Creating Your Own Business Hours

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"***This tip is for those of us who have a 9am-5pm job***


I have been selling on this platform for a few months now and I have found another great method to boost sales. I work in marketing for an online retailer and have a tight schedule after work. Sometimes meeting up after 5 pm could be a hassle or scary for some sellers.


I started taking items people were interested in to work with me. If a buyer is ready to meet, I give them my work address. They arrive and we do the exchange in the front lobby where there is always a receptionist and cameras. Once I started bringing items and was available during the daytime, I started seeing my sales increase.


The exchange can be a few seconds or minutes none the less it's not a bother to my employer. As sales increased I started disclaiming on all posts that I am only available weekdays during the hours of 8 am-430pm. This way I can have set business hours and not feel like it's a hassle to meet up as even buyers have commented they like the idea of meeting me at work. It's safer for both parties and all though rare if an item did not work as advertised they can always come back and meet me here.


This change has increased my availability and my sales, I hope this tip helps someone out there!" 


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How do I set up hours to communicate with buyers cause I have different hours every day. I get I’m interested at between 1am & 5am when I’m sleeping. I just need to post times available cause there different on a daily bases. And where I can post and change if need be. Plus I’m not tech savvy so I’d need help with that.


I love offertupp


Heart I love offering because gimy money is like job and I can stay in my house also tanks god I have good customers I love offertupp

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How do I go about setting up hours or days of availability cause I work so I can’t be checking my phone when I get notifications. Plus I’m not tech savvy I’m still learning how to use my phone. Plus my hours and days off r different every week. Could someone PLEASE help me. I’ve had great success with OfferUp since I’ve joined and want to continue for years to come. Thx 57Chevy 


I love OfferUp it's a great app 👏👏👏


 _57Chevy  you'll get it


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Your response wasn’t helpful. I always apologize to the buyer saying I’m sorry I couldn’t answer you sooner but I’m at work. I try to get back them as soon as possible. Either my breaks or lunch. Like the tutorial said quick responses back help sell. 57Chevy 


Heart this is a great idea for me im in the country and its a drive to get any place setting my hours is awesomw worked out great thank you so much!!

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Ok well I haven’t been given the opportunity to tell Buyers my hours or nothing. So when I get notifications either on my breaks or lunch I deeply apologize for not getting back to them sooner. But unfortunately I’ve lost about 3-4 buyers cause I can’t profile my days of availability. I guess I’m not one of the lucky few to get to do that, but it’s cool. I’ll just go through my 295 Offers and tell them my days off for every week every day. No problem. Thx


Hi since this a bussiness post i would like to know how you do to post on offer up your bussiness??

Im a groomer and i try couple of times posting my services to grooms dogs and they keep taking my post off?? Idk why?

And i did saw a lot of people posting about their grooming services and it been 4 months to a year that post it and nobody take it out. How come they deleted my post??

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I have a dresser up for sale, but it is on tve upstairs level and it is heavy. Some people ask to come and see it,but unfortunatelly, I can just let people come in and out of my house unless my husband finds ssomeone to help him bring it downstairs and maybe keep it on the back patio. Is it a good idea or how can I do it when it comes to furniture? 


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Hello, I'm a psychic/Medium, is used to read people in person, can't do that anymore, if they don't like what they hear from reading they angry, so I stay on here now and read, much safe.

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Ciao' @-57chevy just read your post & wanted to make a suggestion regarding response time.


Being a Flight Attendant my hours are very sporatic as well. Have found if I put "Will Respond ASAP" works wonders ! 

Good Luck to you ☺