Buyer Protection Just Got Easier!

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We've been listening to all feedback regarding our Shipping feature, and it became clear that we could make some improvements to the Buyer Protection Flow. It's now easier than ever to initiate a Buyer Protection Claim which we'll highlight below!


Starting now, or after you update your app, you will now be able to open a Buyer Protection claim within the messaging feature on OfferUp! No more digging to find an email to reach out to or struggling to get your claim in on time, because this is something that is built into the messaging platform now. This will help our teams get back to you faster than ever!


Once an item has been delivered, if something happened to go wrong, you'll instantly be able to get help.


get help.png


From there, you're just two more steps from getting the claim sent off to the right team.


2 and 3.png


And just like that, you can submit. Let us know what you think below!

Block Captain

I have noticed that some people have multiple accounts,how can that be stopped????

Block Captain

 Will a pre paid credit card work for receiving payment from item sold..I do not have checking or savings account..

Block Captain


Hi, it’s have been two weeks now and I haven’t get my refund back for an item that not described ( transaction #1136228. Seller post says only used twice! But when I received it’s a white coat with yellow stains all over the coat! Therefore, I contacted OfferUp buyer protection right away to put in a claim. Until now, still haven’t get my refund back! This is so frustrating and upsetting me, because I paid $62 for an item, a coat that have yellow stains everywhere! I can’t wear it!!! It’s dirty and I can’t believe Seller lie and able to ship it to me! Please, I just want my money back! It’ve been two weeks long... I can send the coat back... I even took pictures of the coat and conversation between seller and I. If you needed. 


I’m reaching out for help, can someone get back with me on this case? 

New Member

I need help!! I recently purchased a ring from a seller i met face to face in public. He is a self proclaimed jeweler and had all the right lingo. He sold me a 1.4 kt diamond eternity band and promised GIA certs and provided a false 1500$ ring appraisal. He also set up appointments for resizing and was going to be confronted about the authenticity of the ring and the discoloration that begam 2 weeks after purchase..he no showed the resizing and left my wife sitting in north dallas ssying he was soon to areive and never did.  He then scheduled a meeting with me at a jeweler and told me he was bringing other rings and my money if the jeweler did not authenticate his merchandise. Again he no showed. He then sent a text message stating he would send a refund and the funds to send his ring back and again he did not follow through. He had muktipke items on this site and preys in thise who conduct legitimate business here. I am out money,pride,and trust with my wife. I have made a report and asked through email for compensation to offer up or some kind of action with no response. Can someone please advise?!?!

Community Helper

@Cody6 since it was a face to face meeting, presumably cash was exchanged, there is nothing that Offerup can do but investigate the users account. They cannot give you your money back as it did not flow through their system like shipping does. 

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I have the merchandise, text messages,emaiks of his appraisal, and a witness. I will gladly help in anyway to bring this fraud to justice

Community Helper

I would honestly send Offerup the screenshots and pictures to help prove your case. As I said, they will not give you a refund. You would have to talk with the seller about it.

@Cody6 have you reached out to your District Attorney office? If not I would do the police report and file with the DA office. They can do a local investigation of this person.



@Mj_206 I’m having an issue with the buyer Protection claim, I had sent you a private message about a half hour ago letting you know what had happened. If you can tag someone from Offerup that can help me get things straightened out and my money refunded I’d greatly appreciate it. 

Message that was sent...

I went online looking for a Offerup phone number days ago & happen to see some of your post, tags & solutions.. I received a fake Nintendo 64 game days ago & that same day I contacted the seller about it but he never replied. After still not hearing from him the next day I looked at the pictures & description of what I was supposed to receive, noticed that he had changed the description adding “Repro” in the title along with how much the original game cost. This guy Never stated anything like that before I bought it... In the description or through messaging.
Well I went on the HELP bar where it gives details about the game, selected fake for the reason why I wanted a refund along with a message on What happened & Never heard back from anyone..

Hmm 🤔 Clicked HELP the next day & clicked something similar only to receive a few rude reply’s from the seller, no refund and didn’t get anywhere. I went on their this morning and clicked on refund again and it stated time has expired?!? I need a phone number or a point in the right direction to resolve this Please! I seen the seller has another Fake Game on their just like the one I purchased along with Thousands of selling feedbacks but only with 2 FAKE items being Sold.