10 ways & ideas to make OfferUp Better

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@Mj_206 hahahahaha just trying to do my part! 😄 thank you so much for all your contributions as well! and I think we're all crossing our fingers & praying for some of these ideas 😂🙏
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@DopeKicks216 and every one else thanks for sharing these great ideas!
I Personally know for sure the OfferUp team is always listening to their members concerns and ideas. Sometimes I even see members ideas showing up in testing new features. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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💯💯💯 @Hotrod
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In addition...
An ISO / Wanted category would be well received.
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1, 9, and 10 I strongly agree with. A centralized home button makes everything easier. The 9th suggestion is already on eBay so why not offer up? It will lower the amount of low ballers, however that won't stop them from messaging you "all I got is $50" when you set your Nikes at "$125 Firm" Flakes and window shoppers should be held more accountable for their behavior and should get a two to three strikes rule. 3 for not replying after messaging you first about committing to buy. 2 for not showing up after agreeing to do so.

Another feature we need is a translator. I live in New York City and I get a ton of people messaging me in Spanish. I'm not fluent in Spanish and I don't have time to go back and forth with Google translator and I don't have time dealing with non-English speakers who give me an attitude just because I do not speak their native tounge. Not to sound harsh but this is America! Many people who are here speak English. If they want something from me that bad, they'll try to speak English. Anyway, there should be a preference setting if the native tounge we speak and any message we get (no matter what language they speak) should automatically get translated to the language of my choice and vice versa. This will heighten up the confidence level between buyer and seller. Win win!
I totally agree with you especially on #4. I stopped using offer up for a minute because it’s so hard to connect with buyers or sellers at times. I’ve wasted hours waiting to hear back from potentials.
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All of these ideas are wonderful ! I would also like an option to rate buyers that waste my time , don’t show ( flaky) , act interested using up energy back & forth with questions and conversations and then disappear with no text about changing their minds . This is a lot of people on this app! I can’t believe there are so many adults with such poor communication skills and unreliable & just want energy & attention !
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Love this idea, @JewelGlows - welcome to the community Smiley Happy

We've definitely been brainstorming on how to combat the flake issue! 

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@Veryblessed123 Yea the phone tag waiting game can be frustrating at times, hopefully we get a more convenient way of communication soon. Thanks for replying!
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@JewelGlows everytime I get flakes hitting me up the song "Window Shopper" by 50 Cent immediately starts playing in my head 😂