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I'm sure many of you like myself have had success using this app, while some may not have had such luck (you will after this post) but I'm sure we ALL have encoutered similar or EXACT incidents with both buyers and sellers who have completely wasted our time. Although OfferUp is arguably the best local shopping app ever created, this app is also infested with many unprofessional, unorganized, and totally unnacceptable shenanigans from both buyers and sellers. This usually comes with the territory. So to those who may not be as familiar with the foolery on OfferUp as others may be aware of, I will break down 5 types of sellers and buyers to NOT get involved with.

Let's start with the SELLERS...


This is a huge red flag. If a seller can't even take time to post pics of the actual item in hand, but rather use pics from the internet? Or worse, steal a pic from someone elses page or post? If they do this, do you expect the item to be legit, and for the seller to be honest in person? Don't count on it.


Ask yourself this...is it worth it to drive over an hour for an item that may not be worth the drive? when someone else probably has the same item for cheaper and is able or willing to meet halfway? Always look for a closer meet up before grabbing the keys. Might find that same item from a seller down the street. For a much sweeter deal too, and won't have to burn gas or time picking it up.


Reputation is everything. Always check their stats, rating, and reviews before copping anything. Would you choose to eat at a 2 star rated restaurant over a 5 star rated restaurant? I doubt it. Only way sellers get low ratings is because they did or do bad business and got a crappy review. Period. So be very leary of the low rated seller.


I'm not saying a post has to be written like a english mid term paper, but at least put some effort into it! Dont waste time on posts that spells like a 4th grade dropout (asken $40 bucks dont ask mhe no lowerr! Dey deadstock! Worn like 6 timez! If yhu broke dont message me! I ain't driving to u so come to me!) This is a instant turn off. Why do business with people who seem to have an attitude problem? And give off a unpleasant vibe? These are the type who are usually rude, offensive, unprofessional, and difficult to work with. Only deal with pleasant sellers who don't come off like snobs or complete idiots.


Beware of any seller who goes by "Rob", or "GimmeYoKix" or "LemmeSniffYaDraws" or some weirdo crap name that instantly gives off the "creep" vibe. Why do biz with a seller who has NO profile pic, or a pic of Spongebob?? I know people on here dont want their personal identity revealed, but why would a seller put a logo of a gun as their avi? Bottom line is be very careful dealing with sellers who have threatening looking profiles and names. Stick up kids on OfferUp are REAL, people. Don't get caught slipping trying to make a deal. Use caution first.

Now, 5 types of BUYERS to avoid...


If you havent already, check out my other post on here "dealing with low ballers", for this matter. But yes, low ballers are thee worst. I mean they have absolutely zero chill. I'm talking asking for half off everything zero chill. Then want you to deliver to them with a half off discount zero chill. Best way to deal? DON'T. But if you must, then may the force be with you.


Look man, if a buyer seriously wants to cop something, they will. They will be first to arrange the meeting, you will never have to hound them to meet if they're serious. only game players and window shoppers wanna ask you for more pics, or wanna ask you a zillion questions instead of "where/when can we meet?" If a conversation goes longer than 3 replies, and no meetings have been arranged yet? You're dealing with a window shopper for sure. Do NOT waste your time with buyers making a offer on Tuesday, but telling you they "won't have the money till next week". Or clowns who want you to drop your price then they still don't have any money. Best line I use when getting offers: ARE YOU READY TO BUY? This will weed out the time wasters immediately. Try it for yourself.


Every now and then you'll get the legit buyer who offers up yet has no followers, isnt following anyone, has no sales, no purchases, yet been on Offer Up for years? Seems shady. Which is usually the case. People are constantly being robbed, shot, set up, etc. off of these apps, and I honestly do NOT recommend linking up with a buyer who doesnt have any transaction history. Too sketchy. But have I met some good ones? Sure. but is it worth keep risking your life? Nah. So be mindful of the lurkers plotting on naive sellers. They're everywhere online these days. So shop smart.


If they vanish on you, block em. Pulling a no call no show is pure disrespect. Don't fall for that "my bad I fell off a mountain and got beat up by 9 grizzly bears so I couldn't meet up" crapolla. If they went Waldo once, theyll go Waldo twice. Time is money. And business is business. If you DO decide to meet them after being stood up, do NOT give them a 5 star rating! I bet they'll think twice before wasting another sellers time...


Oh yes...the good ol' trolls... who send messages for laughs or for a reaction. Such as making an offer on a car for $14.98. This will only get 2 replies from a seller: laughs or anger. Either way the troll wins. They exist for your reaction. So when you get silly offers or messages, just report it and ignore. As for the manipulators? The ones who try to run game on you about how youre "overcharging" for an item, or how they claim your item is sooooo cheaper elsewhere, yet they don't have it? They're in YOUR inbox trying to buy from YOU? