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Help. I need somebody... Help. Not just anybody, Help, OfferUp!


Have you ever felt lost while using OfferUp and just wanted to learn how to use a specific feature? Before submitting an inquiry to our Customer Care team, did you know that we have a Help Center that can likely answer your OfferUp questions? Today, we’re here to go over how to best utilize this tool.


We currently have six helpful categories which hold all of our how-to articles and more. These articles will show you how to best use the features we offer. Those categories are: Buying & selling, Message & meetup, Shipping, Reputation, Account, and Rules & policies.





Our Help Center is designed in a way to empower our community members to answer their own questions. If you have a question on a specific feature, you can use our Search function to find the article on that topic.





If the article doesn’t answer your question, you will have additional ways to reach out to OfferUp Advocates, Experts, and our Customer Care team located in the lower right-hand corner of each page. This will either directly get you in touch via chat, or open an email ticket with our support teams where your inquiry will be routed to the agent best trained in that area or feature. A lot of the how-to type questions are routed to our community experts.  (More on our Experts later Smiley Wink ) You can also get help here on these forums, read through plenty of tips and tricks, and see real testimonials from our community.


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Say you’d like to learn how to update your post or learn how to report a user - you’ll want to check out the Buying & selling category. Here you’ll find the following articles:


Update a post

Posting Rules

Promote items to sell them faster

About OfferUp payments

Get paid after shipping

Report a person or item

Post an item to sell

Mark an item as sold

Rate and review other people

Send a message

What is a seller or buyer doesn’t respond?

Tips for buyers



We have plenty of tips, suggestions, and even policies listed in our Message & meetup category. The following articles live here:


Find Messages

Tips for messaging

Find a Community MeetUp Spot

Send a meeting location

Send a message

What if a seller or buyer doesn’t respond?

Stay in contact without phone or email



Shipping is one of our newest features, and many of you have had shipping related questions. Head on over to our Shipping category to find these helpful articles:


Selling and shipping nationwide

Buyer protection on OfferUp

How shipping works for sellers

Get paid after shipping

How shipping works for buyers

Set up a deposit account

Set up a payment account

How to pay

How sellers are protected when shipping

Turn shipping on or off for an item

Edit payment information

Cancel a shipment

How OfferUp payments are processed

Packaging items to ship

Problems with shipping labels

Cost of shipping for sellers

I don't see shipping in the app

No shipping notification

Trouble entering an address

Problems paying with credit card

$5 off shipping and other promotions

Cost of shipping for buyers

How to pay for items being shipped



No, this isn’t a category of Taylor Swift songs, but you can find out more about ratings and TruYou in our Reputation section. Reputation articles include:


About TruYou

About ratings on OfferUp

About reputation

Add or change your profile photo

Report a person or item

Rate and review other people

View your profile

About reviews on OfferUp

Incorrect or missing ratings or reviews

Info other people see about you

Check someone's reputation before doing business

About profile badges

Improve your reputation

About the Super Shipper badge



The Account category will teach you all about… you guessed it… your account! From protecting your privacy to changing your password, here are the articles that belong to the Account category:


Protecting your privacy on OfferUp

Deactivate an account

How contact info helps

Update your account info

Change notification preferences

Log in or out of your OfferUp account

Update your profile

Reactivate your OfferUp account

Manage your email settings

Create an account

Change your password

Emails and notifications from OfferUp

Check someone's reputation before doing business

Maintain a secure account



Now for the not-so-fun but equally important info… The Rules & policies category lists out all of the “fine print” and lets you know what is, or isn’t, ok to do on OfferUp. More on that here:


Selling and shipping nationwide

Buyer protection on OfferUp

Prohibited items guidelines

Posting rules

Report a person or item

Law Enforcement resources

Community guidelines

Terms of Service

Intellectual Property Policy

Privacy Policy


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That’s a wrap on our Help Center, but head on over to our blog on why we built these forums Smiley Happy


Whether you need technical help, or to just ask a quick question, remember all your options for getting the help you need!


Have any questions on our Help Center? Ask below and we’ll be happy to help!


 I continue to get an API ERROR message, 2 days worth. I've deleted and redownloaded the app 3 times, which seems to work until my info gets updated, then back to the errors. What gives? 

Community Manager

Hi there, @Yukon81 - welcome to the community! I took a look at your account, and it should be in good standing. Are you using the app on Android or iOS? Smiley Happy

I'm an android user. I went to my app settings and made sure all app notifications were on, along with going to my offerup account, everything seems normal. Just started yesterday morning out of the blue.
Community Manager

Ok - thanks for reporting this to us @Yukon81! I'll make sure we look into this. 



Level 1

 vende un estéreo de casa en buena condición la persona que esté interesada por favor llamar

New Member

Hello!  I thought that relisting an item for sale using the archive & restore functions would bring it to the top but it did not.  How do I effectively bring older listed items for sale to the top?

