OfferUp + Los Angeles County Task Force for Regional Auto Theft Prevention

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Are you looking on OfferUp for a great deal on a used vehicle? While buying a used vehicle from a legitimate private party owner can work out well, you should be aware that criminals can turn unsuspecting vehicle buyers into victims by selling vehicles to them that have been stolen, are unsafe, or have other serious problems.


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The Task Force for Regional Auto theft Prevention (TRAP), in partnership with the marketplace platform OfferUp®, has created this informational brochure to provide you with some tips to help prevent you from becoming a crime victim.


This brochure is available throughout many DMV offices in California. OfferUp is proud to share their message in our community of buyers and sellers in the Los Angeles area. Please send us your feedback!


(TRAP) is Los Angeles County’s multi-jurisdictional, multiagency task force that investigates, prosecutes and deters vehicle theft and vehicle fraud. TRAP is highly successful in combating vehicle theft and fraud by focusing on organized criminal groups and illegal business operations. TRAP’s activities include the investigation, apprehension and prosecution of “chop shop” operators who strip parts off stolen vehicles or alter them so identification is impeded or

impossible, international theft rings that steal vehicles and send them to other countries, “scam” artists who obtain vehicles by identity theft or other types of fraud, and other criminals who engage in just about every imaginable form of auto theft. TRAP also engages in an active public education program to prevent and deter vehicle theft and fraud.


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If you are unsure what to do, or how to report suspicious activity, you must contact your  LOCAL law enforcement agency for guidance. If you prefer to provide information anonymously, you can call “Crime Stoppers” by dialing (800) 222-TIPS (8477).  You can also use your smartphone by downloading the “P3 Tips” mobile app (“P3 Mobile” for the hearing impaired) on Google play, on the Apple App Store, or by using the website: To learn more about buying and selling safely on OfferUp, visit


While there is no guarantee that you won’t fall victim to one of the perpetrators even if you follow the steps that are outlined in this brochure, following them may alert you to some warning signs of trouble and lessen the possibility of you becoming a crime victim.

OfferUp makes it easier to buy and sell the things you love. There’s a lot of room for innovation in the used car market, and today we estimate 10 percent of used cars in America are sold on OfferUp. Our auto dealer program connects buyers with independent sellers and dealers across the country and makes it easier for you to find a great deal on a used car.

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State of North Carolina has the same division called License & Theft Bureau stationed in Huntersville, North Carolina!

Buyers beware, (1) buyers should always verify the VIN# on the vehicle with the VIN# on the title. Titles will not have any blemishes on them, no white out, no pen marks. (2) If the title has to be Notarized, it is the responsibility of the seller to have it notarized, not the buyer. Do NOT purchase a vehicle without the seller having the title notarized.

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Glad to see OfferUp working to help catch crooks that give used car dealers a bad name

I do not know why in my account shows that I have just 7 items for sale, when I have probably 30. And also it showes 4 sales when I had like about 26. Would you please tell me why that. Thank you 

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@46dragostinap  I’ll tag you into thread topic; My offers / selling items disappearing. So you can review other members with similar issues. 

@Mj_206 is aware of this issue. 😎🇬🇧🔚

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I would like to thank offer up.i have had a lot of sales and very happy for them to make that possible.thanks

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Happy New Year

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I am having ridiculous issues with offerup...hats and jerseys being flagged for no reason...items dont show up on new post home page which is causing my items to get no views...WHATS THE DEAL?? Then I get stupid answers from offerup specialists that dont solve the problem...getting really tired of this issue


I have sold & bought many things on offer up & highly recommend the ap to others!  Although today (01/02/18)

i have experienced my notification messages from a customer & my replies have disappeared. My buyer contacted me last night & I responded, we met up & I had a successful sell. Today I went back to find the previous communication & cant find it. Anyone have any idea what’s going on? Thnx


Some of the sellers on offer up are the worst desperate ridiculous and shrewed sellers I have come across there attitude is first come first serve which is good but there responses are not it's like there telling you F**k off offer up does not apply properly to Los Angeles it's more like hard up bad city for some offer up.sellers I have never seen incidences in other city s like I have seen with these sellers

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Thank you very much for the information. I was almost caught up in something like that buying a car for my wife from Craigslist. I REALIZED WHAT WAS GOING ON JUST AT THAT MINUTE. It was a God thing that saved me. Thank s again for info.