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Trust and Safety are incredibly important to us and that is where TruYou comes in. Many people ask us, “What exactly is TruYou? Is this something that I need?” Well, yes and no. You don’t actually need it to use OfferUp, but it is a very important way to let buyers and other sellers see who they can trust more easily. It gives people an increased sense of security in doing business with you, which will, in turn, increase your own rate of success. So while I won’t say you need it exactly to use the app, it is something you should definitely sign up for to use OfferUp successfully.


Here we’ll break down how to become a TruYou member and show you what it looks like to do so, and what it looks like when you become one.


Go into the app, and click on the Account icon in the bottom right-hand corner. [photo]

Click on “Join TruYou” right under your profile on the left-hand side.


My Account.png 

You will be then taken to a TruYou page that looks like the one below.TruYou.png


Enter your mobile phone number, then send back the code we text you. Note that land lines and virtual phone lines won’t work for texting.

  • If you’re asked for your Facebook profile instead, we recommend updating your app to the latest version. However, if you would like to keep going, entering your Facebook info will be just fine and still work.

You will then need to take two photos of your government-issued photo ID: front and back.

Once you are done with that, it’s time to take a selfie! Just line up your face in the screen and blink your eyes to take the picture. Once that’s done, you’ll get an email confirmation.

If successful, you will see the shiny new TruYou badge on your profile.Public Profile.png


How many of you are TruYou members? How big of a change have you noticed after becoming one? Share with us below!

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Guess it has its ups and downs. I don't use social media so don't really know how far it would help for me. 

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Very true

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When you put down other under condition be sure to be very specific why your item is marked that and explain the exact condition.

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been using this app since 2015 I strongly believe that being a truYou member immediately breaks the ice and sets a different tone to the transaction In my opinion says that that person has nothing to hide and is honest and reliable so therefore is trustworthy As if someone that's is not a truYou member I will wonder why not Doesn't require a payment doesn't take long to do so why not arises some kind of suspicion and I will be more hesitant buying from them

Immediatley became TRUYOU , I think it helps to establish confidence for the buyer and lets others know you are a serious and professional person. Whether that is true or not, it felt right to me. I WANT people to know that I care enough to put my info out there for verification and trust.


I never got the code texted to me, I even emailed about the situation and never heard back, please help! I want to be verified too! 


I'm new to this.  Sorry if my questions are dumb.  I've been reading all about "protecting yourself", not giving too much information, not meeting at your home to sell so...doesn't it seem a little silly to become a TruYou member, by giving your cell # and uploading your ID, which gives ALL the information ANYONE wants?  Address, etc.  Sending a copy of the back, allows anyone smart enough to access ALL your information (including credit score) from the "bar code", by scanning it.  That scares me, and truthfully, is the reason I don't want to become a TruYou member.  Any thougts??


I had 1 person so "excited" about buying, because they were saving $$!  Yeah, win/win.  However, every time we set a meet time they failed to reply to "confirmation messages" and didn't show.  I requested, and received,  a 1/3 deposit down thru PayPal to be sure they actually met up next time.  You know it..NO SHOW again.  I finally very politely told them I would no longer answer messages from them, and would not consider selling to them.  Go figure.  I'm REALLY leary now.  But will continue to try and sell.

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 @RickyG92 Hi! It looks like you haven't emailed in yet. If you're still having issues, make sure to contact our Customer Support team here Smiley Happy If I can help you with anything else in the meantime, please don't hesitate to let me know. 

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@Kimmie Hi Kimmie, we are so happy you are here! No question is ever dumb here so please always feel free to ask away. Smiley Happy 


We don't want people giving their personal information out to *other* users, which is why we strongly are against giving any type of personal information out such as what you listed above - cell phone numbers, addresses if you don't feel comfortable in doing so, etc. Our built-in in-app messaging system, MeetUp locations, etc. are there to help keep you safer. When we, as a company, ask for your ID for a TruYou membership, that is because our Trust & Safety team here at OfferUp is making sure you are who you say you are so we can give you a TruYou membership badge and decline those that give false information. That information you send to our team for the badge is only for us and will not be seen by any other user. Let me know if you have any other questions regarding that part. Smiley Happy


As for tips on selling and best practices, we have some amazing ones people in this community have shared with each other in our Tips blog, as well as a few we have shared ourselves as a company. You can find them all here, which we will constantly be updating with new tips as the community grows. Make sure you also visit the Pro Tips forum where lots of discussions around best practices and tips for different ways to use OfferUp take place. That's here.


If you have any other questions, please go ahead and ask. Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. I hope this helps you some! Also, if any other members have any advice or remember what it was like to first start using OfferUp and can help, please share away! 

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I signed up for true you like 6 months ago and it still hasn't been approved


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I had a TruYou member rip me off just the same as any other member. I can’t find anyone to complain to or help me. I’d love for a moderator contact me. 

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@Mayhem Hey! Make sure you follow all the steps correctly, as some miss a certain step. If you have and still haven't received a confirmation, make sure to contact our Customer Service team here so they can look into your account and help. 

OfferUp employee

@Bobb Hi Bobb! Can you send me a Private Message about what happened so I can help? Also, make sure you report the user if they went against our guidelines so the team can look into it. Thank you! 

Im not able to join TruYou it says my id is either unclear or expired neither is the case. How do I go about taking care of this? Thanks so much.

