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Everyone likes getting paid. Meeting up to complete an in-person transaction typically results in walking away with cash in your hand, but what happens when you’ve shipped your item? How and when do you get paid? Let’s chat about that. We’re here to go over the process of getting paid using OfferUp’s shipping feature.


After an offer had been accepted by the seller, the funds from the buyer are collected using our 3rd party payment processor, Stripe, and they have four days to ship the item off, and mark the item as shipped. Once the buyer receives their package, they have three days to inspect the item. Keep in mind that it will take a couple days for the item to ship in the mail. The buyer has 3 days to either rate the transaction or open a Buyer Protection claim. At the end of this 3 day period, the funds collected by Stripe are then released to the seller.

When the money has been released, it will automatically be transferred to your debit card or bank info if you have your card or bank info saved to your account. This transfer should be complete within five business days. If there’s a holiday in that timeframe, that may cause an additional delay. If you don’t have your credit card or bank info saved, this can also cause delays, as the funds will remain in a pending state until you add that in. Details on how to upload payment info here.


Let’s play this out with the maximum allotted time...

It’s the 1st of the month and you accepted an offer to sell your limited edition collector's item to Fred. As the seller, you have up to four days to get that item sent out. You send it out on the 4th. The item is in transit and arrives at Fred's on the 7th. Fred has three days, or until the 10th, to evaluate the item and give you a rating. Unfortunately, this time, it looks like Fred didn’t give a rating, and the funds are released after the three day period, on the 10th. Once the funds have been released, you should see them in your bank account within 3-5 business days, no later than the 15th.




Fees? What fees?!

Because we’re giving sellers the option to get their item in front of millions of potential buyers across the country, we charge a low 9.9% transaction fee. There’s no fee for the buyer, except to pay for the cost of shipping. As always, local in-person transactions are free for both parties. Other companies who offer similar services charge anywhere between 10% to 20%, so we feel great about the value we’re providing to our community.


My deposit says pending! Help!

If your completed transaction says that your deposit is pending, typically you won’t need to take any further action aside from being patient Smiley Happy If you believe the process is taking longer than usual, or you have other questions, our Payments & Shipping team are standing by to assist. Please note that you only have to reach out to them once. Writing in multiple times will result in a delayed response (your last communication gets bumped to the back of the line), especially if several people are all writing in several times. If you've submitted a ticket regarding the shipping feature, our Payments & Shipping team has received it and will respond ASAP - promise.


One last thing to note - please remember that this feature is brand new. We’re working hard to make everything as seamless as possible, but with any new launch, there may be a few hiccups. If you happen to come across an issue, give us feedback that we can pass onto our product teams so we can build an experience that you love. We’re actively listening and passing on the constructive criticism we receive.


What would you like to learn more about with our shipping feature? Comment below so we can decide what blog to write up next.


I have never received my payment for an iphone 8 plus i shipped. I have messaged offerup 3 times about the situation and have never received a response.

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I have reached out MULTIPLE times and received vague responses from Joselin. I receive all my payments except one small payment. Is this the way this company works? Let's keep the small amounts and eventually they will get tired of complaining and we can make millions?? Someone needs to reach out to me asap and solve this issue because at this point its about not allowing a scam to continue. 

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I been waiting for my first transaction to deposit. I made 2 other transactions after and got the payment already. I been emailing for some assistance but I haven't received any emails back. Could someone please help.

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@Edison89 Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,



Edison89 I would recommend reviewing @Mj_206 Community forum manager thread topic; What to do if you have an issue from the link below.😎🇬🇧🔚


Hi, so, my first shipment said I would recieve a shipping tag in my email, however it never came so I shipped it myself on USPS. Do I get a credit back? Also on another site, I shipped my item, and the person returned it after they wore are sellers protected?

@BUYBUY I'm sorry to say but you're not suppose to uss any other shipping label than the one sent from Offerup because they have no way to track the package. There's also no returns.

