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Have you ever posted an item that you were desperate to get rid of, but struggled to sell? Tired of seeing that table listed on your account with no new views? Well, we have a couple solutions to these troubles!


Get that promotion you’ve been wanting!

Promoting an item on OfferUp is a super easy way to improve your chances of selling an item. You can Promote an item by using Bump to boost your item to the top of the search feed, or you can Feature an item for a set period of time.


Featuring your item does just that - it gets its own feature presentation! Feature allows you to have more control over how long your item stays featured. You have the option to Feature the item for 3, 7, or 14 days. The biggest benefit of featuring an item is that your item will now be within the top 50 search results for the length of time you choose. The order might change around, especially if others are also using Feature, but it will stay within those first 50 results. You’ll be able to see that the item has been Promoted, and the days remaining on the Feature within the selling tab.


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Want to feature your item? Steps to follow are below!  

How to Feature an item

  1. Sign in to the OfferUp app, then tap Offers
  2. Tap Selling to see all the items you're selling
  3. Tap Promote on the item you'd like to Feature. Items without a Promote button can't be promoted at this time.
  4. Choose how long you'd like to Feature your item: 3, 7, or 14 days. The longer it's promoted, the more buyers will see it!
  5. Tap the option that's right for you, then buy the Feature through your app store. Your Feature will be seen by buyers soon, labeled Promoted.




Bump, bump, bump, bump it up!

Bump is a promotion that has been around for a little while now. You may have even used it already! Basically, Bump is an easy way to shoot your item back up to the top of the list. The main differences between Bump and a Feature is that a Bumped item will slowly move down the feed as new items are posted. This is a super easy and quick way to get a bunch of eyes on your item, but it won’t remain in a top search spot for 3, 7, or 14 days like with Feature.


Be sure to check out our Bump blog here.


What have I learned?

I recently did my own little experiment testing out Bump vs. Feature. My test was with some makeup items, which aren’t generally listed in the main feed too often. When I Featured my items, I was able to see them on the main feed for my city for the remainder of my 7-day period. My views for these items would increase at a pretty consistent rate, without any spikes or drop-offs in the view count. After that, I tested out Bump to see what the difference would be. As expected, right when I selected to Bump my item, it shot to the top, which made my views shoot up quickly as well. Within 5 hours or so, there were enough other items posted that pushed my items down just a bit. By the next day, my views stayed pretty static until I bumped the item again. Both options resulted in me receiving quite a few messages and offers, so both resulted in some success for me.



In the future, I think I’ll stick to Bump for the items that I want to get rid of quick, and will Feature the items that I’m not in a rush to sell. I find that Featuring an item could be more beneficial for items that may have a higher price tag or may be rare/collectible.


Have you done your own Bump vs. Feature experiment, or have any experience with promoting your item? We want to hear your stories below

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Thank you or explaining the features.


Great deals!

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@jonesboi831- They really work, huh?! Smiley Very Happy


@sky5 let me know if there are other features you'd like to see a blog post for! 


Thanks for the info...was trying to figure what I should use

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Thanks for explaining these features! Nice to know the difference between both Smiley Happy


How do I pay every promotion? Is money involved here?

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I have a great green Cadillac Seville 4 sale only $777


Many times in the past I've purchased items from sale sites or apps , but I've only recently decided to start selling some things. I haven't lived in the area for very long, and between work, kids, sorting through things & situating the house- * it's a slow process as I go through things that I want to get rid of, so I only have a few things posted so far...there will be more to come! Being new all together I have no followers, or reviews as of yet. Is there anyway to add other info to our profile ? For example.. that I am new to this area, & I'll have more items to come *** something similar to my explanation above ? I'm curious if the lack of reviews / followers deter buyers from contacting me. I've been a member (as a buyer, or browser )  for much longer than I've been attempting to sell any items. Actually prior to now never attempted selling here or other sites

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Promote option is stupid . Its just a way for you to make money off the small people. We should be able to bump items once a week for free. Most of the stuff I'm selling is undeu $15 so paying $2 to bump it is ridiculous.

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Bumping is optional.


For a free app to offer this, I don't see the issue.


Plenty of people have found it useful.


You are able to repost after two weeks or so to avoid being flagged as spam.


If you're not selling your item after two reposts, it's safe to assume that the market has changed so adjust accordingly.

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@goblin  It's not a free app if you need to pay $2 To not have your item hidden by an algorithm.


Paying money to sell something is stupid especially when there are sites like Craigslist that are truly free.


You still don't see the issues?


I'm sure people will love haveing to pay $2 to bump their post


But it is a great way to get people to stop using this app lol 


Have a nice day troll oops I mean goblin

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You can choose to ignore parts of my past reply, that's fine.


Just don't blame the app or other users for being misinformed.



It's strange, I have been using the app since 2016 and so far have not paid a cent.


Have made over 150+ transactions no problem.


So, I don't see how we are required to pay or lose out.


Seems fair to me that you get some spotlight in the main feed for a couple of minutes in your area.


You need to remember, much like Craiglist — OfferUp is a 'search for item' type of service.


Either you look for something specific or you scroll through the feed if you don't know what you want.


If you're selling a car or similar large items, investing in an optional bump/promote can help.


A normal bump deters spammers.


Just wait and (archive) repost after a week or two if you believe it will help you sell, it's free.



Thanks for the name calling, I've heard that one before though.


Try harder next time.


Reply back if you feel the need to, but I won't engage — have a good day.


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So how much does it cost to feature your items? Is it a different price for 3 days, one week, 2 weeks, or a month? Also did I understand it correctly that featured items will be on the top with the "Promote" tag, along with the other ppl. who have featured their items as well? I'm sorry I didn't quite understand. I have M.S., and it effects my brain. Mari832

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"featured items will be on the top with the "Promote" tag, along with the other ppl. who have featured their items as well"


Yes exactly.


The only other thing to point out is that your ad will get cycled 🔄 with other promoted ads with every refresh to give everyone an equal chance to be featured.


"So how much does it cost to feature your items?"


Go to your Offers Tab on the app and click where it says promote in green.


It will give you days available to promote as well as pricing.

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Promote works very well for me.

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That's feedback I like to hear, @JH8Smiley Very Happy

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Hi Mj! I have a suggestion which would not only help me, but others, and I think OfferUp as well. We all want to promote certain items, but if we were to post just two, we would be paying $26. Could you please talk to your supervisors and suggest Promotion costs be dropped to $10.00 per item, as I really feel more ppl. would promote at this smaller reduced amount, and at the same time OfferUp would make more money also. Thank you for your consideration! Have a blessed weekend! Mari832

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Hi Mj. I bought a promotion on my pink sapphire ring about 2 hours ago, and although it says Promoted on the ring, it never moved from the bottom of the screen. Could you please start it fresh tomorrow morning, at the top? Thank you! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



How do you unsubscribe from promoted plus?

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Thanks for explaining the features,  but what about the folks on here that have no job and are trying to  get rid of items they don't  need for the money, they have no way to use these features.