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Meet Blythe! Not too long ago, Blythe and her family purchased a new home after unfortunately losing their previous one. Blythe had always loved decorating and frequently attended antique shows in search of pieces to spruce up her new home.


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Then she found OfferUp. Her first purchase for the new house on OfferUp was a recliner for $40. After that first purchase and after seeing how easy it was to find what she absolutely loved, she was hooked. She ended up purchasing over 30 different items from OfferUp to furnish her new home.


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In her mind, one of her best and most favorite finds was a 600-pound patio bar that took five very helpful (and strong) people to move. But look how amazing it turned out for her new outside patio!


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Blythe’s latest project for her home was her daughter’s bedroom. When her daughter Stephanie went off to college, Blythe redecorated the entire bedroom with furniture she found on OfferUp. Pretty cute if you ask us.


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She even did some DIY and added a personal touch by painting the headboard and dresser herself Smiley Happy 


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“Now that I use OfferUp, I don’t even want to pay the prices at antique shops because I can find better prices on OfferUp! I also love the community that OfferUp has developed. I met some people who are very trusting and have even left the items on their doorstep.” 


We love when the OfferUp community shares stories like this with us and others. Do you have any stories you would like to share? Let the community know in the comments below or on the forums Smiley Happy 

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