Level 1

Thank you very much I really enjoy offer up more than Facebook

New Member

Thank you 

New Member

Where do i alert people when ive encountered a scam on this site. Its now happened twice. Same person. Thanks. 



Last month I did business with jaycashstacks

it was for a camera for $50

he is in st Pete and I paid $7 more for him to send it

he never did

so I got ripped off by him

be careful who you do business with

he sells a lot of electronics 

Community Manager

Hey there, @Littlenana - by chance, did you use the OfferUp shipping feature? If outside payment processors were used (example - PayPal or Venmo) you will want to reach out to their support teams.


I am not a car dealer but it seems people contact me saying my car is listed for payment options. I.e. 30$ a month. I see no place on my ad to remove that. 2nd car dealers have killed this ap. They flood the page. I post a car and its listed on like page 5.

I have been searching for hours for help and my posts are being deemed unacceptable and I need to know where do I post a request for help -- what catagory and what topic? I've seen numerous requests for help with meeting a need yet I am continuously ridiculed for posting similar requests. Why? Please help me understand where then pleeaassee

Community Helper
@Woundedserenity- Surely, the help that has been provided to you via the OfferUp Forums numerous posts, as well as PM replies throughout the morning, are sufficient to answer your question. No ridicule was "ever" intentionally implied. Recap: OfferUp is a Nationwide Mobile buy. sell. simple. Marketplace... this is not a Philanthropic site in those regards 😕 Tyvm Again, much success to you in your search! 👍😊

Can u delete post?

Community Helper
-Ciao' @Crisdaflo- ---Welcome--- Archiving is the the current option... no delete option available to my knowledge.
New Member

Please let it known to everyone that people are scamming on on the shipping side of the app asking for money sent outside of offers up and mailing your something random I have proof

Community Member

I got an error code: G0xo1vx8.  I tried up dating my app on my phone.  Nothing.  I can’t mark something sold or edit or add something new.  I am dead in the water.  Please help me!

Community Helper

@MiscLady Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,


MiscLady Try signing completely out of the app and signing back in again.


If you’re having this issue I would recommend. contacting customer care from the link below, or you can contact OfferUp through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you. 😎🇬🇧🔚


OfferUp Customer care,


Can some one please tell me how do I pay tthrough Offerup for something I order.


Hi , thank you . I sold some door knobs to a person in Texas. I packaged them & OfferUp sent me a package label, I sent them to Texas.  I sold some bullitt car's  to a guy in California.  OfferUp sent me a package label & I packaged them & sent them. OfferUp sent me the wrong package label and the car's went to Texas.  I need someone at OfferUp to help me fix This! 

Community Helper

@Kawaiimomochan tagging you into this thread 

you will find a link to the Help Center highlighted in green near the top of the thread just tap on that word-> you can do two searches ->“Item wasn't delivered” also search

“Item lost in the mail” following instructions both have the contact us button at the bottom of each page. Just remember If you have submitted a ticket to our Customer Care team, please be sure to only submit one request per inquiry. Our Customer Care team works through requests in the order in which they were received, so opening multiple tickets on the same issue will just cause delays. 

New Member

Hello, when I'm trying to check out my email is wrong...? I've tried both gmail and hotmail, I'm so sad! 

Oh oh


Help me help me   I have recently purchased an item (today)   I live up on a hill in rural California   I cannot receive USPS here  I do receive ups and FedEx and anything amazon  my neighbor down the hill has a p o box she said I can use   FIRST problem,  I don't know how to update my shipping address   I informed the seller I cannot accept a shipment from USPS he said no problem. Then I read that is how all shipments are processed through USPS. Ugh   I just had this same thing happen with an item off of poshmark   the post office returned the item to the seller she had to reprint the label with the new address and reship.  Please help 


Yesturday afternoon I sold an iPhone to this gentleman for $800 turns out to be he gave me counterfeit money and took off very sad I have never had a problem like that before now it’s not even safe to sell stuff through this website /app it’s disappointing when stuff like this happens please be on the look out this is a thin built African American driving a 2008-2010 silver Dodge Charger supposedly his name is Isaac becareful selling phones if you see this gentleman he will give counterfeit money I already filed a police report the most sad part is I probably won’t ever see my money or device back I’ve lost all hope and will not be selling anything anymore on these kinds of apps or in general 


I have been on offer up a while now.  Just the last couple of days when I try to access messages i received in emails, I get an error code.  When I go to offerup and try to see my messages, none exist.  What Is going on?  Worked fine a few days ago.

Community Member

Hello I need help. I sold an item. But sent the wrong size. The person is returning it. I accept the return. But now I have to pay the person $30 back when they only paid $15 for the item I sold them. What can I do? (714)679-5780 is my number. Please email me at Thanks 


I had a seller who bought multiple items and I shipped it as one package. However, I’m only getting the payment for that one item because that’s what I put on the package so the post office could scan it. What do I do????


Hi-yah. I've been stuck mid post with an " add image " message that seems to be preventing me from posting a complete ad, including several photos.

 It won't let me submit the post, does visably show that I have already added photos. Please, help