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Below are highlighted OfferUp tips from community member @Namaste! The original post can be found here.


1.) Post Lots of Pictures. People want to know what their buying and don't want to waste time and gas to come see it in person, if they don't have to. Be sure to post the actual product and get several angles. If there are some wear and tear be sure to include a picture of it.

2.) Be Transparent. This is a simple one that many people fail to do. Be honest about the condition, value, brand, age, etc,. If you are able to find the product online copy the specifications or details or include a link to the page. This helps educate buyers and make them feel comfortable with your product. An informed buyer is a happy buyer.

3.) Meet in Public. I cannot stress the importance of this one. I have never had a bad meet up experience but that's not to say that it can't or won't happen. Try to pick a location that is a halfway point for both of you and never meet after dark unless it's in a well lit location. If you must pick up from a sellers home make sure that you bring someone with you. Never go to a sellers home alone.

4.) Follow Up. If you want to secure your 5 star rating, go the extra mile by messaging the buyer shortly after the sale to make sure that they are satisfied, and to answer any questions they may have.

5.) Be Accountable. If you are selling your product as is then make sure to include that in the comment section and let the buyer know before the purchase. If not then take accountability if your product does not work as promised. Taking the time to make things right goes a long way. This will ensure that you maintain your reputation and your 5 star ratings.

6.) Be respectful. Just because a buyer attempts to "low-ball" you by offering a price that is too low for you to accept does not warrant disrespect. This is, OfferUp after all, take care to be polite and thank them for their offer. You never know if you will be able to negotiate a better price in the end.

7.) Rate the Buyer. If you do not mark the item as sold and rate the buyer, they will not be able to rate you, and that defeats the purpose of building a 5 star reputation. Always rate honestly and people will do the same. This is how buyers know who is trustworthy and who is not.

8.) Make Money! Stay away from people who want to send you money, communicate via email, or mail the product to you. I always advise the buyers that I prefer communicate via the app until after the purchase is made, only them will I offer a contact number if a follow up is needed. Accept cash payment only. There are a lot of electronic options out there but they can also be disputed and refunded to the buyer. Try to stick with cash payment if you can.

9.) Become a TruYou Member. This also help to build customer trust hence more offers your way.

10.) Stay Current! Be sure to maintain your post by bumping it to keep it current. I usually bump a post after one week to keep my products near the top of the search. Leaving a post on your page for weeks or months at a time decreases the value for buyers and thus result in lower offers.


If you'd like to be featured on the blog, create a post and share your own tips with the OfferUp Community in the Pro Tips discussion forum. Thanks again to @Namaste for sharing! 



Good Points, Great Advice, and DON'T FORGET to add measurements/dimensions!

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Thanks for the advice


Let's say an item is worth $200 retail. Ideally resale value is about is about 40% less ($120). If you wish to get anything close to that. Don't List the item at $120, and check off the firm box. Instead try listing said item around $150. Odds are offers will be $75 or so. This is where you drop the price down to $120. Buyer now feels like they've won due to their "negotiation skills", and in turn makes the purchase. I know this method works. It's the same concept of giving out free drinks at a casino. The free drinks make them feel like they already won, and are more than likely to stay at the tables longer. The longer they stay the more the Casino makes. The House Always Wins!

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Thank you for the great advice/tips. 



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Great advice


Great advice


Absolutely great information.. Safety comes before money! It is very important for the person buying and the person selling to both feel safe while doing a transaction. It is not worth it if you are not safe so be safe always.. Thanks for that information.. 

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Beware of people changing prices when they meet u