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Earlier this summer in Dallas, Texas, a mom of a toddler sold her stroller to an expectant mother on OfferUp. What started as a simple exchange of stuff turned into an hour-long conversation about the unspoken challenges and joys of becoming a mom.


This past weekend in Seattle, Washington, a long-time fisherman sold his Pontoon boat to a fellow angler. After they set up the boat together, they traded stories of rivers fished and memories caught.


Stories like these are what get the OfferUp Community Team out of bed every morning, and they continually remind us that our marketplace is about exchanging more than just goods. We’re helping build bonds between neighbors.


You can read the full story of what we have been working on, on our OfferUp blog here. Smiley Happy


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Hi everybody!  I am a ebayer & have actually sold a few things on offer up over the last few years, and never once looked into the community forum until today.  I am a 5 star seller on eBay, but I may leave in light of unknown changes in payment policies with a new group and high fees.  I use offer up for selling things that have accumulated over time and vendor in my state.  I am downsizing and have lots of collectibles and pretty nice clothes I plan on getting rid of.  I accept all reasonable offers.

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I have two neighborhood stories: The first time I sold on Offerup, I was reconnected with a very good friend who bought my item. When we met to finish the transaction we got to catch up on life! The second item I sold became a very memorable collector gift for some very nice people. It was wonderful to hear their story. I look forward to more happy encounters on Offerup. ☺