard to how the customer can just cancel the purchase after they've recieved item.

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I think the new changes have regarded nothing to make any commitment of satisfaction to those who have been defrauded by a company with a lack of regard. When a criminal issue becomes of this, that customer satisfaction would come in high regard.

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well. i filed one over a week ago and I'm still waiting for my refund. my bank said they have no record showing a refund/payment from like my money back. 

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Two days after I purchased I purchased a shop vac vacuum it stopped working. I contacted seller and he claims it was only used by him 4 times with no further resolution. 


Should seller have offered to return my money? I would have returned his vacuum for my money back. 


I just bought a 2000 Audi A4 off of dude named keon and I thought everything was cool he said he was going to come back with the title the next day after I paid him $1,500 now they have towed the car and I don't know what to do he's on OfferUp what should I do if I have I beenI jus best anything would help


Wow, i personally just started using my profile again & with all the updates and changes that has been done. I am more impressed with all the new avenues to handel and resolve situations that have happened or that are in need of a resolution, that it's now faster, easier, & without all the hassles & hoops to go threw is now much much more of  personal experience friendly..

             Long message shortened I am very impressed with this offer up app. now...  I personally don't have any complaints at all as of the time being.  Good job, 

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I paid 340 for an amp and haven't recieved. He even admits to not sending says when he got paid. Now he not answering. I WANT MY MONEY OR AMP OR HIS WAS BANNED AND IN JAIL


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This is confusing. 

Thank you

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Hello everyone, I have a storagr unit that i am trying to sell everything inside before the 21st. It includes a whirlpool washer and dryer, sofa sectional, antique coffee table and king size bed. Any tips on how to sell fast

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My seller would like to extend the deadline to print up the label


how can we do this?

@Wayne2000w you can not extend the deadline. If the item is not shipping within the time frame the sale will cancel.

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Buy a product and pay it by credit card. How long does it take OfferUp to release the payment?

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Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! You should go to the OfferUp app & post your items you intend to sell. Take clear pictures using different angles, provide detailed descriptions of the items, indicate if the price is firm or open for negotiation, & most importantly, respond to potential buyers in a timely manner and have fun!!

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how do i refund a buyer after the two days the package got ruined in shipping 

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Can you only be protected from items being shipped? I bought a Samsung galaxy s9 plus for $400 and I met at metro and they said it was unlocked and good so I paid the kid but after they went to activate it the imei number was invalid and after closer inspection I found out the phone is a fake and I can't do anything with it. Am I protected from this? I tried to contact the kid but he made one reply saying invalid? And that was all he said then he marked it sold and I gave him 1 star and marked item not as described and it's fake. Is there anything I can do? 

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@Imsurvivin17 -Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I'm very sorry that you had such a negative experience. Please reach out to customer support for additional assistance:



Pk I for the 1st and honestly last time used the shipping feature as a seller and was notified today from the buyer that an item was "broken" when I know for a fact that it wasnt when it left my possessions in my post pictures u can clearly see item in tact and I packaged it so it would have no issues on its travels with lots of stuffing and what not and the claim is on something that I dont understand could have been damaged from its travels anyways.. so what does this now mean I feel I am going to get screwed over now when I felt I did my part and have been the upmost seller.... and what do I do next to have this sorted 

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@-Ashley_Marie- Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I read your post. It's unfortunate that you're having a negative experience with an item you shipped. You stated you have evidence that the item that was shipped was in good condition. 


You should file a claim with customer support & explain the situation, & see how they can further assist you.


Customer Service:

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A couple quick questions about paying a seller with PayPal. Let me first start by saying I understand scammers are everywhere - it’s 2019. I’m looking to make a small purchase ($125) on OfferUp. I know all about OfferUps buy protection, and that they advise against using any 3rd party site or communication outside of the app. I get this; it makes sense.

PayPal; however also has buyer protection policy (when it’s a goods & services) and not (family/friends) transaction. I feel like it’s much easier to scam someone through PayPal as a buyer (making a purchase); rather than a seller. Just my opinion though.

The seller has a reputable profile (verified for payments and confirmed email, phone, and Facebook) and also TruYou Member. He’s communicated promptly with me through the app when I’ve messaged him (response within 15-30 minutes every time). Active profile; joined in 2017 and has 70 followers and follows 270 people. 32 offers total (all trading cards / collectible card games).  This is where it gets interesting / shady.  I make an offer; he counters saying he’ll drop the price a little if I pay with PayPal.  This already has my spidey senses tingling.  

I original reply to the seller “ I don’t have a PayPal account.”

His response “Ok I understand”

I ask “why PayPal? Doesn’t OfferUp have everything on the app?”

His response “doesn’t like the fees and OfferUp won’t take my debt card because it’s prepaid.”

Am I the fish?!?! Is this a textbook scam? I mean how can someone get ‘verified for payments’ on OfferUp if they won’t accept his prepaid debt card?

Looking for some wisdom...

Dr D
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What about seller protection offerup cancelled my shipment even tho i had already send it all because usps did not scanned it my recipe number is 3224686 please help i just want to make sure i recover my payment or my shipment back thank you hope u can help 

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@BEST562 --I'm sorry to hear that, perhaps you can reach out to customer service & explain the situation & see how they can help you. In the meantime, I would reach out to the buyer. If it were me, I would make sure get paid. 


Customer Service




Tweet @OfferUpSupport


I just bought some earrings on 5/29/18. The earring posts got bent in the mail. I want to return them and the seller

named Alba M will not respond to my messages. What doi do next 


What if you filed a claim and never received any follow up or a refund from OfferUp. Have sent several messages and no response from seller or OfferUp

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What if you follow the steps but site information  and shipper doesn't  abide in time and you end up paying 3x as much for item nor that was described correctly?