Why We NeighborUp: A Letter From Our CEO

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Since we introduced NeighborUp, the feedback and support have been amazing. I wanted to share a letter about NeighborUp, written by Nick Huzar, our Founder & CEO of OfferUp, below. 


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By Nick Huzar, Founder and CEO of OfferUp


A little over 6 years ago, I was about to become a new father. I suddenly found myself trying to get rid of enough stuff to make room for a baby but at the same time buy enough to be prepared for a baby. Facing down that completely new set of household needs, I started thinking about all the people in similar situations — people trying to downsize, make a little extra money, or tackle a shopping list on a budget — and it quickly became obvious that there wasn’t a convenient way to buy and sell in our own communities.


That untapped opportunity was the original inspiration for OfferUp.


We’ve now been in business for six years, and it’s been an incredible journey. But as I look back, it’s not the long hours or the spreadsheets or the product plans that stand out. It’s the hundreds of people I’ve had the privilege to buy and sell with along the way. Their stories are what drive me, and the powerful effect of the connections people make on OfferUp are what keep us going every day.


It’s because of those connections that OfferUp is now the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the US. We are grateful to have become such an important part of millions of people’s lives, and we want to focus on fostering more of those connections both in and beyond OfferUp. That focus has required us to look hard at what makes rewarding connections possible, and we’ve realized that it all boils down to one thing. Trust.


For two people to come together on common ground for mutual benefit, they need to be able to trust each other. That’s why trust is the basis for every thriving marketplace in the world. But it’s not just vital to success in a marketplace like OfferUp. Trust is the bedrock of strong neighborhoods, strong cities, and strong societies. And OfferUp wants to help create more of it.


So we’re starting where we always do — with something simple. Last year we kicked off a community dinner series in Los Angeles called NeighborUp. The idea is that when we talk to each other openly about who we are and what we care about, we can start to understand where people are coming from and begin to build more trust.


Our first dinners in LA were such a success (you can read more about them here), we’ve made plans to take them on the road and help people across the U.S. host their own conversations, in their own neighborhoods.


Through the NeighborUp Community Program, we’ll be hosting events, convening dinners, and rolling up our sleeves with local businesses, civic leaders, and OfferUp members around the country. And we’ll be celebrating the connections and conversations we have along the way.


You can follow our progress on Instagram or Facebook, and you can join NeighborUp here.


We’re looking forward to meeting you.

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This is so amazing!! 

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I am disabled and had too much time on my hands until you wonderful people, making 10 to 200 a day and having a great time.  Last April 15 a drunk driver hit the gas meters on the house, in turn virtually blowing it up and I lost everything. The house was demolished. I e-mailed OfferUp explianing that I couldn't get online easily, would you take my account down......I finally got a smart phone yesterday and you're the first people I'd like to thank....the only site that responded and did exactly and more

than I ever expected.  Now I can search for the zillion things I need for great deals.  Here's a problem! I have gotten anonymous donations that I'm not going to use but won't sell either...I've seen free things here but please think about a separate little link for good hearted people helping the same. Knowing for certain the things are going to be well placed. Thereso many other copycat sites like this but yours is the only one that helped me. I quit all the others, I'd love to know things given with kindness should be offeredup in kindness......I will be on here if anyone's interested looking, buying, laughing,  nothing to sell but there will be, I'm sure.......greatfully thankful



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Hey @Andy12, what's up?


Watch out for scammers and phishers.  I recently encountered some really weird ads that seemed a little too good to be true. In all cases the Seller did not want to chat on the app and would redirect to an email or some other url.  Then in the email they concocted a story of why they are selling so cheap. Sorry I can't provide anymore details my BS detector blew up after the last one so I couldn't gather any more info.


That sounds pretty interesting.



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I believe that that is an amazing idea, there should be a way to let prospective buyers know that you are busy or working or something else and that you're just not ignoring them. People like me I have Lupus with stage 4 heart disease and I have coronary artery disease we are packing a 3-bedroom 2-bath house my husband and I and it is very hard to do. I can't always be on my phone so it would be nice if there was an automated way to let people know you were busy or you'll get back to them in 30 minutes or an hour or something like that that way people don't think you're ignoring or something like that that way people don't think you're ignoring them I've had quite a few people get nasty with me in private messages because I didn't answer right away, and it's only because they have no idea what's going on in my life. So please before you judge someone stop to think that they may not just be ignoring you that there may be things going on in their life to where they cannot have their phone attached to their hip at all times.

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🙋Just wanted to say thank you for being such an awesome site/app.! You've made things pretty straight forward & simple for smart phone & computer illiterate people such as myself. So much thanks again & keep up the great work! 💜😘🙌👍

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@LIL_BIT27 You are so very welcome Smiley Happy I'm so happy you are enjoying OfferUp and the experiences you are having with it! 


Offer up it has helped me tremendously in my shopping experience.  

Big time thank you.