Getting Paid After Shipping

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Everyone likes getting paid. Meeting up to complete an in-person transaction typically results in walking away with cash in your hand, but what happens when you’ve shipped your item? How and when do you get paid? Let’s chat about that. We’re here to go over the process of getting paid using OfferUp’s shipping feature.


After an offer had been accepted by the seller, the funds from the buyer are collected using our 3rd party payment processor, Stripe, and they have four days to ship the item off, and mark the item as shipped. Once the buyer receives their package, they have three days to inspect the item. Keep in mind that it will take a couple days for the item to ship in the mail. The buyer has 3 days to either rate the transaction or open a Buyer Protection claim. At the end of this 3 day period, the funds collected by Stripe are then released to the seller.

When the money has been released, it will automatically be transferred to your debit card or bank info if you have your card or bank info saved to your account. This transfer should be complete within five business days. If there’s a holiday in that timeframe, that may cause an additional delay. If you don’t have your credit card or bank info saved, this can also cause delays, as the funds will remain in a pending state until you add that in. Details on how to upload payment info here.


Let’s play this out with the maximum allotted time...

It’s the 1st of the month and you accepted an offer to sell your limited edition collector's item to Fred. As the seller, you have up to four days to get that item sent out. You send it out on the 4th. The item is in transit and arrives at Fred's on the 7th. Fred has three days, or until the 10th, to evaluate the item and give you a rating. Unfortunately, this time, it looks like Fred didn’t give a rating, and the funds are released after the three day period, on the 10th. Once the funds have been released, you should see them in your bank account within 3-5 business days, no later than the 15th.




Fees? What fees?!

Because we’re giving sellers the option to get their item in front of millions of potential buyers across the country, we charge a low 7.9% transaction fee. There’s no fee for the buyer, except to pay for the cost of shipping. As always, local in-person transactions are free for both parties. Other companies who offer similar services charge anywhere between 10% to 20%, so we feel great about the value we’re providing to our community.


My deposit says pending! Help!

If your completed transaction says that your deposit is pending, typically you won’t need to take any further action aside from being patient Smiley Happy If you believe the process is taking longer than usual, or you have other questions, our Payments & Shipping team are standing by to assist. Please note that you only have to reach out to them once. Writing in multiple times will result in a delayed response (your last communication gets bumped to the back of the line), especially if several people are all writing in several times. If you've submitted a ticket regarding the shipping feature, our Payments & Shipping team has received it and will respond ASAP - promise.


One last thing to note - please remember that this feature is brand new. We’re working hard to make everything as seamless as possible, but with any new launch, there may be a few hiccups. If you happen to come across an issue, give us feedback that we can pass onto our product teams so we can build an experience that you love. We’re actively listening and passing on the constructive criticism we receive.


What would you like to learn more about with our shipping feature? Comment below so we can decide what blog to write up next.


It says Please note that there is a $2 fee for Direct Deposit requests under $10, and a $2 processing fee if a Direct Deposit transfer is rejected by your bank.

That would add up to 12.9% plus .30 cents using the site with PayPal. So for a 50.00 item that would be 6.75 in fees vs 3.95

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I can actually ship as low as $3.50 with a tracking number on Mercari thru USPS when I ship on my own... Sometimes the $4.25 label of theirs is actually cheaper than at the post office. And when I'm literally making triple as many sales and more, absolutely worth it! To each their own, I prefer money Smiley Happy

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Insurance never is on anything under 1lb with either carrier. 

And I don't why it would be rejected by the bank. That would be a special circumstance fee. Ive never had that happen. 

What? How do you figure that? Priority Mail starts at 0.5 lbs with insurance

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Oh yes, on Offerup. I forgot they start priority at .5 on ou,  every other site you would charge anything under 15.99 oz as first class. The buyer is paying $7 here for 8oz as opposed to $4ish theg would be paying elsewhere. I rarely ship anything less than 1 pound here so the $7 is totally worth it for 3pound packages. But as a buyer, I wouldn't pay $7 for something that small. They all have pros and cons. Depending on the item

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 Also for simply printing off eBay labels in paypal, I am only charged the exact postage fee. No extra $.30

The fee for each PayPal transaction is .30 plus 2.9% of the amount you receive.

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I am not using it as a paypal transaction. I am only using it to print a label. There is a sep link to do that, I wish I could attach it. Its a Mercari transaction, im only using paypal to print & pay postage. no fee


The buyer may not even be using paypal for payment. no money is received through paypal.

I gotcha the multi order shipping. I did that with my web site and it was such a pain in the butt entering all that info lol. Offerup and Etsy has made it way to easy for me to dump paypal Thank goodness!

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Copy and.paste is my friend lol

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These are 2 identical transactions from yesterday


Sold $70

Fee 5.53 

Profit 64.47

Buyer paid $12 ship


Sold $70

Fee $7

Profit $63

Buyer paid $9.80 ship


So essentially apples to apples. No great difference.


I love Offerup for LARGE packages though!! My regs usually come over to ou to see where i can ship cheaper. Sometimes its here, sometimes its not. I think my customer base is mostly just my repeats from Mercari. 



I tried to use that not to long ago for something I can't remember what it was but it was unavailable almost all day. 

