Introducing Shipping!

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Empowering people to buy and sell locally, with simplicity and trust, has been OfferUp’s mission since day one. Meeting people face-to-face and exchanging items in person, has been the cornerstone up to this point, but why stop there? Why not open your doors to all of OfferUp community members across the country?? Imagine completing a transaction at your local police department, while on your way to ship a package to someone across the U.S. Your customer base just got a whole lot bigger. Welcome to the world of shipping on OfferUp.




You asked, we listened. We’ve been inundated with requests to offer the ability to ship, and it’s finally here. But how does shipping work? Here, we’ll give you the deets. Don’t worry, though. If you’re still inclined to meet face-to-face, that doesn’t go away. Local is who we are, and will continue to be. Shipping just allows us to meet the needs of our community so you have the opportunity to discover more value and make the best deals and sell nationwide, by facilitating payment and shipping help right from the app.

To be eligible to ship your item, you must have a confirmed email, and your item must weigh less than 20 lbs, be smaller than 108 inches in length + width, and be offered for sale at less than $500. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations regarding mailing. Please see the 
USPS shipping restrictions webpage for more information.



Sellers: post your items in a few easy steps, just like always. Click “Sell & ship nationwide” to make your shippable items visible to buyers across the country.

Buyers: search for items in the “Shipping” category to see what’s available from neighborhoods around the U.S. Then click “ship to me” to connect and make an offer.

When the seller accepts, they’ll print the shipping label from OfferUp, package up the item and take it to their nearest US Post Office to send. We’ll process the buyer’s payment when the item is scanned at the Post Office, and OfferUp will send a tracking number so both buyer and seller can track the item’s progress.



When the buyer receives the package, they have three days to evaluate it. When the buyer accepts the item, the seller gets their payment minus the fee for showing nationwide. Note: we use Stripe as our payment processor, and all transactions are manually reviewed. Once the item has been shipped, and the buyer has evaluated the item, the seller can then move their money to their bank account after everything has been completed.



We’re so excited to hear your feedback and your shipping stories!  Remember, we’re still in the very early stages of rolling this out to our entire community, so if there are any questions or concerns our Customer Care team is trained and ready to help! As always, we’re open to any feedback, so share away!  What types of items are you going to have shipped to you?

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Why don’t I have the option to ship?

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Hey there, @Shiestyho - welcome to the community! Try double checking that your email or phone number are verified Smiley Happy

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Both are verified and I even REverified them to see if it would show up and it still didn’t. Doesn’t give the option to ship when listing.


Good morning if a customer would like their product shipped after the three day deadline is that possible for me to do, and if so how?

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@Serg35 it is not possible. You have to ship it out by the end of the 3 days. Otherwise, the offer will be cancelled. The buyer is looking for it to be cancelled and their money returned to them so that they can get a free item from you.

 @aidenholley 100% agree!


Thank you so much super helpful


The app is not giving me the option to ship an item I’m selling 

. Beyond frustrated 

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I was wondering if Offerup had a extension period for shipping and refunds?


I just finished a deal for a group of lots from 1 person but on different days. Getting everything together and arranging payment was a HUGE pain.


But the day myself and the seller finally got everything together and organized, 2 days ago he received a shipping reminder. And if can't send today our entire deal is ruined and back to square one.


He had 3 lots of Magic the Gathering cards and I ended up buying all 3 but 1 was on a different day. We went through Offerup and I paid the shipping for all 3 items at 7 and 7 an 12 each even though everything is in 1 box.

( Which cost me almost a extra 20 dollars.)


I don't know if it's because of the weather or something like that. I just hope this can get fixed because I don't want to deal with all the stress again.


@Tezzert  all items will need to be shipped within 3 days. After the 5 or 6 days the sale will be canceled and money will be refunded. If you paid shipping for each item separately they will need to all be mailed separately. Each item will need items own shipping label unless all the items were combined together in one listing. If someone wants more than one item I make one listing showing all the items in that listing otherwise each items has items own label so the Offerup system can track the item to show its been shipped and delivered.

My comment is for OfferUp.. What makes you think that a 8.5” x 11” Retablo can not be shipped.. Please re-evaluate your decision, and allow this item to be shipped.. 

@TheArtistCocoon  I'm not sure who your question is for. 

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Couldn't you just add the barcodes underneath each other sense it's all in 1 box and shipping has been paid for 3 items?


I mean instead of just having to Through everything again Just do something like this.


(1) 123

(2) 456

(3) 789

 That way all 3 codes are able to be scanned and the package doesn't need to be undone, and then redone for each item creating more trash and more hassle over something already packed....


Placing the codes under each other makes perfect sense to me.

( Insert long rant about common sense and making things a tad easier on other people who already live in the world's worst comedy.)



I learned a lot from George Carlin.

