Introducing Buy Now on OfferUp

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With thousands of items getting posted on OfferUp daily, you’ll probably find an item that you just need to have. Currently, to express an interest on an item you’d like to purchase, you tap on the “Ask” or “Make Offer” options. From there, you schedule a meetup that works for everyone’s schedules, swap cash for the item in question, and then bring your new item home.


Let’s assume you and the seller both have super busy schedules, and the seller wants to sell the item on a first come first serve basis using OfferUp Shipping. If only there was a way to skip the back-and-forth and take that item off the seller’s hands with the push of a button. Introducing OfferUp Buy Now! Buy and sell what you want, right now — shipped right to your door and with less hassle.


As a seller, enabling the “Buy Now” option takes no time at all! When you’re ready to list your item, select that you’re firm on the price, and on the next screen, you’ll see the option to select the first full-price offer using Buy Now. Voila! Your most motivated buyers will be thrilled. Note - the item must be shipping enabled to use this feature.


Buy Now.png


When you enable the "Buy now" button on an item you're selling, you get two things done:

  1. You make it more likely that you'll get a full-price offer, because buyers see that you're ready to sell quickly
  2. You make it easier to finish a sale: when you get a full-price offer, the system accepts it for you automatically, and sends you your pre-paid shipping label right away.

What do buyers see?

The only difference in your listing will be the brightly-colored "Buy now" button. When a buyer gets all the information they need from your listing and they're ready to commit to the purchase, they tap that button and the sale is ready to complete. You just have to drop the item off for shipping, and as soon as the USPS scans the package, your payment will process.


Buy Now 2.png

I personally LOVE this feature. I tried it out a couple of weeks ago, and WOW was it easy to use! I had actually completely forgotten that I had listed an item, enabled the “Buy now” feature, and suddenly I had a message saying “Full price offer accepted!” I was alerted that the item was fully paid for, and all I had to do was ship it out the next day. The buyer and I didn’t even have to chat, she knew exactly what she wanted and purchased it on the spot. It was one of the easiest, and most seamless selling experiences I’ve had up to this point! Within a couple days, the buyer had a beautiful new gemstone that I had no use for, and I was $20 richer. Cha-chiiiiing!


We’re super excited about this new feature! What are your thoughts on this? Comment below with any thoughts and opinions, and let me know what you think about Buy Now when you try it!

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This feature sounds like a win/win for Shippers on OU @Mj_206! I will definitely be enabling this feature with Shipping, this next holiday season. Fun! Smiley Wink

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This is for me the best option to sell.. Great tool! And the shipping cost is ok . 

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This feature is potentially the reason for all the payment problems. I’ve been waiting for days to get paid a large sum of money. Transaction is complete except for paying me and from what I can tell in the forums more people than ever aren’t getting paid in time. Once you register your problem with Offerup support they go radio silent on you. I can get no information as to what the holdup is or when I will get paid. My buyer doesn’t know what to do to help! I’m very sour on this until they get the bugs worked out and Offerup must clean up their act on communication if they expect to retain big sellers like me! I want change!!!


I believe OfferUp keeps your money and collects interest on it for a few days and then releases the money to you.  When I did those transactions I was constantly asking where my money was. According to their terms and conditions once the buyer okays the product, you should get paid. Keep blowing them up. Sorry you’re having trouble like this, that sucks!

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I have sold a few items this way and personally like shipping much more than meeting in person, so much easier! Thanks for adding this feature!

I had this checked for a while and no one used it so I turned it off. Most people I find with my items like to ask questions. I think with EBay it works because EBay sellers have actual feedback that people can read so they can trust the seller and not have to ask so many questions based on reading feedback about the quality of the sellers items and will use the Buy It Now because the feedback has shown a trusted seller. Here not so much because people have nothing to read about the sellers and the items they have sold. Condition, care in packaging, speed of shipping there's not that quick decision to trust the item and seller without asking questions. That's just how I personally feel not sure about others..


I have been successful 3 or 4 times when shipping using the OfferUp shipping program. Helps to have a fair number of successful transactions and a lot of offerings.


@Sandiegoguy1  Good to hear! Yes the shipping has been good for me in the past. I turned the Buy It Now off awhile back I might turn it back on again now that I have a new line of items that I'm selling. I'll see how it goes. Most everything is local right now.

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I just shipped an item. The offerup chart showed max weight 10lbs. When I printed the label off it showed 18lbs. Why is there such a difference?

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What were you charged for shipping? $12 or $40?

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I took a loot at this payment, @RockeyC - it looks like the $12 shipping option was selected, which is the 3-10lb category. Good eye! Not sure why there was a difference - I'll ask around!

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just wanted to know if your weight charts need to be updated.  do not want to charge buyers more than I have to for shipping