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By Natalie Angelillo, VP of Community at OfferUp


The original blog post can be found on our OfferUp blog here


As we shared in our first blog post, the NeighborUp program came from many months of research and discussion around the state of trust in our communities and neighborhoods. We were motivated to act out of concern over the statistics, the angst happening in our own discussions with family and friends, and the real challenges facing our country that were evident wherever we turned.


However, what makes this program a calling for us isn’t the problems, the data, or the news stories, it’s the way we see people push back in spite of the challenges they face — the unrelenting resilience of people facing overwhelming odds. It is the work being done in neighborhoods all over our cities that is good, positive, and life affirming. We decided to create NeighborUp, not because of the problems at the macro level, but because of the individuals who are looking for, and creating, solutions at the local level.


NeighborUp is our way of putting positive stories front and center. It’s about celebrating the good neighbors in our communities. The ones that don’t often make the local news or the headlines. It’s about rewarding and amplifying the moments when people work together, when strangers help strangers, and when trust is asked and rewarded.


At our recent dinner in LA we listened and we learned. We met people’s stories we want to tell. We met Patty, a lifelong skidrow advocate in Downtown LA who’s making a difference for families in her neighborhood, including adopting her own daughter from the homeless community she serves. We met Robert, a successful entertainment lawyer who after a cancer diagnosis and failed marriage, ended up in a men’s’ home for the homeless. After turning his own life back around he is now a developer for low income housing in that same community. And we watched first hand as a community police officer and a woman whose brother was killed by the LAPD years ago, put aside their years of pain and distrust, and agreed to stay in a conversation for the sake of today’s youth.


At that same dinner we got to know David Price, who is profiled in our latest video. He grew up in South LA, attended Georgetown and Harvard Universities, and now dedicates his life to the teens in his community.


In addition to featuring the individuals we meet along the way, we will be sharing lessons we learn from them and offering ideas on how to integrate those lessons into our own lives. We can all be good neighbors. Stay tuned for next week’s post where we’ll share some tips that we all can use to be a positive role model in our communities. We’d love to hear your ideas as well. Follow us as we tell more of these stories on our Instagram account at @NeighborUp Now. We’d love to hear your stories: Tag #neighborupnow on Instagram or follow the link and tell us how you NeighborUp here.




Are any in Seattle area ?



Kent actually 🐶🐾

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This is the first time I have read this and I look forward to going back and starting at the beginning. I am excited to intertwined this into my weekly reading. I have to say what a great idea.

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 @Milisa-Rollie Love that Smiley Happy

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It is so refreshing to find some positivity and people that want to make a positive impact in our world—one community at a time!


Wow just what I’ve been looking for !

Just opened up The Chill Room here in Lake worth Florida. A new kind of social destination for Vape Kava and coffee enthusiasts to gather in a lounge like environment hang out meet new friends without the worries of social pressures of alcohol or opiates..

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@Elin  loved reading about this. I have always told my family and friends that if the news would for one week report on all the positive things going on in our communities it would change our world. This is an amazing thing to read about and I hope I can be apart of this neighborup community because it's just what I'm looking to belong to. I can't function with negativity and do all I can to promote positivity to all I know. Thank you for this and I will follow on Instagram and keep reading weekly about what's going on and how to get involved.

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I just want to say thank you for adding me, and I hope to add to the positive vibes y'all are looking to send out. Even in the low moments, I try and be humble, and friendly.. Im sure the people I have dealt with here would vouch for that. Although everyone has good days and bad days, I was actually surprised how many people were kind and selfless. It kind of helps me breathe a fresh breath of hope that good will endure for my son's generation, and grandchildrens (not yet, but one day) Thank you to all of you who can look past the surface and see the good, and the potential in others..the fact that those small acts of kindness will never receive the recognition they should, proves my point. That good people do exist. As a matter of fact, I think  the world has mostly  good hearted people, who have similar genuine and pure morals. We all have one thing in common. We all are flawed to one degree or another.  Nobody is perfect. So to be able to look past the differences, and the surface, you actually have a chance to show the world that we do love, and we do care, and we do forgive, and we do believe in good, and we spread hope one tiny miracle at a time..that is what makes those gifts that much more special..because they are done out of love, and not for any other hidden glory, no praise..not the kind that you see on television. But those however small or seemingly insignificant acts of kindness to a complete stranger can be more meaningful, and more life changing than any evangelistic program Ive seen. I know because I have experienced it though people I've had contact with through this app. And I really hope that my flaws are overlooked, because I have a huge heart, and hope to be able to help spread hope and positive energy and positive vibes out despite my situation. Thank you again for the add, and thank you for reading. I hope that you all know how small acts of kindness have been more humbling and special to me, and how a stranger can spread hope with their generosity to the less fortunate, and not so privileged, and the ones like me,who just feel out of place at times. So to you I say thank you. Yall are truly unsung heroes...

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This sounds like a great idea!

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One small act of KINDNESS costs us ZERO.

One small act of KINDNESS is a SMILE, guaranteed.

One small act of KINDNESS makes the sun rise in the sky.


      NEVER FORGET: One small act of KINDNESS



I have enjoyed this site! I enjoy helping people as they help me. Looking forward to this community as friends. 

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This sounds like an amazing idea. I just opened up an account and would like to contribute to this cause. Hit me in the valley where i do what i can..

Looking foward to future post

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People need to stay in there lane and quit 

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And quit doing extra for nothing mind your own business and stop talking down on the next person. Stop sneek dis and speak your mind and be direct to whoever you speaking on 

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I aint no leader or whatever it says im just me think about what you doing and what would other people oppions be about it so think about what you do