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In keeping with the spirit of being neighborly, we thought we should share Dakima's amazing story. Her wedding day was fast approaching, and she ordered a wedding dress she thought she would love online. Unfortunately, when the dress arrived, it wasn't the color she expected.


She was on a tight budget and thought of listing the dress on OfferUp, and as she did, she decided to browse the Wedding category. She found one she fell madly in love with, made an offer, and funny enough, the woman who sold it to her was only 5 miles away! They became friends and she ended up inviting her to her wedding.


Her OfferUp story is below. Smiley Happy


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I found OfferUp while looking for a wedding dress for my special day. I bought a wedding dress on another site, but when it arrived, it wasn’t the right color. I thought about listing it on OfferUp and decided to search just to see what I could find in the wedding category.


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I was on an extremely tight budget because I was still trying to get a refund for the first dress I purchased. To my amazement, I found the perfect dress for only $20. I couldn’t believe it! The woman who was selling the dress was only 5 minutes away from me. We got along so well, I even invited her to the wedding. My wedding was 1920s themed and the dress was perfect!

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We would love to hear your stories as well Smiley Happy Let us know if you have a story to share in the comments below. 



This is great. Love to see people, reach their happy endings.  I founp the perfect couch for my home office, in Offerup; in a way, i found my Happy Office Ending 😉.

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No happy endings here, however, my first buyer Sofia very nice lady and not a low baller she ended buying 3 handbags instead of 1 that she was aiming at. She told me the hanbags looked NEW not pre- loved.😁


Wow, I am very happy for you.  But don't give up, sometimes, things are slow.  What i do to make my stuff more interesting, is change back round colors, decors, and prices, from time to time. Also, my favorite is that i choose an item i am not selling much, and i make a nice basket with it.  I place the item inside a nice basket, with additional goodies that go with it, and a nice bow for decoration.  You may also place some Easter eggs for the next holiday, and place a discount coupon for their next buy, inside any egg.  In addition, it's a great idea to boost up the item with the Boost Up option from Offer up, which it's a great tool for a great price.  I hope these ideas can help you in anything.

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I love this heartwarming story! 😊😊😊


Congrats to the just married! I’m glad the story had a happy ending. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😀😀😀


CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Its so amazing to hear some enlightening events transpiring around these types of apps. All I seem to ever hear is the negative. The only thing that happened here was that someone stole your heart girl :-)