Great Tips from Community Members Pt. 2

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We continue to receive some amazing tips from our community members in the Discussion forums. Some highlights from the past few weeks are listed below! As always, don't forget to share your own tips with us and the community here.




From @JesusSaves


"Taking clear and good pictures of the item. Your photos should look appealing to a customer. Take the time to take 2 or 3 clear photos in well-lit areas. Take pictures outside under the shade not directly under the sun. If you take pictures inside open the blinds or curtains to let natural light in, do not take pictures with the flash on your phone or camera. Also, try and look for a prop that would compliment the item you're selling and also look for a neutral background depending on the item and color try not to have the same color background the same as the item you're selling, make the item stand out with a different color background.
Also have as much information about the item in the description and be specific; measurements, size, color etc people look for that often times some people don't want to wait for a response so they don't bother asking but if you have info in the description they might be more interested and make an offer.
This is another rule that is most important when dealing with customer is being respectful. Always always always be understanding and kind to the other person I can guarantee you even if that person ends up not being interested in the item they will most certainly keep you in mind for future purchases or refer you to friends and family."
"2 more things that will help you sell quicker 1. A well-described item 2. Quick response and never leave a question unanswered."
"Professionalism is key in all things. Nothing worse than one photo and a vague/no description."
"Photos are soooo important! Got to have a decent camera on your phone, download a photo processor app that helps clean them up a lot. Backdrop too, don't photo on a dirty floor or lay across an unmade bed, etc. SHOW that you're professional through your photos, accurate and detailed descriptions, etc. Nothing worse than a crappy photo and one sentence Smiley Tongue"
"I found a roll of shiny art paper, matte finish on the other side, and tape it to the wall wherever I need it for a good background. I've also improvised using a black velveteen blouse for smaller items (like jewelry) that don't photo well on white background. I've used the same blouse and rolled it to use as a support inside shoes, purses, etc. A Boolean effect always makes your pics look professional, IMHO."
"Try to include something in the shot that gives a sense of scale. It doesn't have to be a ruler, but a quarter works well with small items and I've even used my own feet."
"Always say "Hello", or "Hi" to the buyer's messages. It's polite & you're introducing the conversation.
Try posting deals! If you've had the item up for a while & you want to get rid of ASAP, on your title put DEAL: ***name here***
It will get the buyer to check out your profile since you're offering a deal and will want to go see what else you have posted."
"Being a great 5-star seller/buyer by selling great products at a good deal, communicating and being trustworthy sometimes isn't enough.... People tend to forget the obvious once you meet up with your buyer/seller make sure to ask for a 5-star rating and tell them you will do the same. This clarifies and prompts the person to do so as well as seals the deal that you and that person had a great transaction and your both happy. Politeness and sincerity go a long way! Remember: Ask and you shall receive - simple.

Another tip if someone is apprehensive about buying from you for any reason, assure them your rating is great (if it is) and that you intend on keeping it that way. It shows that you care about being a long-term, trustworthy buyer. Also, make sure you become an approved/certified seller. I don't do business with someone with no rating, no posts, sales, picture or cert."
All in all, great tips and as you can see, lots of emphasis on how to take great photos and how important they are. Which tips do you find most useful? Let us know in the comments below!

 Very nice! I love being a part of this. ALL GREAT TIPS! Thanks for the "shout outs" Smiley Very Happy

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Hello! How do I get rated?  What do I need to do?

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@Sisnelly Hi! After you buy or sell something, we will ask you to rate each other. More info here Smiley Happy

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Great tips, thanks! Starving artist trying to sell my art on the app lol. 

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@Zenchi Ooh, what kind of art??

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Posted a reply, it may have been deleted as I don't see it anymore lol. I draw just about anything really, but my specialty is portraits and flash for tattoo artists. My profile on the app is Zenchi66 and I'm also on Instagram and Facebook Smiley Happy 

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@Zenchi Weird, nothing deleted here. Also, that sounds awesome!! 

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Tips should be from experience not ideas.


I keep getting the"error"message, "risk community guidelines and my messages are not sent !!! I have two offers and can't accept them !!!! Please help me I am a new member. Thank you !!!!!

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@SAVEMONEY Hi! Make sure when you post items that you are following our rules and not messaging or posting with any personal information such as phone number, email, address, etc. Read over our Posting Rules when you can. Smiley Happy Message me if you have any questions about anything! 

Good stuff. 

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Always meet in public place, always let someone know your going to meet someone and where. Also do research on the seller. Most accounts are connected to Facebook.



My biggest thing is response time. I try to respond immediately if I'm selling something and that, I feel has helped me do more business through this app. There is nothing worse than inquiring about an item or responding to an inquiry, then getting a message back the next day. I've had people get upset that I sold something that they took 8-24 hours to respond to after their initial offer or, "is it still available" message. Be sure, if you are buying or selling, to respond as quick as you can and you will increase your sales guaranteed!

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I’m enjoying every item that I’ve purchased.

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All fantastic tips but the one that resonated most with me was the tip from j access. He suggested to put DEAL on your title when you are ready to get rid of something ASAP. I am going to try that this week! 

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I definitely agree on the “good photo” tip, as well as the respectfulness towards your customers. Remember that 1 ticked off person can do greater damage than anything. I personally am dealing with a seller who accused me of wrongdoing and blocked me when I am the one who’s out $85 and left with a broken item!

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Here is a small tip that will prove useful. If someone has shown interest in an item but not moved forward follow up with a quick message if the item is still available. Let them know you have lowered the price or taken more pics. A thoughtful follow up might just get that deal done. I’ve had success on a couple of occasions with this practice. Just a short message works best. 

Hi there, what can we do whit those agresive tex, that sometime could send... It happen whit one AND i reported and bloqued... Is there any other process? Thanks 😊

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 Hello @333plapla,

I am sorry this happened to you. Thank you for sharing.

You did the right thing: Report and Block! We always encourage community members to report anyone that shows inappropriate behavior. Those reports get viewed by our Customer Care team, and they will give warnings or remove users that violate these standards.

Now, allow me to welcome you to OfferUp community. Take the time to navigate and find your way around the forums. ask questions, share, hand out a kudo or two, and enjoy.


How do u stay motivated  to sell on this app 

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Hello @Tobbias1forever

I have a tip:  if you want someone like @Shupat or members to respond put this @ in front of their username.

Now, to answer your question. How do u stay motivated  to sell on this app?

OfferUp is something that I chose. The goal is my own and that innately inspires me. Beyond that I ...

  1. Surround myself with likeminded people who are enthusiastic with a common goal.
  2. Focus on my vision and present reality.
  3. Motivate and inspire someone else.


What about including in each description “Free Gift with Each Purchase” ?