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The Pro Tips community forum just keeps getting better and better with so many amazingly helpful tips from all of you. Below is something we wanted to highlight as we have seen feedback on how helpful it is. Thank you again @JMS211 for sharing this with the whole community! The original reply with additional comments can be found here.


"I have begun putting the following on the top of my postings. Then I add all details of the item below. I have had several sellers send me a message saying they love it and will be doing the same to their items.

* Yes it’s available (if you are tempted to ask, don’t!)
* Do not make the offer if you are not going to follow through
* No trolls/just browsing/time wasters
* Location: (I add the street name only here) please map this street before you contact me to see if it’s within your driving distance
* Pick up times are weekends or at 7-730pm weeknights.
If this doesn’t work for you then do not make an offer, I have to make the times convenient for Me when I know I am available and home anyway doing those household chores.
You will pull into the “circle” on (street name) and then message me when here and I’ll open garage where the item is kept. It’s a small street so no need to give you my address too. Too many no shows on OfferUp to give the address
* No holds

I am finding I am not getting questions anymore just the offers. Still not 100% no shows but at least I’m not waiting for anyone anymore. And if a question comes in where the answer is already in the ad I just won’t answer them."


We love hearing that it's worked out so well, and again, honesty is always the best policy. Hopefully, this tip from @JMS211 will prove to be helpful for all of you. Thanks again for sharing, and don't forget to add your own personal tips in the Pro Tips forum or comment below Smiley Happy

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I haven't sold much but none have been no shows ( Knocks on wood) 

Good suggestions

Good advice, thanks for taking the time to share. 

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What I have noticed on many post is your picture of the item is taken up too close. My tips for a nice picture are, white background, bright lighting, or daylight, One pic showing full item one pic showing up close. Stage your item to give ideas for use and very importantly give dimensions: height, width, depth. And don't post your item with other junk, clothing, etc. around it or on it. Your posting pictures are what peaks the first interest. "FIRST IMPRESSION"

Good luck selling & buying!

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Great tips @Elin. I agree with @NT561, picture quality can go a long way to better a experience for everyone. Better browsing, better sales! I'd also like to see better descriptions placed in ads. First, I don't like the fact your allowed to post without even so much creating a title yourself. No description shouldn't be an option in my opinion. For those that take this approach, keep in mind, I've seen many items, I may otherwise have shown interest. No description or missing vital information (sometimes done in hopes of making people curious) has the opposite effect for me. Example, make, year, milage and condition of a vehicle should be mandatory in my opinion.
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I do something similar I that I as them to contact me 10 minutes before arrival and if I do not hear from them, I won’t be a the designated location. I always meet in a very busy parking lot with many stores and people.

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Welcome to the Community Forums @Emziegler. That's a great tip and smart/safer meet up ideas.

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Using these tips are great ideas and I will try using some of them when placing products online. Thanks very muxh!! $

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Using these tips are great ideas and I will try using some of them when placing products online. Thanks very much!!!

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 Yea i dont even leave my house til the other party is at the meet up spot. It's only five minutes away. I've had too many instances where I showed up and waited an hour for a no show...

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If my item is small enough to fit in my car, I offer to meet up in a very public place to deliver, but if it is not and a buyer must come to my home, I have the item in my garage. I lock the doors to my house and it I am alone, which I try not to be,  I have a friend or relative on my cell (on speaker) to hear the entire transaction until the buyer has left and my garage door is closed again. The same process can be done if you do not have a garage. Sell $$$....have fun!!! new people!!!.....

and always be safe about it!!!

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Thanks for sharing everyone! Love hearing all of these tips from you as well @NT561 @Oscar @cyclomatic @Emziegler Smiley Happy

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Okay fine


Thanks for the tips. I'm really impressed with the changes and advancements that "Offer Up" continues to make in interest of, not only the seller, but the buyer as well. It's the little securities, like multiple user verifications and community help forums, that make a big difference in my choice to stay loyal to "Offer Up" and be a return user here. Thanks for everything guys!

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Welcome to the community, @mfales1986! Thanks for the kind words Heart 

We're always open to feedback or suggestions! We want to create the best experience possible Smiley Happy

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Wonderful tips thank you for sharing. 

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I am new to offer up and this was very helpful.

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Welcome to the community, @Lollie1 and @Valley_girl47Smiley Happy

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1 point I would have to take issue with would be mandating the quality of posts. How, if someone wants to give up a good portion of their earning potential because they don't feel like taking the item out of a pile of junk in the garage or dusting It Off, that's their problem. I know people do this on eBay and I myself have done it several times on OfferUp: I find an item that has been listed poorly, save the item with the expectation that it will not sell, and then go back a few months later, ask if it's still there, and make an offer. I'm always polite and I always make a point of telling people that it is not my intention to devalue their product or to low ball them, but that the amount I am offering is simply what I can justify, given the fact that I myself plann on reselling the item for a profit. I have repeatedly purchased pieces of furniture that were simply dusty and photographed in piles, brought them home, cleaned them up and staged them. I have made quite a bit of money doing this and it has always been of mutual benefit, being that I'm always clear as to what my intentions are.