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I also never received a Shipping label. I contacted OfferUp about 10 times to please provide me the shipping label. I kept getting a note That somebody from OfferUp would contact me shortly.  This Went on for several days. This was for an item for hundreds of dollars. The buyer thought that she was getting scammed. I finally had to delete the purchase and return the money to the buyer. She was going to give me bad feedback. So I sent her to another site where I had to pay a much higher commission, And I had to pay part of the shipping fees,  But she did purchase the fur coat from me. This site is great for local pick ups, but I wish they would get phone service where we would actually be able to speak to a live person on the phone for Immediate help. Buyers do not want to wait for for five days for us to be able to ship the item. We should get an immediate shipping label sent to a computer And be able to print it out immediately and ship the Item purchased within 1 to 2 days. This creates trust.

@MelanieS it happened to me a few weeks ago. I didn't get the email shipping label and in my messages the link for view label wasn't there so the buyer was ok with canceling the transaction and trying again. It worked the second time and it didn't double charge her.  I guess there was a glitch in the system. 


You app created two shipping labels the second one came after I ship pied the item customer service indicated that the info would sync up and it did not I have checked  and the package is delivered but the system is not updating no on your side because the first label you all provided was not put into the tracking page properly. I have copies of the rep condition nversaition I have copies of the shipping label. And I have the copy of the delivery confirmation I have confirmation from the buyer that her address is correct so I would like to know when I will get my money 

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@Jones68 please read the above.  It may clarify a few things?

I just became homeless and didn't have a printer for the shipping label so I paid usps directly to ship item but theres no where to let offerup know the tracking number.

  So when he gets item am I never going to get paid?

This is nonsense.

I just became homeless and didn't have a printer for the shipping label so I paid usps directly to ship item but theres no where to legvt offerup know the tracking number.

  So when he gets item am I never going to get paid?

This is nonsense.


Offerup took down my sale text where the customer admitted receiving item and then the ad disappeared after I tried emailing and messaging offerup a few times.

This is crap, I'm going to start a class action lawsuit if anyone is interested.

Offerup prey on the poor.


Usps scanned my package but yet offerup hasn't updated the shipping information so I can get paid via fast depsoit. Thinking about cancelling transaction, rerouting package and deleting offerup so i don't get screwed out of my money. Offerup only protects the buyer and not the seller. Buyers can easily get product and swap it and get money back. Seller is left holding the bag. But who cares atleast offerup got their cut instantly where as I have to wait and wait until they decided to pay me. 

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This OfferUp shipping has way too many glitches. I had a transaction that was canceled and money refunded. Took my credit card information off the site and purchased the same item elsewhere. Two weeks later I get an email that my credit card is being charged  for the item.  I will now have to go to the bank and have this  charge reversed and will deactivate OfferUp account. Will also be filing fraud charges against OfferUp for using credit card information without permission.  BBB will also be notified. 

It says the seller has the option to pay for shipping and I state shipping is on me, however, there’s no place to mark or indicate that I want to pay for the shipping. The listing says item ships for $5 but nothing where I can pay.

@AngelCarousel  the buyer must pay for shipping that's the only way the system knows how to track the package with the shipping label that Offerup sends you. There is no where for you to pay for shipping and put in a tracking number to be paid and know the package arrived.

@AngelCarousel  I'm sorry I was just reading that it says you may see the option to pay for shipping. I guess that's something new but I have never seen that. I can tell you it's not available on my end. I don't sell on here anymore because of the changes they make and never notify anyone. Some times people will have options that others don't have.

@BrightMoonstone  the buyer can pay shipping the same way the seller does, when the seller pays they hold their money right well when they release it they take shipping out and I get the rest...this might make offerup take more interest in the transaction as well because they would be invested through the transaction not just get their fee and shipping and not care after that.

@AngelCarousel  I've been selling on here for about three years and the shipping service they have is a flat fee shipping service. They aren't making anything extra because the weight scale is set. The fees they have are actually really good for heavy items but if its a small item that can ship less than 5.00 first class it would be a benefit to the seller. Also if you're using flat rate shipping. I sell 1-8 pound items and the priority mail options here were cheaper than my Etsy and EBay shipping options. 

They don't take the shipping fee out of your money. The buyer pays that and you pay the 9.9% selling fee for using the shipping service. They will charge 9.9% even if you pay shipping. 

I didn’t say they were making extra on shipping but if they can take it from buyer they can take it from seller just as easy. I’ve not sold anything on here but my prices include shipping costs as offered by offerup to find out they are telling the buyer it will cost them $5 to ship...I say be honest and if I can’t pay shipping just say so and I’ll lower prices. It makes me look bad to say shipping is on me when they are telling the buyer they have to pay...simple fix, take that part out of the seller info on shipping.