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Hi @JenniferCamille  Welcome to OfferUp Community forum 😊

just a heads up when you want a quicker response put a @ in front of the person user name like @Elin Community manager 

this will send her a message alerting her to this post.

Thanks Hotrod 😊

Community Helper

No problem @JenniferCamille your welcome 😊 glad to help, did you contact customer service team? If not Elin has a link in her post above that says here in green.

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I recently had a ring that I was selling I asked the buyer to meet me at the police sub station parking lot the buyer showed up on time and had no problem going to meet me there . If you have a item that you want to sell thats a high dollar item buyer should have no problem meeting you at the police station parking lot 

Anyone not willing to meet in a public or safe place would make me leary. Please be safe this Holiday Season! 

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@Lisa52469 Absolutely! Or a Community MeetUp Spot Smiley Happy

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@Decades_Antqs You too!

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What is it you fine folks do if you have a data breach? A lot of big name Companies say they safe guard consumers information, then they get hacked and then come along the excuse games and then the blame games. What your saying sounds good in theory, but no real guarantees in life. Offer Up should take time and look at Ebay's Feedback system. 


Feed Back: Positive, Neutral, or Negative

1* for negative 5* for positive

Item as described = Rating

Communication = Rating

Shipping/ meeting = Rating  unless items that are for sale and in the description (Must Pick Up)

If buyers and sellers have to report members for not reply to messages or not showing up, then Offer Up should have

something in place to protect the members. If you buy or sell and the member involved nukes the other on feedback, then the person should have an opportunity to leave comments as well, that way there is no retaliations going on. This isn't rocket science, this should be any easy fix for Offer Up. I sell some tools on here sometimes. I be darn if I am going to sell a Cabinet Saw that weighs 300lbs and load it up and go meet someone to buy it. Person of interest can come to my home to see that the saw works and load it up and take it home. A lot of people bought and sold on Ebay, they got tired of Ebay playing with the feedback system. It went from Buying and Selling Friendly, to a one sided affair for the buyer. Not all sellers and buyers are crooks, but when you have a system for rating like Offer Up, your only asking for trouble. Offer Up needs to get things right or be a thing of the past that no one wants to use. I do like Offer Up, but there is always room for improvement. My Feedback on Ebay 481 Feedbacks 100% Positive. It will take 20+ years to reach that if nothing is improved on the feedback system to meet sellers and buyers.


How safe is TruYou? I just signed up and i feel kind of skeptical about it. 


@Elin is there an option to remove the TruYou verification option? I signed up but i don’t know how to feel about it anymore. I read some bad reviews about it. 

@Elin Is there away to delete my ID from it I also don’t want that there anymore I feel so stupid that I did that 😔

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@Vmejia @CarlosGuevara May I ask what the issue is and why you both feel uncomfortable with signing up? What bad ratings? Was it people talking here in the forums? I was following that thread if that's what you're referring to. Everyone has their own opinion but we strongly suggest signing up, especially if you are looking to sell expensive items. We want to keep OfferUp as trustworthy as possible, so before buying and selling certain items, we ask people to confirm they have a government-issued form of ID. The verification service we use is Level 1 PCI compliant. That might sound like gibberish, but that essentially means it has cleared some of the highest levels of security and compliance.


We don't share the ID or personal details you provide with any buyer or seller. They’ll only know that you’ve successfully completed the process when they see your TruYou badge.

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What consequences are there for any truyou member if he or she sold you something broken or ripped you off. I’m a truyou member, but haven’t seen any benefit as of yet. Only asking because I am considering purchasing an expensive item, but this person has not been an OfferUp member long and had no reviews but is a truyou member. 

We all got to start somewhere. TruYou is like a background check that you are who you say you are. It doesn't say anything about HOW you are. It doesn't tell you if the seller is honest, has integrity, treats you right, etc. I have YET to get a review, I have been here six months now and actually had only TWO sales (with no review left) through OfferUp. But I figure I got to prove myself, and be patient. Just because I have it for sale doesn't mean I have an instant sale LOL. All I can do, at this point, is instill confidence in my buyer as to who I am. I have a store, a FB page, and all sorts of links to give them to check me out. Yet still I will come, I know it will. 

@Elin Dear Elin, How can I have proof of what I have spent on bumping my adds so far. I always like to keep track of these things. Craigslist always sends me a receipt for everytime I enhance an add so I would like to know how to do so here on OfferUp. Thank you ma’am. Carlos

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Hi. I'm trying to scan photos of my ID for TruYou but I don't see anywhere to tap or somehow actually activate the scan. How do I do this? 

Community Manager

Hey @Highlander - have you been able to reach out to our Customer Care team yet? Feel free to check out this info from our Help Center. 

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I have been trying to get my phone number verified for months now with no prevail. I enter the number I am texted, but it does not verify my cell phone number. Can anyone help me? I have the latest version of OfferUp. All other items have been verified. There is issue with my cell number for some reason. I need help getting it verified. Thanks in advance...

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I can’t finish taking the picture of i.d it keeps kicking me out and now I can’t answer messages on offer up either


Does the selfie get attached as a profile picture? 

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How will it help me that the seller is a TruYou member? Let say a seller of concert tickets is a TruYou member and decides to sell me fake tickets. Can I report the seller to OfferUp and will OfferUp give me the information of the seller so I can report the seller to the police? Will OfferUp report the seller to the police themselves? To me it seems like TruYou creates a false sense of security.

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Can I sign up for TruYou with my US passport?