10 ways & ideas to make OfferUp Better

If you are getting ( low balled) you could also be asking for too much money!!
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1 I really need is when an item is agreed upon an the seller who offers shipping accepts the offer the price or post needs to become private .... I had a seller cancel a sale they accepted yesterday cuz other people were jealous and messaged the seller he could get more money after it showed shipped an the asking price
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Flip that and make it a highest you'll pay option.  I don't want cheap skates gaming the system to always determine my lowest threshhold.  I have the merchandise, THEY need to put their cards on the table first.

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I have a question about reposting my items quicker...is there a way to do this...I have a lot of items..it’s time consuming.....😕

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Hi mj,I only do offerup from my iPad...it takes awesome pics...I don’t put offerup on my phone 📲,since I don’t log out...people can send messages at rediculous times of night...need my sleep 😴...

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Hi Air, this is possible by simply clicking the corner when going on the page, right corner...

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You have a few points here I would consider. However, I am not in the business networking market and have zero interests in providing my phone number for any sale.
I live a private life and OfferUp has opened a venue with shipping available and collecting money cleanly and effectively without putting myself at risk.
If OfferUp chooses to make such options available on a selective basis to users that could opt in for a promotional fee for business growth it would not bother me. Having said that it sounds a bit like advertisements. I do not wish to crush anyones dreams of building a business, I am simply not in the same place. I do wish you luck and success!
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It did what? A seller accepted your offer then cancelled and sold at a higher price to another buyer?
I would hope OfferUp would find a way to block that ability. Screenshots and reporting of any seller. Make them pay a fine.🤣🤣🤣
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Being able to actually WRITE a review and read a Written review.
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Here's one- contract with postmates at 12% and have community members dedicate themselves to fulfillment centers. BOOM. Solved.
Better idea- make "offerup" fulfillment distributors that also do delivery themselves. Shoot, I would do it as long as there are clear percentages and 1099 contracts filled out. But I do this frequently in my other businesses.