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As someone who works for USPS, you cannot place 3 barcodes on the same package. You’d be LUCKY if they scan all three, but are only required to scan one. So two would go undelivered and now the buyer can just open a case that they never received it.

(insert long rant about people giving bad advice)

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Our mail carriers in my area can't tell the difference from Chestnut & Washington Dr...  I've had a package delivered to the wrong address and both myself and the place said package was left at spoke to someone DAILY about tracking down a single package. 


So after numerous complaints the Postal Worker who knew they screwed up decided to give me the address of where it was instead of just fixing the problem....( OMFGWTFBBQ JUST PICK IT UP AND BRING IT YOURSELF! IT'S YOUR J.O.B)

Oh the people left the package outside everyday so the mail person could fix the problem. They did so for over a week.



So I'm sorry that my lack of faith in Our cities Postal Workers ability to handle anything above 1 package is causing this 

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I’m pretty sure the issues you’re having with your mail carriers doesn’t have anything to do with “causing this.” It seems your inability to either make your purchases on the same day or the sellers inability to create a listing with all the stuff you want into one listing with one postage label is what’s “causing this.”


So your complaints about your carriers literally has nothing to do with trying to put multiple labels on one package, which I’m almost positive NO carrier company allows.


For future reference to anyone wanting to make multiple purchases, make up your mind about what you want to buy BEFORE paying and AFTER the listings have been bundled into ONE LISTING and pay only ONE POSTAGE PRICE. Pretty easy.

I agree with @Shiestyho Its a win win for both seller and buyer to make one listing and one shipping fee. I take several pictures with the items grouped together. In the title I write Reserved for whoever and in the description I listing everything in the bundle. I put everything in the box and weigh it before I make the listing so I get the right shipping fee.


My account does not offer an option to offer shipping on my items, nor does it allow me to add a deposit account. Does OfferUp offer app support?


I no longer have the option to ship items on offerup? Can someone help me fix this problem. I had it but about 3 months ago it went away. I do not understand what happened. Does anyone else have this problem? 


I am also having the issue that I do not see the option to ship even though I've went to step 4 like 20 times looking for it, among other ways.   Any tips?

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Hey there, @Ziggyd - have you verified your email or phone number? Check out this Help Center article for more help!


And yeah, I have email and phone verified and even went as far as the Id and Facebook,  still no option on tab 4 to set shipping


So I dropped off an item to ship at the post office but I havent received a tracking number. I dropped it off yesterday didnt receive it then or Today so far and I'm getting kinda worrid about it. 

@Ashleymarie_21  Hello your tracking number is on your Offer up shipping label. Did you use the postage label from Offer up?

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Does offer up offer insurance for the packages..?

Seems my package got lost and have to file a claim, but it gives me the option to choose if it had insurance or not.

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@Bbliz if you shipped it USPS Priority mail, it automatically comes with $50 insurance. I can’t speak for whether or not offerup gives any more than that or if they insure first class. 

@Bbliz have you called the post office with your tracking number

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 @BrightMoonstone  I have contacted the post office, but they referred me to the website to file a claim, but I don't know if package has insurance, I got the shipping label thru offer up, but because sale got cancel I cannot see label,. I don't know if it was first class.

Im just wondering if they never find the package did I loose my stuff and $$

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@Shiestyho  I printed out the label thru offer up, but because sale got cancelled I can't see the original label

@Mj_206  can you please find out why my order says it has been canceled? How can I cancel something after its been shipped? UPS says delivery is Thursday USPS say delivery is Saturday but it also says I cancelled my own order. I have messaged customer service but it would be awesome if you can check on this please.

This is a total mess! I guess I will file with the BBB again. My package is in transit and offer up just said it was canceled because it wasn't shipped! The tracking shows that it shipped! @Mj_206  what is going on? I never got a notification when it was scanned when I dropped it off and now OU canceled saying it was never shipped. Check the tracking its been shipped

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Anyone noticed that that most items are now shipping UPS Smartpost vs USPS? I assume offerup did this to improve their profits on shipping but now deliveries take a week+ vs days.  In case you are not aware of the difference. UPS Smartpost is a hybrid service where UPS accepts the package and then deliveries to USPS to deliver to the receiptant hence the increased ship time. This also has more touch points where the shipment can be delayed or lost. Any reason offerup can’t offer more shipping options?

@KrazyKorean If you look on Offerup Facebook page there a large number of people like myself who has used the new shipping labels and Offerup has not set up their program to pick up dropped off packages to they are canceling the sale saying the package was never shipped. My package is due for delivery today but Offerup canceled the sale. They aren't picking up the scanned packages.

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@Bbliz if you have the tracking number, they can look it up at the post office and tell you what service (first class, priority, etc) was used and if insurance is included. If you don’t have a tracking number, you cannot file a claim anyway. 

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Ok so what if I dont have a bank account to put my earnings in? I use PayPal cash mastercard. Can that go onto my PayPal card?