Why We Built These Forums, From Us To You!

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Whether you’re brand new to this community, community forums in general, or you’re a pro, you might not be aware of why these forums exist. Our community here is getting pretty big, so I wanted to re-highlight the main goals of these forums.


Building community

Nobody likes feeling left out, or like their voice and opinions don’t count. These forums are a fantastic place to post your ideas and suggestions and make your voice heard.  Did you know that many different teams within the company read the posts here? Not only will your voice be heard by other community members, but your tips or feature suggestions may end up being featured, or implemented within the app.




When should I post on the forums? 
Just about anytime! Smiley Happy There are a few exceptions to that rule of course, but not many. These forums are designed in a way where they can be a tool for you - our most passionate community members - to network, connect with other OfferUp users, and maybe even make a friend. Bounce your ideas off fellow community members, get creative and collaborative… there are so many successful OfferUp users that post on here so take advantage of their knowledge. We all want to be successful buyers and sellers, after all!


When should I avoid posting on these forums?

While we love seeing new members, posts, and threads, we do ask that all conversations related to the same topic stay within one thread. This keeps the conversation going, with all the feedback in one centralized place that we can easily reference. If there is already a thread on the topic you want to discuss, instead of creating a new thread just respond to the existing one. You should also avoid posting any personal information - not your own, not as a joke, and you should definitely never post another community members info under any circumstances. Not even a link to their profile.




Did you have a bad experience with another community member through the app?

We're here for you Smiley Happy You'll first want to report any community member that doesn't follow our Posting RulesCommunity Guidelines, or Prohibited Items Guideline. Once the report has been initiated, the Customer Care team will be able to assist you with any next steps. If you have a shipping or payments issue, the steps are the same. Please report it to our teams so we can investigate. I used to be on the Customer Care team and let me tell you - they are a great group of people who are incredibly passionate about helping you. 


Do you have general questions about how to best use OfferUp?

Before posting a new topic - have you checked our Help Center? Most how-to like questions can be answered over here. All of our Help Center articles will have additional ways to reach out to OfferUp Advocates, Experts, and our Customer Care team.




Low offers and flakes driving you crazy?
We’ve all been there Smiley Happy There are some conversations happening already, so jump into it yourself! Read about how others are handling these interactions and the feedback from our community. Remember what I said earlier - a big portion the company reads through these forums! Make sure to offer up some detailed feedback or ideas so that we can make OfferUp the best it can be for our community, and make your voice heard.


@Elin and I (@Mj_206) are the main admins of these forums, but we don’t have the same tools as Customer Care. While we wish we had all the answers, any account related questions should be routed through the Care team.


Let us know what your favorite part of the OfferUp Online Community is in the comments below! We can't wait to read what you have to share Smiley Very Happy

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I can't wait to read everyone's replies! Smiley Happy


I am new to using OfferUp and a little timid about it. My goal is to start buying furniture and then upcycling to re-sell. The forums have been a great resource for me to get ideas, tips on how to advertise and sell safe, and build my confidence. Thank you for the great resource!

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I find it difficult to narrow down my favorite part of the OfferUp Online Community.  However, if I have to choose it would be the collaboration and the interaction with incredible positive people. It is wonderful to be a part of a community where people so freely share their time, energies, information, stories and resources.


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@Shupat @janj85201 Aww, thank you both for sharing with us Smiley Happy


I'm new here and have things that belonged to my mil and things my husband have that we need to let go of. We are wanting to downsize but have not had much luck in other sites on selling.  The jewelery items have been the hardest to sell and we just don't need all of his mom's jewelery. We will be needing to sell furniture, clothes,knick knacks, jewelery, books. Possibly dishes. You name it we need to be free of it.  This seems like a very helpful and friendly site. Look forward to buying, selling and making friends.

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Welcome @Marlyanne60!! Make sure to check out the Tips blog, and Pro Tips forum as well for some great advice on getting started! Smiley Happy

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Seems like a decent way to feel a part of the community. 

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@Limowm Absolutely Smiley Happy

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It's amazing how after all these years you haven't taken accountability for the apps shortcomings and made actual improvements for the users that would dramatically minimize the time sellers have wasted. We don't need a blog or shipping we need features like making people's locations adundantly more obvious so less people find out after a bunch of messages that they are not nearby and ghost the conversation. Or, how about stop saying everyone is from Los Angeles at long last and put the city / neighborhood we are selling from front and center. More than 3/4 of the users have no idea there is a map at the bottom of the listings....were tired of the question, Where are you located. These are actually very simple features to adjust that would drastically improve our experience. Likewise, how long are we going to have to put up with this being the only app of all time that can only view and upload from the Recent folder on our devices photo gallery? Oh, and your also the only app that limits to 5 picts when a seller either only needsd 1-2 or 6. It's as if no behind the scenes has actually used this app or any others, ever. Lastly, people flake and mess with others time and money because you let them. By not allowing any consequences for being flakes like a reliability meter or some such effect for inconsiderate actions..thats the point of rating people isn't it? To allow buyers and sellers crowd based feedback on each other so we can make informed decisions on strangers and police ourselves, right? Then why is it half baked, ineffective and unimproved since day one. It's the flakes we need to know about and since they are flakes they never show up and buy anything so we can't warn others thus making the whole point of reviews pointless. You ever heard of the whole broken window theory. .. If such an isor is left unattended ....it always leads to more and more problems and eventually the whole neighborhood fails if not addressed. This is the broken window and it will lead to this service's total breakdown if it keeps being overlooked. You don't want to become LetGo do you? That's a cesspool of scams and crooks. So cmon now, where the improvements that actually matter to the users and we've been pointing out for nearly 3 years? Are you understaffed, no problem. Create moderators based on areas, problem solved. BTW, app is otherwise fantastic and I wouldn't be so vehement if I didn't care. 😎

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Welcome to the community, @Miker. I love your passion, and you have some great points here. 

