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Last year brought about the launch of the OfferUp Autos program, intended to reduce the friction between reputable sellers and motivated buyers. With all this activity, we were curious about the trends in the OfferUp used car market. What are people buying and why?


Take a look at our autos map of the United States, featuring the top cars in each state.

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You can read more about these top-selling cars here!
Are you looking to sell your car on OfferUp? We've posted tips on the best ways to inspect a vehicle before purchasing, but have you read out 5 tips on making more money when selling a car? The main OfferUp blog posted some great tips - here's a little teaser!
  1. Organize and advertise the service history. One of the first things a buyer will ask about is service history. That means either requesting to see the physical records for all maintenance and repairs or simply asking how well it was maintained. If you’ve kept a meticulous record of every time the car was serviced, that should be one of the first things mentioned in the vehicle’s description when listing it online. Once you post the car and have a buyer coming to see it, it’s a good idea to sort the records by date so there’s a clear and accurate picture of the car’s past. A good service history makes the car more valuable and attracts better buyers, so consider asking your mechanic for old records if you misplaced them over the years.
  2. Invest in the vehicle history report. It’s easy to confuse the service history with vehicle history. The service history shares specifics about when the car was last in the shop and the work performed on it. With the service history, either you have it or you don’t — it’s difficult/impossible to track down a car’s full service history without having the records in hand. The vehicle history is like the permanent record of a car, tracked by the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This report is a must-have for buyers, as it details the condition, title status, and whether or not the car has accident damage. Having it on hand for your customer when they come to see the car shows you’re a trustworthy and thoughtful seller and might make a buyer more likely to buy from you rather than someone else. Carfax is a popular provider for vehicle history reports but is one of the most expensive with a single report costing $40. By using OfferUp to buy and sell cars, you can purchase the VinAudit report for the low price of just $1.99 and view it instantly.

You can read the rest of the money making tips here.


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Don't know if this is the right place to post this,but,come on people,when you are selling a vehicle,take the little time involved to write down basic info....such as....engine size,automatic or manual,current mileage,4wd or rear wheel drive only.

Not much more effort and can produce far better results.