@AngelCarousel I've never offered to pay for shipping on any of my selling platforms and I've never seen the option on Offerup. It says they have it but I sure don't see it. I think I wouldn't offer that info to my buyers until you find out why Offerup says it's only available to some people. It said in the help section "you may see" the option to choose to pay shipping. I don't know why everyone wouldn't have it but it's happened in the past with other things. Have a good day

I DIDNT say they were taking money for shipping I said they COULD. Jeeze instead of standing up for offerup take a minute to read what I wrote! I’m happy for you that you have never offer free shipping, that’s great for you. When I came to this site it was offered to me to offer free shipping...I don’t know why they say it’s available for some...that’s what they wrote so you would have to ask them. But I’m really starting to think the sites a bit shady and maybe there’s more people getting kick backs than just offerup...and if you don’t understand that maybe you should read some other posts besides mine. I just wanted to know why they offered the option to provide free shipping to my customers but there’s no way to do it...I was hoping for instruction from offerup not to be chastised for something I was offered and questioned.

@AngelCarousel  Holy Moly what are you talking about? Wow you're totally not getting it! I'm on your side lady and you're way out in left field!! Wow I can understand why some people have trouble smh. I'm agreeing 100% with you and trying to explain how it works and your cheese slid off your cracker all mad at me! Offerup is not going to answer you on this forum because they don't work on the forum and your all attacking a sellers like you who is trying to explain how it works. This is a communty forum If you want to talk with Offerup you have to email them. Sorry I tried to help you and your all out to attack someone even when they're on your side. Have a good day.

Once again you make false statements. Thanks to you, exclusively I will be leaving this site. You sly underhanded remarks push people away. If offerup doesn’t respond on here then that should have been your 1st and only comment instead of all the other unnecessary ones. Thank you for letting me know what this site is like!

@AngelCarousel if you would read the help section on shipping you would read that the question you asked has a answer that I told you say "you may" have the option and if you read the community forum you would see that many people will tell you to message the support and not ask on here. You're just wanting to blame someone else for everything. You blame Offerup and now me LOL take responsibility you're a adult not a child

I did look there, however, I was offered that option by offerup so that did not help me at all. I think YOU are looking for attention as you continue to attack me on here like you’re some offerup all star know it all...remember you didn’t know about this option so why do you continue to harass me! You need to grow up and leave people alone on here! People ask questions and you badger and attack! I was just reading some offerup reviews and they literally state that they were harassed by other sellers until they left, sound familiar? So since you don’t understand, I’m asking you politely to LEAVE ME ALONE! Now, knowing you gotta have the last word I’m reporting you to offerup!

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To my knowledge, there is no "free shipping" option at all

 Just lessen the price by $5 and let the buyer know 

@RevivalGypsy  Thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated!

@AngelCarousel   No, I do not write the OU policy or write the OU TOS but I do read them...reading comprehension tells me that it says "you may see" and I told you.that I do not have that option myself after selling 500+ items smh

@BrightMoonstone  couldn’t help yourself could, gotta have that last word smh

@AngelCarousel I have wished you a good day a few times and Ill wish you a good day again and the best of luck to you on Offerup. 😉

Last word lol 

@RevivalGypsy haven't seen you on in awhile but I moved over to my other sites after the change. Came back to remove items, taking.some time..

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@BrightMoonstone nice to see you in the forums! The changes have not done as much as we would have thought. It is still the same, good buyers and bad time wasters. I don't know how many more unexpected changes I can withstand, so I dont blame you. Good luck 

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What happens if they keep your merchandise & don't pay?

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@LeliainthaHood if shipped, they are suppose to pay before you do so when they make the offer. If local, you were supposed to get the money before finishing the transaction and going your separate ways.


I like the fact that the buyer has time to check the item out so if they dont get what they were expecting or its damaged they cancget the money back but i think it takes way to long to recieve your money or the item.there has to be a faster way like how ebay does it.once the item is in the mail your money is released to you.also who says the buyer is not ordering spme thing they all ready have then claim that the one u sent is damged and then they send back your broken one.its been done many times.MAKE SURE TO TAKE PICTURES OR WRITE DOWN ANY TYPE OF SERIAL NUMBER.TAKE PICTURES OF ANY TYPE OF IDENTIFYABLE MARKS IF POSSIBLE..its been done on ebay and on this site all ready be careful.thanks every one just putting a little info to help if possible 

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I bought an item and recieved it really quick. The problem is I have not recieved a link to rate my experience so the seller can get paid. I do not need 3 days. Why haven't I received a link. The seller recieved a link to rate me already.

