10 ways & ideas to make OfferUp Better

Wow thank you so much for your post . I will agree with all of your suggestion.... you said it all....👌
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Great ideas. Would love to have them implemented on the platform.

-Love the rate a flake idea and ability to make comments.

-Would love to cut down on time wasters even if it's just a little. I was thinking something like automatic prequifed questions the seller can set up on listing like- Do you have the money to buy item now at this moment? Do you have transportation to pick item up? Can you meet in the next 24 hours?If this could cut out even just a few time waster it would be worth it.

-Also would love to see a Garage sale category.

- Would like to be able to pause my listings -like if I went on vacation or out of town
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As a buyer, I would love to see a Categories feature for those who sell a lot of inventory. I would also like to see realistic shipping costs. I know that item is not going to ship for $5 and I’ll be back and forth with the post office trying to pay postage due. I lost out on something I really wanted because it was returned to the seller for postage due because I couldn’t make it to the post office.

As a seller, I’m all in for a Rate the Flakes option. I apologize I can’t recall who came up with the vacation mode idea (if I try to look it up now I’ll lose this post) but I agree that that would be a much appreciated feature.

Thanks everyone for chiming in - it’s great to see that so many people are engaged in this app and making it better. I sold a few things on eBay and might try again but OfferUp is turning out to be a nice alternative.
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Id like to put one m I really out there . I am no good with the whole "online " gadgets or Internet or even sites but I've been on offer up 2 years and sold over 90000.00 dollars I n merchandise. Didn't have no problems till this week. I was scammed 3 times . I dint know where to turn or even know how to get into the help section but so I had to go to Google maps to see if a buyer was at the address i was given. Thank god cause it was a scam again. There should be a way to look up a name on a list o f some kind for people who were reported to have been scammers .
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@Christinesthing Nah that ain't it lol these jokers just be scheming 😂 low ballers ALWAYS think you're "asking for too much" lol. You can post a pair of socks for $2 and a low baller gon offer 49 cents 😂 it's no winning with those type of people lol
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@Nancy15 your best bet is to just pay the small fee to bump and promote your item(s) to the top of the feeds. That will keep it in the top of search results for a nice while until someone cops. Well worth the investment if you're looking to sell asap
Fantastic ideas! Couldn't have thought of better ones myself. I love the extra photos one & links to the users social media.
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I think that all of the suggestions to make OfferUp better are great. Plus, I have an additional suggestion to add: more options for payments and receiving them. What I have in mind is PayPal, ApplePay, SamsungPay,  besides using your bank account. Also, allowing a reusable debit/credit card would be great. Mine is registered to me, has my name on it and everything, so why not...

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Hell yea
I agree with all you said! I want to delete messages and clean up! I also think we should have the option to put our phone number! I don't know about you, but I would rather give my # To talk to someone, and feel Them out, Than to no they have my address! I'm not too happy with offer up right now, when I first joined I would put my things on To Sell, and I could see them, felt good because I could see what the people saw, and make sure I didn't make any mistakes" and when My cash register would go off, I could go to it and see. What people wanted, that was fun! Now, I can't see anything I put on, Or when my Cash register goes off, I Go there, and there is no check on that site, I hear It but nothing's there!