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Did you know that OfferUp has several social media profiles? From Pinterest to Facebook, we’ll highlight all of our different social channels in this blog. Keep in mind that the majority of these channels are not for support, but they do post a lot of great OfferUp related content! 


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First, let’s start with our Facebook. We recently hit a huge milestone of having over 1 MILLION likes! You’ll find plenty of DIY content and more on our Facebook page, and you can even send a message over to our Social Media team. Our Facebook page can be found here.


Not much of a Facebook fan? Have no fear - we have two Twitters! Our main Twitter page typically posts blogs or interacts with our Twitter community! Make sure to tag @OfferUp on Twitter for any epic finds or success stories! Alternatively, if you are in need of support and haven’t heard back from our Care team, we do have a support handle where you can get some help, @OfferUpSupport.



And now for my favorite - Instagram! We have a few, so I’ll break them down. Our main Instagram can be found here, and this is where we feature a ton of the finds that our community posts. Protip - don’t forget to tag OfferUp in any photos you may take of a completed transaction for a chance to be featured Smiley Happy This is not a channel where we offer support.


Our next Instagram account focuses on the OfferUp experience. You will meet our staff, see behind the scenes pics of our office, and see what the culture is like here at OfferUp. You can find our @LifeAtOfferUp Instagram account here. This is not a channel where we offer support.


Last but not least… We recently started hosting dinners across the US to bring people together and to build trust and meaningful relationships within our community, which we’ve called NeighborUp. You can read about why we NeighborUp here, with some words from our CEO, Nick Huzar. Our NeighborUp Instagram account can be found here. This is not a channel where we offer support.





We also have another blog that you can check out! The main OfferUp blog is quite a bit different than our Community Blog, and even features some tech updates. You can find our other blog here, and the Tech blog here.


Here are all of the links listed above - bookmark away!











Do you follow us on our Social Media accounts? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

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@Mj_206 I don't have any social sites, I only had FB about 4 years ago but closed.  Figure I use message apps to talk to close friends and families.  Other "friends" I only see them on FB.. well doesn't make much difference in my life as whether I "follow and click Like" button or not.  Basically got tired of their kids, vacations , food, inspiration,  etc etc pictures posting. Guess getting too old for those nonsense....


Wow... my comment sure veer off to wrong direction! Smiley Very Happy


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@Dad_Tired I've always wondered what a life without social media would look like! Smiley LOL 

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How to get rid of low ballers warring my time I need to sell my stuff

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Never turn down money !! Money money 😂

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Seller wants to set time and place to meet. But deal is done with mail to me program. Is this a shady deal.new to this offer up.

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Great article and idea. Food,folks,conversations This would be cool if I had one near my area. 


Trying to make my first sale on a national level

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Not really sure where to send this but I have a question.this star system is not really fair.iv done everything I know how to have a good rep here and iv only had 1 review and he gave me one star.that looks pitiful I sold him some cards he wasent satisfied with and didnt even charge him and was nice and helpful as I could be but still got that one star.antwsy to appeal that our get it changed?thank you.

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 @JohnnyB2 first thing, the customer's review is that customers personal opinion, based on their expectations. You said the customer was not satisfied so you GAVE him the cards at no charge..... don't do that. If he wasn't satisfied, why would he take it for free? Next, be willing to accept feedback, self-evaluate, and evaluate how you listed this item for sale. 

As you continue to sell more, you'll get more reviews, and hopefully more of them will be favorable.


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Yes, thank you

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Selling items all handmade 100% Heart


Jsnberry_74 ill have to keep u in mind my husband is a real estate agent 


Fb is the only thing i do i just post pics n videos 

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I can’t get into social media, just a waste of time and full of sensitive people, how can people be your friend and you never seen them before 🤔 let me guess they only see the positive or fun things you do in life, not too many people like to deal with the real people with issues , everyone has issues, probably like a relationship you learn to like/ love  the person for what you always see, then when the skeletons come out the closet it’s too late and people wonder why marriages don’t last 30-80 years like my parents .. smh 




Well how about single people?? That's a social media!!

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Well im new on offerup and i could surly use great posting advice to increase my sales please just out my post and let me.know what i can do to increase revenew. Thanks offerup community.

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The main IG acct and Pinterest!! And of course, here on the site....

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I just subbed on insta👍🏼

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@Cineyard Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,


Cineyard this is a nationwide forum it’s against OfferUp Community forum guidelines to advertise in the forum.

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@Hotrod Sorry bout that just got the message 

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When are you going to fix my account isdiss


Who do I need to talk to regarding my account. I sent over my information and I still can’t reply on my comments. 

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Good news 

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I had deactivated my FB account years ago , crazy that this site won’t let me be at 100% profile 😐