People are actually paying that for shipping? I don't think I've charged that much in a long time. I don't have that kind of markup for fees plus prophet but I guess that all depends on what you're selling also

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Most of my items are heavy. I do sell a quite a few pillow covers and such that ship first class, but for the most part its stuff like lined drapery panels made of heavy linen and duvet sets, etc. These weigh 9-18 pounds or so. I sell from retailers that would charge $300 for an item I can sell for $125ish, so they choose to pay shipping over retail. I shop this way as well. For me, as a buyer its about convenience. West Elm likes to ship my items in avg 2 weeks for certain items, if i buy a slightly used or open package, i pay about 1/3 less and get it in 3 days. That's just how I justify it when I buy. 


Thats why I get aggravated with sellers that never ship my stuff here. I want it faster so I pay shipping instead of free from retailers sites.


Smiley Happy

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Hi everyone i havent had the time to respond. So ill address a few issues now. Rivagypsy. Dont bother for some reason moonstone is all pro offerup no matter what you say or do or the situation you find yourself in. Sge has been one of the fortunate ones who have not had a bad experience so she doesn't fully grasp the urgency anf

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Cont from earlier post. Brightmoonstone believes that we are all wrong which i dont understand as there areso many complaints and a few people who have had a good experience brightmoonstone with as much effort that you put into this blog you should contact offerup and apply for a job as a CSA. you answer everyone on here when i myself havent even had any contaact with cs on here. I have been sellng online for about 6 years now and know too much about usps fed ex and ups than i should being a customer and not an employee. First let me address the payment. Situations and how to get MUST. And i can't say this enough but you must follow this to the tee. 


Then and only then will offerup attempt to correct the issue with payment and you will get paid hopefully in xbout 1 to 2 weeks. 

Now don't be alarmed if you receive a cancellation notuce for the sale. This means the first time your cutomer paid for item offerup only requested an authorization for payment but nevrr actually charged the buyer. So they cancel the initial transaction to charge the customer resulting in a different transaction number therefore they must cancel the first so the records match up. After this you will get your deposit within that week. No all situations with require a cancellation but it may.

I need to charge phone ill be back to adress q few more issues 

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I understand your frustrations. I wanted to clarify, I have NO ISSUES with offerup. I use it successfully. 


I was only offering info to a fellow seller as to how it works. I don't know that bashing the company or an app which allows you to sell COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGES if you choose to do so locally. 

I think some of your points are valid for sure but this was not an argument nor a persuasion to @BrightMoonstone to leave offerup. It was merely fellow sellers discussing pros and cons.


 @aprilpain LOL for your information I have had problems with Offerup and getting paid. So you have no room to talk about what you don't know. We worked it out and I have not had any other problems. @RevivalGypsy and I have both been selling on here for awhile and we both have had the same problem. Have a good weekend.

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I can confirm that @BrightMoonstone had a couple of troubles early on when testing out this feature. In fact, I believe that is why she joined these forums in the first place. She continued testing out the feature, things turned around, and now she offers assistance to other OfferUp community members. She isn't an OfferUp employee, and is trying to help out our community from the kindness of her own heart. She doesn't get any perks from helping answer all shipping related questions. So please, @aprilpain, refrain from insulting any of our community members.


That being said, these forums are not the place to go to receive support. I'm not trained on all the ins and outs of shipping. 

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I sold Something On Nov.3rd and it was delivered on Nov. 9th but I still have not been paid????

I sent a few messesges to the help people and NO responce!

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Same... I've been waiting over a month. Don't expect help, its a freaking joke

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And if forums isn't the place to get help, what the hell is it for?! No phone number... Doesn't reply to emails. You guys do NOTHING!!! 

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But I do give you an A for effort when you finally do respond dancing around the issues! Bravo!!! 

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I received message that funds were deposited but when I checked my account, nothing posted!!! Anyone has any information why???

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Depending on your bank, it should be in there in the next few days... If not, you're screwed because don't expect any help from Offer up Smiley Happy

 The forums are for the community members not customer support @SkyDancer there's only one person on here that works for Offerup and she is here to watch over the forum, she isn't a payment specialist so I dont know why you're accusing her of dancing around when it's not her department.

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I really don't care what you have to say Smiley Happy I know where you stand thank you 

I'm just answering a question. lol

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Again, don't care lol Smiley Happy

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I'm pretty convinced you either know each other or secretly work here... I wouldn't admit it either since apparently you all get paid to do nothing Smiley Happy

You have a great night apparently you're looking for someone to argue with. I have items to post..

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To the owner or owners of Offer Up... Perhaps you should start listening to the ppl who make your app run (sellers and buyers). At least respond ffs! You started out as a place to sell to local ppl and turned it into a money maker for YOURSELF... Sell out much?! And your customer service is a joke

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Funny, since I said I don't care what you say, pretty sure I could care-a-less lol... Whatever makes you feel special Smiley Happy You have a good one too Smiley Wink

Level 10! You're a 10!

@BrightMoonstone I would personally like to thank for donating your valuable time helping members with their issues. 👍😎🇬🇧🔚

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Some of us have better things to do than sit on Offer Up forums 24/7 intercepting ever single comment.... Some of us would appreciate actual help from freakin' offer up! But that is just apparently too much to ask for Smiley Happy 

Thanks @Hotrod

If you want customer support here's a link