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Hey everyone Smiley Happy Meet RevivalGypsy! She is fairly new to the OfferUp community and has had a lot of success selling home decor pieces using OfferUp Shipping. You've most likely seen her posting in the forums and helping other members. Here is our latest Q&A, featuring @RevivalGypsy and her items!


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How do you use OfferUp and how often?


Is 24 hours a day too much? If I am awake, I am browsing to buy, updating listings, or responding to messages.


What do you like most about using the app?


It is so easy to use and reaches so many people.


What was the first item you shipped?


I shipped a cute Pottery Barn clock, unfortunately, USPS decided to run over the package in transit, lol. The buyer was sweet and sent all photos for me to file a USPS claim.


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If you could change one thing about the app, what would it be?


No-shows, no-shows, no-shows. I think we should be able to rate no shows publicly. The report and block feature does nothing, as accounts are still active and other sellers have no idea. I once spent 3 full days discussing details of 2 Restoration Hardware rugs with "an interior designer", his service was to pick up on two separate days, and no-shows each time, He then stopped responding. It was a waste of my entire week.


How has the shipping feature impacted you and your sales?


I sell mostly home decor items, along with some furniture, so local meetups are not really worth my time for a $10 basket or vase. I try to encourage shipping on EVERYTHING under 20 pounds. There is no haggling, I don't have to schedule, reschedule, or let people into my home. So easy! It also allows items to be visible nationwide, so bonus!


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What is your favorite item you've purchased or sold on OfferUp?


Hmmm.... I sold a small farmhouse table and chairs, that I bought locally, within 12 hours for a $425 profit. One of my easiest sales to date. I haven't been selling here long, so I expect that answer could change....


If you could find anything on the app and have it shipped to you, what would that be?


Items over 20 pounds. Some lamps weigh more than 20lbs.


Is OfferUp your main selling app, or are you using any of the other selling apps as well?


I sold on eBay for years, about 500 items, but I stopped for a while. I now use the Mercari app and OfferUp as main selling apps, but also use Poshmark and LetGo sporadically.


What is the furthest location from you that you have shipped to or received an item from?


California from Florida, They buy a lot of home decor in California it seems, Possibly because shipping is only $7 for most items, no matter location. It makes sense, If I ship a 3-pound item at the post office on my own, Priority Mail, you betcha it won't be $7 to California.


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Are you aiming to become a Super Shipper?


I recently earned my Super Shipper badge! Where is my cape, OfferUp Team? I will wait.


If you could add one feature to the Shipping feature, what would it be?


Maybe an option to revise for bundle purchases without having to change two listings into one. I would love to be able to accept multiple offers from one buyer and adjust to give them discounted shipping or simply add weight if needed.


Thank you so much for sharing with us @RevivalGypsy! We are so happy you have been so successful with OfferUp, especially with using Shipping to sell your gorgeous pieces to buyers outside of your local area!


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I have to admit that I browse through offer up as much as I check my personal text messages through out the day.  I have met some really cool people along the way.  I have met some faulty as well. Not nearly as much as when I used to use Craigs List though.  I quite often have ended up giving the people the items that they are inquiring about if I can tell they are deserving of a break, or in need of it. I hate the fact, that I am guilty of being totally interested in an item and throughout the hustle and bustle of my hectic lifestyle, end up unable to meet or make the purchase. I try my darndest not ever be a no show if agreed to meet up. I have given some items on a credit basis. I wait patiently to have  any of them contact me to make the deal right, as of yet. Holding onto the hope that they somehow show that their intention was pure, and not just trying to pull a scam on me. That is when a good hearted intention turns into making me feel played and used.  So good..I appreciate offer up and it is part of my daily life.

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well, offer up has successfully been part of another great purchase in my already full home! Lets keep this solid,...


Are you trying to direct something to me?

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-Wow... @RevivalGypsy- ---Congrats to you on your OfferUp Blog contribution--- Gorgeous Items! 👍😊
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@RevivalGypsy, you should post business know-how for OfferUp members so they can be successful as you! 


Great Job!

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Aww I am trying. Successful may be an overstretch, persistent, maybe 😉 I am new-ish to Offer up and finding that I really do love it. So much so, that I quit my job. Lol

Thanks for the kind words!

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@KSARASARA thank you, Ma'am. Ironically, I think those items are mostly still unsold. 😂

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Surely, with your tenacity @RevivalGypsy... not for long! So polite, however, KSARASARA is fine 👍😀

Fabulousness! Keep up the Good Work @RevivalGypsy ! You def deserve a cape! Smiley Very Happy

Wow gr8 info. 

Thank you for sharing. Do the customer usually have you email the pictures to them , give you details on product then ask to remove item from app??? New and confused. Help?

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This is a way of getting scammed. Never do anything outside of the app

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I am very frustrated I sold ONE item and have been waiting since Feb 21 for payment. The seller sent the money yet I have not received it. No one replies to me either I feel helpless. I cannot believe this would happen nonetheless no one cares enough to respond.

is there anyone on here that can help??

Community Helper

@Luis305--Hello & welcome to the OfferUp Community Forums!! I'm sorry that you're experiencing a delay in receiving your payment. 


Please reach out to customer service for additional assistance:


OfferUp Customer care