OfferUp Community TruStory Event: This Is Home

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OfferUp has made building and supporting local communities a top priority since day one. Creating an online marketplace is just one piece. We also make an effort to show up in our local community through volunteer work, and build resources like these forums to support the folks that spend time with us everyday.


That brings me to our latest community outreach event: This is Home.


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Jubilee REACH connected us to a family with an urgent need that we knew we could help out with. Appolonia is a single mom to three little ones, who unfortunately lost her home after a series of financial hardships. Due to the instability, her children were placed into foster families until she could pick up the pieces and start again.


Now, four years later and with the help of Jubilee REACH, her family has been reunited and given access to a townhome to live in! As excited and relieved as the four of them are to finally be back together, their new home leaves a lot of space to fill, and they needed help with the interior and all the furnishings.


With a $2,000 budget, a team of about 15 people, and only eight hours to do it, we eagerly took on the challenge of transforming Appolonia’s house into a home for her family. Let me tell you - this was one of the most rewarding and heartwarming projects I’ve ever experienced.


It was so much fun to search through OfferUp to find the perfect items for this family to enjoy. When we first started sourcing all the items we’d need, we took advantage of our Boards feature so everyone in our group could easily keep track of the items we wanted to buy and help each other coordinate pick ups. There were SO many items donated to us from employees and other OfferUp community members that knew about what we were doing. I was able to buy some new toys for the boy, Azariah, and pillows and pillow cases featuring his favorite superhero, Black Panther. Oh! And this awesome dino plush in this pic! 




Check out the full blog here! To see outreach events we’ve done in the past, you can go here to read more about our event in Panama, or here to learn about the time we made dinner for 400 at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission.


Do you like to volunteer? Have you ever donated items using OfferUp? Tell us in the comments below and let us know your favorite volunteering activities!


I am a struggling single mother that recently had to start over in a new place with nothing but my cloths kids car and memories. Our first month was such a struggle I often thought we were never gunna make. A friend suggested checking on here for free furniture and things i needed for my home. Within 2 days we had just about everything we needed, mostly all for free. Now Ive been inspired to hopefully make extra money as well as help others just like me get a lil help. 😊👍😘

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So she lost her house and in turn her kids so you thought she needed toys for kids she no longer had and to put those toys where in the house she lost?  Sounds like she needed money, a place to live, a job and maybe a lawyer. Just saying

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@Iamosher I'm assuming you did not read the full blog and write up about this event. There is more to the story posted here. If you had read the full blog, you would have read that she now lives in a townhouse which we transformed.

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So Love the strong Community force Offerup brings to their platform!

This was the one of the reasons I chose to become a part the OfferUp humanitarian efforts. To help people that just need a hand-up and help clean up our beautiful planet in the process! I try to offer free items at least 1x a month, to Single families in need. They are items that are like new and quality clothing. If they choose to resell the items, their choice! 

Thanks again OfferUp Teams for spreading the Love!

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@Mj_206 I first read this story awhile back in a get to know OU blog you wrote. And now I've read it again and like then and like @REMEMBRANCE  said it makes me proud to be a part of an organization such as this one.

I've always tried to help when and where possible, from helping build houses for someone that can't afford one to donating furniture that I built to an auction that benefited a private school who used the proceeds for scholarship's to families that couldn't afford to send their children to school that provides an education that far exceeds the quality of most schools in the nation. I believe in Karma and that what you put out is going to come back to you and it always does!


It’s great to see OfferUp making a difference through volunteer work!

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I volunteer my time. at my local homeless shelter..& the best feeling ever is when they come to you & thank you for all ur hard work in preparing their meals. When Gratitude: + heart warming smiles are all they have to give. Now that's priceless..gotta love it.

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So I am a new member and I don’t know how to write a post but I wanted to ask people if they have ever had this woman/person try to hit on you. Her name was Cheyanne and her email was she sent me very explicit pictures and wanted to pay me for sexual videos. I don’t know where else to post this but I really want to find out who this is. She said she was going to buy all of my bikinis and then she just got super weird after I gave her my phone number so we could meet. Has anyone heard of this chick or had a similar experience on here? I think it was a catfish I don’t even think they were actually her.

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@Lollipoplady --I would encourage you to report anyone who tries to send you any messages/explicit material, only communicate within the Offerup app, & please refrain from exchanging any personal information; stay safe!!

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@Lollipoplady first of all welcome to the OU forums! Second I'm sorry you had to experience this awful event. Did you report this user to OU and block them? Next did you contact your local Sheriff? While they might not be able to do something at the moment they can take report so that if anything further happens they are aware of the problem making it easier to take action. One of the cardinal rules here is never leave the app and especially never give personal information to anyone! Unfortunately in your case hindsight is 20/20. Hope everything is good and good luck to you.


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Yeah I definitely reported her twice and explained that I could show them the texts she had sent me, it was just too much I knew she wasn’t going to buy anything when I asked her to do something specific in a picture and she made an excuse like she didn’t have a pen in her house to write a sign... my gut tells me it was a man.

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@Lollipoplady 99% of the your gut is going be right. Unfortunately other than reporting and blocking there's not much more you can do. As far as OU I'm not sure if they can do anything Mj_206 is in charge and is very bright and can answer those questions better than I can. Hopefully if nothing else you learned a valuable lesson. So please do not leave the app. We are all here to help so always feel free to come to the forums for answers when you need. And don't hesitate to make comments when some thing in the posts interests you! Again welcome and good luck.

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@Woodguychris thanks for the tips, I just installed this app a couple days ago so I was surprised to find out how many people treat this app like a dating website! Just ridiculous.

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That is an unfortunate thing familiar to all sales apps. Always report anyone that acts inappropriately because OU does not tolerate that behavior!

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@Lollipoplady welcome!

This is a very uncomfortable situation that noone should have to experience! Trying to understand the dating site reference...?

Personally, have been on this site for awhile and have never had an issue with any type of "dating references?" GLTU & Take Care Smiley Wink


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@REMEMBRANCE thank you! It was shocking to say the least especially since that was my first potential sale so I got really excited over it and didn’t think too much about it since I’ve sold over the internet for years but this is my first experience where you can meet up with them haha. I think that’s why people try to hit on women here because they know they are closeby? After that experience I started to see it a few more times where people tried to con me into getting something out of me. It’s not at all like craigslist on here! This is a crazy app I’ve gotten the strangest requests on here and questions. 

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I will PM you my Offerup Personal Profile Link so you may talk to me within the OU app, if you choose. Hopefully, you will give your new experience with OU another go! 

Ciao´ for now... Smiley Wink