I disagree that we don't need a blog or this community. At the very least, it gives people an avenue to express frustrations or concerns. As this blog states, we do listen to the feedback from our community to make improvements.

There have been some amazing features released in these past few years to focus on building trust and safety. We've focused heavily on our Community MeetUp Spots while working very closely with law enforcement agencies all across the US. That being said, we can are always looking for ways to improve this. I also love the idea of a community moderator based on the area - how do you think someone would qualify for this? Maybe after a certain number of valid reports from that member? I def would love to hear more of your ideas on this!

We want the OfferUp experience to be the best possible, and we love receiving constructive criticism that we can go to our product teams with. While I can't say much about upcoming features and updates, definitely stay tuned! Smiley Wink


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Wow,  I am embarrassed  for not logging back in here to see your reply sooner. I have left comments in the community forums in the past,  albeit over a year ago, and no one ever responded.  But seeing that someone has I must now fully agree with you about the the potential importance and relevancy of these blogs. thank you.  Had I believed someone would read this I would have toned down my "passion" a bit more. 


I find your suggestion about moderators to be very good also. I remember when I first joined someone was nice enough to give me some tips that really made a difference and I've  tried to do the same for others but it's much more effective if they request the help… lol 😁. 

For instance we often think it's all about the pictures but it can be our titles that make all the difference too at times but if ones suggests

such a thing people rarely appreciate this…  understandably. Personally I would love to understand how to use #hashtags on here.


I'll check back more often now.

Any thoughts on making sellers locations more visible to buyers or a reliability rating or something that might discourage no shows without communication?




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@Miker We read everyone's posts Smiley Happy And we haven't even been up for a year! Haha. Thank you for your thoughtful posts! We love them and I'm sure they help other community members as well. 

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Not when people are gossiping and posting  thier mean and just annoying opions and just man stupid comments.. Who cares just stick to selling your items and get over it already dang.. I swear some of these people act like this is a multi billion dollar company get over it already..Remember this is selling and buying  website who cares what people want to sell let them be ...That's my opinion to some of these people who have to comment about other people posts.. Lso how do I remove  our name as captain I don't have time for your titles and so forth 

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@Czanini That's your title for here in the Online Community! They are automatically added based on how active you are and how long you've been here - so if you don't want to worry about them, you totally don't have to. Smiley Happy You can easily go back to OfferUp by clicking on the back button in the upper lefthand corner. 

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We've been selling and buying for quite some time. I was just browsing the site thought I would read some blogs and it's just too much for me when people are so weird. We're all just trying to make an extra buck and get rid of some stuff we don't use..I normally don't comment or read the blogs. I know why I deleted our Facebook account. Just had to comment this time because someone is always commenting like this site is Facebook.. Ok I'm just gonna stick to minding my own posts and ignore the really annoying things that people post.Thank you for your reply ..

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@Elin, i might be confusing this community forum with the late great 5mile app. I sold exclusively on their for years and met the greatest people. At their peak they were a blend of Ebay /Pinterest/ FB and POF wrapped in one - and no one ever flaked. Their secret sauce was the community based "liking" system which fostered a social based economy where items reaching the first page of views was based on ones social credit in the community and it was one of a kind in history...but then they sold out and jumped the shark and overnight the place became the ghost town it is today. I mention this because it responds to Czanin's comments perfectly.  You see if any buyer was in a bind and really needed to sell something quick, they had put their time in community@Elin, i might be confusing this community forum with the late great 5mile app. I sold exclusively on their for years and met the greatest people. At their peak they were a blend of Ebay /Pinterest/ FB and POF wrapped in one - and no one ever flaked. Their secret sauce was the community based "liking" system which fostered a social based economy where items reaching the first page of views was based on ones social credit in the community and it was one of a kind in history...but then they sold out and jumped the shark and overnight the place became the ghost town it is today. I mention this because it responds to @Czanin's comments perfectly.  You see if any buyer was in a bind and really needed to sell something quick and they had put their time in community prior in the form of looking at other peoples items and upvoting them /liking them etc, (not buying them, just pokeing them so to speak) then the community did the same for you if one just asked which improved ones chance of selling whatever they needed to sell quickly by 90% as this resulted in keeping your item on the top page of the listings for buyers and buyers buy what they see.. So unlike FB or IG investing in the community makes great business sense as it results in selling your extra stuff even faster when it really matters and is not just a pointless social endeavor and time suck as I hear social media can be. So we can all benefit from giving this forum a chance because it could lead to exactly what your mentioning...just better. Just a perspective ..

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Hi, how do you contact customer care / support on OfferUp.... trying to get an offer cancelled... the seller has not sent the item and it been six days however looks like he has tagged the his page as shipped but USPS shows it hasn’t been. Seller not responding to messages.

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@Jonesg16 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,


Here’s the OfferUp customer care link below, or you can contact OfferUp through Twitter at OfferUp if this option is available to you.


OfferUp Customer care,



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