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Many people ask, “Where is the best place to meet?”. When you've chatted and agreed with a buyer on a price, it's time to choose a good place to meet for the two of you. We recommend suggesting a location that's convenient for you both, and picking someplace that will be well-lit and public, like a grocery store, shopping mall, or police station.


That is why we have been partnering with local businesses and police stations to create Community MeetUp Spots for everyone! These Spots are well lit, have surveillance, and have signs like the ones below. You can find them on the map where dark green icons have a circle around them, like pasted image 0.png or pasted image 0-1.png.


Next step is to suggest a place to meet! Here is exactly how to do it:


  1. In the OfferUp app, go to your chat with the person you are planning on meeting.
  2. Tap pasted image 0-2.png at the bottom of the screen. You'll see a map with your location in the center.
  3. To search for a specific location, tap Find a MeetUp Location. Type the name of a business or street address, or select a Community MeetUp Spot from the list.
  4. Tap the icon for that location on the map.
  5. Tap Send Location. Both of you will see the address and View Map button for that location. Now you can agree on a time to meet, and MeetUp to exchange the item and payment.
  6. When you arrive at the location, look for our green OfferUp signs showing the Community MeetUp Spots.

Here are a few examples we've collected from departments we have partnered with!


meetup porterdale.jpgImage courtesy of the City of Porterdale Policemeetups elgin.jpgImage courtesy of the Elgin Police Department - Texasmeetups2.jpgImage courtesy of the Lawtey Police Departmentmeetups ballwin pd.jpgImage courtesy of the Ballwin Police Departmentmeetup insta.jpgImage courtesy of the City of Redondo Beach Police Department 

meetups port st..jpgPhoto courtesy of Port St. Lucie Police

meetupCapt. Mark Carrier, Hopkinton Police Department.jpgPhoto courtesy of Capt. Mark Carrier, Hopkinton Police Department

 Have you ever been to a Community MeetUp Spot before? Share with us below! 

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Wow, this is awesome! I had no idea that this even existed! I'm excited to see if there are any meet up locations in Las Vegas! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow this is great I had no idea offer up offers this for users I think is an amazing way to stay safe and secure I live in CA and will be looking for those meet up spots Great job Thanks 

I have been using OfferUp for 2 1/2 years now, and have not seen one of these in the last six months. Are there any in Orlando, Florida?

I'm really glad that this was established!! It definitely makes selling feel just a bit more safe! 


In Carmel- there are 2 designated parking spots for "meet ups" at the Carmel police department. There are 24/7 cameras rolling and police officers available if anything goes wrong or suspicious 

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I love love love this Meetup Spot idea- it is truly brilliant and should be in every city globally! I would also add that if you absolutely had to meet someone at your residence there are a few less obvious ways to create a safer environment around yourself such as:

- Asking your neighbor if they would like to be mutual watchful eyes 

- Have a friend present so you are not alone, have a friend listening on the phone during the exchange process, or at least tell someone you plan on meeting someone and check in with them after the exchange is completed

- Record video or audio (perhaps ask first)

- Set up a very noticeable real or realistic security system or camera


Another idea which I have encountered is to simply place the item outside of your residence possibly hidden and asking the buyer to retrieve the item and to simply put the payment somewhere like in your mail box. I would only choose this option for items which you wouldn't necessarily mind potentially losing without receiving payment. Also I would always change the location of the item or payment if possible so past buyers would not be able to check your hiding spots for future exchanges although of course if you are actually home and plan on retrieving it upon their departure then I suppose you would not have to change your hiding spots in that case



Awesome!  I too had no idea these existed!!

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This might be a good spot to rid yourselves of those evil little lead filled finger monkeys!Smiley Wink

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@Chris555 Lol, *hashtag* Fingerlings

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@Elin I contacted the local police department to see if I could get them to setup a safe zone in there lobby, just for OfferUp members. They are saying people are welcome to sell their small items in the lobby.

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Oh wow that’s a smart idea!

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How can I request one for my area?

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I have not seen any of these meet up areas in Washington but I'm glad to see that there's something like that hopefully there will be more soon even in my area. I did come up with a great way if you have a Walmart that you're nearby I like to meet inside Walmart and if for any reason I feel worried I will meet right in front of the security guards. It's almost like I have my own little security system. LOL it's great! I sell jewelry so I try to be careful. Anyways I thought I would share that in case it helps keep someone else safe I've had a time when I was really glad I had a guard make sure I got to my car safely after meeting a guy who acted very strange.  

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Does OfferUp have these signs in all states? I'm in central FL, just wondering. So cool!

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@JustJen Hey! Where are you located? If you are not finding one in your local area, you can always go to your local police or sheriff department and ask for them to contact us for a partnership for a Community MeetUp Spot in your town Smiley Happy

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@Mehgan We are working towards that! Have you tried the steps above to look to see if you have one in your area? 

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I'm still new to offer up, so I just learned about community meet up spots. What a great idea! 😁

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I live in a small area in Pennsylvania... Am I going to be able to sell my items around here? I've never seen the signs that you reference. Maybe I never paid attention?

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@Lights433 Hi! Have you tried following the steps above on the app to see if there are any local Community MeetUp Spots near you? Smiley Happy


This just made things a lot easier. Should be no miscommunication for this. Awesome!


I've found that local major fast-food spots are great for small item sales.  I usually get something to eat while I'm there, and there are always people around, cameras everywhere, and usually a well-lit, safe environment.


I usually only use these when I can't find somepleace better.  I try not to make a habit of using fast-food places because I understand that they are a business first and foremost, that is why I usually buy something to eat while I'm there.


I usually insist on a local police precinct as a meeting place, and this has helped me weed out plenty of possibly unscrupulous "sellers".  If someone doesn't have a logical reason for not meeting at a police precinct, I offer other 'safe' meeting areas; but always with safety in mind.  Whether I'm the seller or buyer, I always try and make it as easy as possible for the other person to make contact.


Overall, this has been a great site, and even better members.  Keep up the great work!!


This is awesome. I wonder there is something like this in my riverside 92508 area???

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What a great idea, I am dying to know if there are any in Philly!

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@Edward215 @Bhanjali Hi! There are in both places! Smiley Happy

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I like that way i feel more safe and secure

You always pick a public place. I always pick either malls grocery stores.  And i always ask someone to meet me at a half way point. I also let them know if im coming by a public transportation so like a park and ride center. Where they would have security. 


@rocketrisa Hi, I’m from the Las Vegas area too, I was just wandering if you found a meet up spot in our area yet? Thanks! 

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How can I get my store registered as an Offer Up Meet Up place?


 Wow great idea. I never knew this existed. As a middle aged woman it makes me feel safe to know that areas being provided for safety of both buyer and seller. How do I found out if we have one for my area in Bakersfield, California?

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Welcome to the community, @Buy4! This should help you find your local Community MeetUp Spot!

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Heart WOW this is absolutely fantastic!!! I am so excited about these meeting spots! 

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I have one literally directly across the street!!! Whohoooooo! Smiley Very Happy

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@Elin, @ Mj_206

I have not seen any Internet meet up spots in the Spring or Tomball, Tx. area. I know safe places to meet, however just wondered if you all know of any specific spots around Woodlands, Tomball, Spring or N. Houston area in Texas...? @L11

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What happen to the meet location icon next to chat message?