OfferUp Community TruStory Event: Panama Edition

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The OfferUp partner team, HKT, recently completed a life-changing community event over in Colon, Panama back in July, where they helped out at an all-girls orphanage. We're here to highlight this amazing event we took part in. 


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"On July 12, following our 2nd quarterly business review with our partner HKT in Colon, Panama, we had the pleasure of kicking-off our first community outreach activity by visiting an all-girls orphanage in an underprivileged area of Colon.  What a rewarding experience for all involved, filled with emotions and sentiment! The OfferUp team along with HKT management and representatives for all lines of support (Care, Social, Escalations, Payments, and Autos) made a trip to personally deliver team donated dry foods and goods.


‘Hogar San Vicente de Paul’ located on bustling and hectic central avenue, is home to 32 girls from all parts of Panama. From the outside, the two-story building is nondescript, a bit weathered from the persistent rains, but once inside the transformation takes over as we enter a home.


OU Panama Smiles.jpeg


On our arrival, we were greeted with warm but initially nervous smiles and energy of girls of all ages from 4 to 17, who were excitedly running from class from the adjacent school to the commons mess hall.


OU Panama Girls.jpeg


Initial introductions were stiff and awkward until we commenced our first icebreaker, MONGO MONGO, which is similar to musical chairs and it was a total success!  The laughter, giggles, and smiles reverberated the now small room. We continued to play two more games, followed a visit to their computer lab. We took note of everything that was needed and promised to return.


OU Panama Game.jpeg


The visit to the orphanage was a fulfilling experience for all, but also valuable lessons and leaving us with a great desire to come back."


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This blog was written by our Senior Partner Manager, Johnny, who is pictured above (front row on the right in the first pic!) and had the opportunity to take part in this activity. 

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FUN! @Mj_206

This is Beautiful... got a little choked up reading this awesome contribution!

Thank you OfferUp and  HKT for the gift of... Humanitarianism!!!

(say that 3x fast) 👍😁

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Oh, I definitely was crying when reading this and looking through all the pics, @KSARASARA! Truly an amazing group of people and such a nice act Smiley Happy

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 Being from Panama, particularly Colon, this is very inspiring.   I could go on and on, but I just say this.  Without good people, how can this world expect goodness.  Keep up the good work and here I thought,  this app was just for buying and sell.  I'll buy this dream come true.     Gx25

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I completely agree, @Gamesterx25! The world can never have enough good and kind people Smiley Happy I'll be sure to pass your words onto the team that held this event. Welcome to the community, btw! 

Wonderful! I believe in Karma, you get what you give. Pay it forward and rewards still flow back to you. Such a good thing! <3


Beautiful, kind and very inspiring.I love it. Awesome, love shared!!


What the World needs now is love, sweet love. Thanks to this team & OfferUp for this inspiring event. Spread the Love!


I love this Community Forum.. I'm from Panama City, Panama and I'm elated about this article! I didn't know Offer Up was international!



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 Very cool of the offer up team. 

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Robot Embarassed🛸🛥🚀🎮🗡⛏cihptue.         Ogudgdofohhogcytgdrđbpjñ








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@BryanGamble Welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,


Edit; BryanGamble this could be one of the scam that’s going, you could try contacting the buyers bank that’s on the check and see if funds are available in his account.

I also believe banks usually will clear checks as long as there’s sufficient funds in your account to covers the check that your depositing. you can also ask your bank when you deposit the check to call the bank on the check to verify funds are available in the buyer account. some banks can get checks return with insufficient funds up to three weeks later. In this case I would have recommend heaving the buyer pay through OfferUp using the OfferUp shipping option. I’ll add the customer care link below if needed.


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