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We’ve recently seen an increase in posts related to staying positive throughout the buying and selling journey. In a world full of instant gratification, it can be difficult to not get frustrated when a transaction isn’t going the way you want it to. The majority of us have the same struggles and frustrations - probably everyone has received a lowball offer since opening their account - but it’s important to remember that each transaction gives you a chance to make a good and lasting first impression. Here are some recent tips we’ve seen on remaining positive during transactions.


Posted by @Shupat 


"When people get worked up or become emotional during buying/selling interactions, it is typically because they feel attacked in some way by another’s opinions (ie making a ridiculously low offer).

Be a Better You - Try Out a Tip or Two!


  • Choose to stay positive
  • Don't take it personally
  • Avoid arguing
  • Avoid overreaction
  • Be Respectful"

Posted by @Anad


"I've got an approach when communicating by text - particularly as a buyer, but good to keep in mind as a seller too... Everyone knows about being pleasant, responsive, and responsible to have a more successful, positive interaction. I'm also mindful of the words I choose in my texts. On Offer Up, people will be evaluating a stranger for safety and integrity qualities (among others). I use language that reflects intelligence and refinement, statements that show I'm considerate, and avoid anything "gamey". I can't say if this helps for sure, but I do think it sets a good platform for moving forward."


When people come together as a community, it can be incredibly powerful and moving. Here are a couple recent posts from our community that are all about staying positive. Smiley Happy


Posted by @JameJame


"I met some great people. one of them was a struggling mother of 4 who needed more help than discounted items. She opened up to me and we had a few heart to heart conversations. She was a victim of domestic violence and her and her kids lives were in danger ... I was able to get her in contact with help she and her kids needed. We still communicate and they are safe and doing great. Smiley Happy"

Posted by @JustinJay 


"Hello everyone. When I installed this app earlier today to try to sell an item I had no idea that there was an entire forum with what appears to be a lot of great people! So, I just thought I would stop in and say hello."


Posted by @Grantskin


"I'm used to selling items on eBay and Grailed primarily, but OfferUp brings something so new and socially necessary to the world of used goods sales that it absolutely fascinates me! I'm still quite new, but people seem to reply quickly and it's just amazing being able to meet near your home and exchange goods. It's like eBay without the middleman and a possibility for genuine conversations and potential friendships. I am just so in love with the idea and I can't imagine all the heart that went, goes, and continues will go managing (hate myself here) such a "disruptive" idea. Kudos!"


Posted by @KSARASARA


"Ciao' OC Forum. First, would like to say there is a lot of wisdom in this Community, glad to be a part of such a Loving class of members! So Go! #Spreadingthe💜"


Posted by @LOKI77 


"Great! I'm feeling very hopeful. This community forum is looking very promising. Cheers...Man Very Happy to positivity! Positive gains, positive items, and positive offers! Up up and awayyyy! Robot wink "


Thank you to everyone above who have shared with us. Do you have something inspirational to share? We would love to hear from you! Share the positivity in the comments below. Smiley Happy



Hi everyone

Absolutely awesome offerup 👍👍 I meet some awesome people really like it .. genuine idea offerup 👍 

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Thank you @Mj_206  for your creativity in pulling all this inspiring energy into one thread.

May we continue to lead and inspire one another.


I am new to OfferUp. I have a storage full of items I need to sell. How many posts would you recommend? Does selling in bundles make a better option for buyers? Can you list comparison prices, so that buyer sees  the price listed as a good deal?


Generally, I prefer not to buy in bundles because I end up with stuff I dont want or need. Part of my overall goal for using these sites is to get more efficient with the number and types of "things" that I drag around in life. Package pricing on the other hand I enjoy. For example, "$40 for the 5 items shown, or $10 each for fewer than 5." At least then I have the option.



Hello neighbors,I hope everyone is having a fantabulous day! ....I have quite a bit of stuff to put on here, but not sure how to price everything.I know face value of them, just not sure to put closer to the value or low?I can start higher then go lower but that seems to take a while. what's the best tactic? any help lol


Anyone think a lost and found section, would be a great option to have on offer up?

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 I think a lost & found is a good idea


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Greetings @RockinRed01

 @Youinvme  Wrote:

 Price. When you're creating your listing, you see pricing recommendations based on similar items that are currently active or have sold on eBay. This information gives you insight into how you price your item. For your active listings that haven't sold in a few weeks, provide a price reduction as well, to help improve your chances of selling your item. 


Remember to consider your target buyers and make adjustments as needed.

Check out The Top Three Tips For Selling here.

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Welcome  @Actionkj and @Navitron69 Smiley Happy

Why would you need a nationwide lost and found?


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Hello community I'm glad to be member of this community every seems so positive and energetic.I strongly believe with being involved you can't go wrong. Thanks eveyone

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Hello @Spider1904

Warmest welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


Take the time to visit  this guide  it covers the ins and outs of using this Online Community. Join the conversation with your comments or questions. Hand out a kudo or two, and earn badges.


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Welcome, @Spider1904!! I absolutely love this community. There is a ton of fun and positive energy, and so many new perspectives! There is a ton of great info sprinkled throughout the forums Smiley Happy


I’ve been with OfferUp for a while and so far it’s been a great experience. I haven’t really taken advantage of all the tools that offer up offers such as community forum and other creative doors to open. I wife and I are considered technological immigrants. We still are learning how to navigate all this wonderful technology. Thank you for everyone who makes this platform personal and easy to use. Have a great day! Eric

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A lost and found could also just be used for an area? Right? Like when I'm searching for an item, I adjust the mileage to how far I want to drive. We have lots of animals go missing here. I know there's Craigslist. But unless you have it download on your phone when you find or realize your dog ran away while you are at the beach. You have to download it to just start looking. I truly don't know, but it does sound like a good idea. 


Has anyone else has come across fake buyers ?

Someone states their going to purchase something from you and never hear back from them ?

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 -Ciao' @Detroitoutcast-


Welcome to the OfferUp Nationwide Community Forum(s)!


Just came across your post... for future reference, you will need to put @ before the Member username to get a quicker reply to your questions ☺


In regards to your question, there are numerous threads with a plethora of information on this subject.


Much Success to you 👍

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas on staying positive!! Whether your buying or selling on offer up it grows frustrating at times when people aren't courteous & honest with one another. On the flip side of it all there are many great people and experiences as well!! I really appreciate your post!!