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Now I too am confused about new service fee of 1.99 to sellers. Earlier today I was reading about Super Shipper, taking notes, and so on. I see where there is a fee for 1.99 to seller even if buyer pays shipping cost.

Meanwhile, I see someone post in WELCOME ( I think), about not seeing any info. about shipping fee of 1.99. 

I direct her to Community Blog under shipping...& went back to find more info. to go back & share but now I can't find it again either. 

All I see is FEE-WHAT FEES?

I spend lots of time reading & researching when I can. I'm finding lots of out dated info. that contradicts new info. It's very confusing! 

Is there any way you can see that old info like this is removed and newest info is made clear to those such as myself and other members trying to better sort through old vrs. new? Just signed up w/Truyou & have been checking out all info. on shipping cos tr s but now it's a bit overwhelming to many. Thanks for all you do. Lots to cover here...@L11

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I shipped item then offerup cancels the item. Shows it was delivered to an individual at the address so....why was it cancelled. Or does offerup just want people to give away their items. Then there is no contacting offerup team members by phone. Please let sellers know they gonna bend over to the front and touch they toes, after that file complaint with BBB and other agencies so its known. No one wants to give their items away.

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Same thing here, I really bummed. This guy is gonna get his item and I won’t get my money. Messages OfferUp and never received a reply but they went ahead and cancelled the sale even thoughI shipped it and its in the USPS system. The guy is super nice, all I can hope is that he pays me through Paypal or something because OfferUp clearly doesn’t care.

@spike808 @Rayray76 Its happening to a lot of people including myself. There a new facebook group of people who are dealing with this! Filing a BBB report is the fastest way to get a replay from Offerup. If you shipped with the post office and not UPS your sale will be canceled as someone from Offerup responded to me through the BBB complaint that they are no longer set up to USPS tracking and delivery.

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So you never received payment

@Rayray76  No because Offerup canceled the sale and gave the person their money back after I already shipped the package. They had no record of the package ever shipping. I filed with BBB and send all my info of the package being shipped so they said they would pay me and that was on the 18th when they said they would send the money to my bank. I'm still waiting. I will not close the BBB complaint untill I get paid.


Hi there, I am experiencing a similar situation. I had someone buy an item and I shipped it. After shipping it was sent back to me as there was a problem with my address on the pre-made label. I fixed the issue and sent it out again. The buyer received the item over a week ago and was charged, but the money is just pending deposit, and there is no option for him to verify that he received the item. I have done the "contact us" in the help section 5 times not and have not heard anything. 

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@BrightMoonstone this is insane! So in other words we need to be shipping thru UPS or UPS store or whatever from now on? No more USPS? How nice of OfferUp to let us know. Well the buyer received his item today and I’m waiting for him to tell me if he had the money deducted from his account or what, then I’ll know how to proceed from there. He seems like a decent man, but all I can hope is if he wasn’t charged then maybe he will do the right thing and not screw me over. This is so wrong and bad. OfferUp did reply finally and said they are referring it to a payment specialist which I suppose is a good thing that I was even acknowledged. This sucks.

@spike808  yes I was referred to a payment specialist also and never heard back from them. After I filed with BBB they finally answered me. The guy from Offerup said they're working on it but I must ship with UPS to avoid any other problems.

Yes you are right Offerup should have let everyone know they were planning this because UPS told me when I shipped the package before the last one that it was a sure post label and I could drop it off with the post office, that was the reason I shipped this package from the post office. The guy from Offerup told me it was UPS job to drop it off with the post office.

Its now going on three weeks hopefully I will get payment soon.

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@BrightMoonstone Wth?! So if the buyer decides to blow me off because he got his item and sucks to be me then how will I get paid? Does OfferUp pay me? I’m so irritated by this. What is so stupid is its only $11, but thats not the point! Why should I give a brand new pair of Pumas to some guy I don’t even know? And go to the BBB which is probably way out of my small town for $11? Ridiculous.