10 ways & ideas to make OfferUp Better

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Hey guys,

I'd like to share 10 ways/ideas on how OfferUp can be a better user experience for both the buyer and seller. Feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments below.


A centralized home button that takes you back to the main page would be very useful on this app. Especially when you log into the community section. Pressing "back" a zillion times just to return to the main page can be a little tiring at times LOL if there IS a home button already on here it should be more visible and not as difficult to find/navigate.


If we're no longer in contact with a buyer/seller then there should definitely be an option to delete the inbox thread. Having a cluttered inbox of old messages is kind of annoying. Especially having to keep seeing messages from buyers/sellers who wasted our time. Give us the ability to delete all messages, not just "hide" them.


If we've blocked someone then we should no longer be able to see anymore of their upcoming posts in our timeline. No point of viewing items from someone who we have no intentions of doing business with anymore. Just provide a "blocked users" list where we can remove a blocked user in case we decide to give them another chance. This helps declutter our browsing experience.


Literally every sales app allows this except for OfferUp. It should be up to the user to decide if they wanna give out their phone number or not. Lot of buyers and sellers don't wanna keep having to open this app to check messages and play the waiting game, so they prefer giving you their phone number to text or contact them directly to make a deal. Which many feel they wanna get to know the buyer/seller first before meeting them. Understandable.

Plus, it makes no sense that we can message our addresses and locations but not a contact #. Nor does being banned for sending our phone number either. Lot of deals have fell through due to not seeing a message on here at the time the buyer was available. People are usually quicker to see/reply to a text than having to open an app to see it. There's been times I've gotten messages on here and wasn't notified. Therefore missing out on the deal. We should be able to control how we interact with our buyers/sellers, not be forced to wait for replies.


Let's be honest, 4-5 pics sometimes isn't enough to convince a buyer. We should be able to upload at LEAST 10 pics. When you go on AutoTrader there's like 30 pics per car. GOAT allows many pics per sneaker. Same should go for OfferUp. THIS would prevent many buyers from requesting more pics and asking for phone numbers.


THIS would change the game. A lot of items would sell 1000x faster if we could upload a short video per item (7 to 30 seconds), instead of forcing the buyer to use their imagination, or decipher how the item looks in person. It will truly become a "what you see is what you get" scenario.


A lot of entrepreneurs and businesses use OfferUp and also like to promote their Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter in the items description. I think we deserve a option to click on a users social media links if we wanna follow them elsewhere. This would be great for networking and building new connects/fans/followers.


Just how you can mass email your contact list with updates, promotions, deals, etc. via email, same should go for OfferUp. I mean what's the point of having "followers" if we can't keep them updated with what we're selling? Followers are our network, so we should be able to notify them when we're running a special on a item, or doing a sales event, etc. This will boost possible revenue and keep our followers engaged as well.


This will help eliminate low ballers and rid the question of "what's your lowest price?". In the offer tab, there should be a lowest ask option for the seller to list, which will keep buyers from making offers below the sellers accepting price. If a buyer still messages a lower offer, this gives the seller every reason to block them for low balling.


If a deal is established via messaging, and the buyer vanishes, or backs out of the deal, then the seller should be able to "rate the experience with buyer" under FLAKER/UNRELIABLE if he or she doesn't show up. Every user should have a purchase reliability % rating. This will help other sellers see which buyers are legit and serious and which ones are window shoppers. If this is implemented, I guarantee the buyers who like to waste people's time will think twice before doing so.

So, those are 10 of my ideas on how I think OfferUp can be a better experience for buyers and sellers. What are some of yours?


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This is very true. Seeing reviews on people and why they were rated low is key...the issue if Offer Up doesn’t demand or require and ID to sign up. Maybe they should require a one time $1 dollar fee so folks are forced to use a debit card, once it’s flagged, they’re blocked form that point on. It won’t stop it but it will help a ton!

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An intangible items/services category would be beneficial.
Great post!
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Edit: lol...
A service category.
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Thank you for compiling this list (and giving concise reasons for each option.) Several of these are suggestions that have been made by many users, and it's wonderful to have them all grouped into one post!
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Thank you for commenting @Rainfall7 ! I just hope the developers @ OfferUp take heed to our suggestions! I think these additions will definitely attract more users and keep more current users active!
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That's a great idea @REMEMBRANCE2 !
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Hopefully it will implemented
Appreciate you bringing it back to light!
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Those are all great ideas! I also have a few ideas that I know would make things easier for me when using this app. I find it frustrating that I can't send pictures to individuals that I'm messaging within the app unless I send them my phone number and do it through texts. One other thing is I think there should be a shopping cart of sorts when you're interested in multiple offers from a seller. I don't like having to message on each and every one. I think it would make things much easier for both buyer and seller! Thanks for letting me input my two cents!
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Hmm a pic upload option within messenger? 🤔 BRILLIANT idea. Hopefully all users be professional with it and keep the pics on topic...because you know all it takes is that one person to mess it all up for everyone 😂😂😂 I would hate to see OfferUp turn into Backpage 😂 but yea I think that idea would be very useful. We really do need a option to upload more pics somehow. And the cart option you mentioned sounds dope too. It should send each seller a notification reminder to their inbox like "hey you got pending offers waiting!" that would definitely drive more sales.

Great feedback @Rachelynn !
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@DopeKicks216 There you go again - making my job easy... Smiley LOL

Kidding - but THANK YOU for this great post!!!! There are some amazing app ideas and suggestions in this post that I'll be sure to pass on! 


Let's see how many great ideas we can get going in here!