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Happy New Year folks!

So I noticed there's a lot of sellers in the OfferUp community that seems frustrated with the games, run around, flakes, and overall trash many buyers on here be on...so I'd like to provide a little insight on how to know which buyers to deal with, and which ones to skip past. We've ALL been schemed on and bamboozled at some point by shady buyers on here, so this post is to help to identify these jokers, because the worst thing someone could ever waste is TIME. Especially YOURS.

So, let's get into it, shall we?



I get it, we all live busy lives, have things to do, and aren't always able to check our texts and phones. BUT, when it comes to doing business, time is money. So, if a buyer takes DAYS to reply to your message? More than likely he or she is wasting your time and not serious at all.

*pro tip* check their page to see how long on average it takes them to reply. Within minutes or an hour is your best buyers to deal with. Avoid anyone who takes longer than that on average.


If a buyer is serious about copping an item, they'll reply with more than just one word messages or indecisive replies, such as "idk", "maybe", or a famous one MANY time wasters use: "I'll let you know" 🙄. If they're serious about buying, they'll ask YOU when and where you'd like to meet. You shouldn't have to. So always peep game on beat around the bush replies.


Look man, OfferUp allows 4-5 pics per item, sometimes more! And most sellers nowadays have good quality cameras on their phones, so theres NO reason why a buyer should ask for "more pics" unless they're window shoppers, or they plan on stealing them and using them themselves, which many do (this has happened to me before). Bottom line, when a buyer asks for more pics or gives you their # to text them, or send them a video, simply reply with "all pics are up to date. What you see is what you get". If they don't wanna meet and see the item(s) in PERSON, they're wasting your time. Move on.


OfferUp literally provides a calender inside the messenger to set a meet up time and place, so if the buyer doesn't comply with this, just know what you're probably dealing with: a time waster. If you inbox them "can you meet me @ XYZ @ 5:30 today?" And they reply with "I gotta see", or "I work today", and don't reply with a follow up time and place they can meet you, chalk this one up to the birds. They're not serious about doing business. So don't even bother replying until they establish a meet up time and place.


Now this is a grey area here. Many low ballers are just testing you to see how low you'll go. Some will buy, but not after a nice bidding war first. I mean lets be honest, everyone wants a sweet deal, but there's a fine line between low balling, and being ridiculous. For example: You're selling a brand new set of tires with rims for $800, and the buyer offers you $175, you already know this person is trying to annoy you. So dont even give them the satisfaction. Just report them for making a ridiculously low offer and block them. Save yourself the time and headache of going back and forth with these goofs.

Hope these 5 tips help guys! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below!

Happy selling and have a happy 2019!!! - DK
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Very good insight. I provide plenty pictures of my sneakers or apparels for sale so when they ask for more pics, I tell them what they see is plentiful and clear and I will not send or upload anymore pics. If they don't like it then too bad (I know they're wasting my time). I also only communicate through offerup messenger (I no longer give out my phone number). On every single post, I list "please do not ask for my contact info and don't give me yours. I only communicate through offerup messenger!" OfferUp Community guidelines does not recommend anyone to exchange personal contact info and I agree (Not only for safely reasons but to curve any extra annoyance/time wasting like phone calls or FaceTime requests etc). If they ask for my personal contact or give me theirs, I just block them. A true/serious buyer follows the rules and your terms when safety comes into play. A true/serious buyer will agree to buy and keep communication going with interest (I hate these vague, one or two word replies also) and reads the description instead of bombarding me with questions. I use to literally curse and insult those who violate/test me but, I just block them.
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All facts! I agree man, it grinds my gears when buyers will act like the pics you uploaded aren't good enough for them, and they want you to take more time out of your already busy day to "text more pics" so they can "let you know" if they're serious or not. Like you said, that's the first red flag LOL

Then the ones who want your phone number in order to do biz. I only exchange #s in person AFTER we do biz. OfferUp will give you the boot off the app if you do give out your # too many times. Lot of my sneaker buddies I've met and now have good relationships with hit me up from new accounts like "man they kicked me off" 😂😂😂 so yea gotta respect policy rules on here. OfferUp doesnt play lol

Great feedback Jeff!
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I get a lot of no shows or no reply or let me talk to my better half. I just let it go. Wait for the next one. That’s all you can really do. Don’t let it get you down. 

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Instead of blocking someone, why not just get an app that allows for you to have a different number you can use as a business number on your regular phone? In my opinion, there are a lot of sellers who seem to think that they're doing you the favor from selling whatever, when in all reality, it's the complete opposite. There are far too many other options and people to buy from for anyone to have some sort of seller entitlement. That person that you block may have someone in their down line or even been the person that somehow helps your small business move in the direction you want it to. Could you imagine Walmart being picky about who the sell too? Successful business practices means finding alternative ways to supply consumers because ultimately, they are the ones doing you the favor of buying your product.
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EdoubleU, hi. I agree with you. There are positive ways to approach things. There are lots of ppl that show interest but after you respond you never see them again. Or they made a deal with you and drop off the map. Why!? Exactly why? We dont know. Family deaths come up, ppl get sick, they never got a chat notice so they didn't know you responded. Anything can happen. We shouldn't judge. Just move on and let it roll off your back. It's called Offerup. Which means be prepared for all kinds of offers. Also, not everyone has enough money to live on but need things they cant afford to buy at the store. Maybe that's all they can afford and they figure it's worth a try. You never know. Be kind everyone.
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@EdoubleU  @Jeannap53   I have never felt any type of entitlement when selling or buying. I have blocked a few people. Only because they got really rude. I try to be nice. Even to the no shows. Like I said. I just go on to the next person. I don’t let it get me down. If someone wants it then it’s all good. If not then that’s good to. No harm done. You just can’t take it personal. Life is to short. Smile and keep going.

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I wasn't meaning anyone on this thread or in particular at all. I just see a lot of post where people are more or less giving orders to the potential buyers or just come off as rude in general. To each their own though. I was just trying to convey that it literally doesn't pay to be picky.
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Thanks for the info. Being new to this, I want to be safe. I have an offer but the buyer has no info, pic and like myself just joined. So I am very leary so to speak. Thanks again!!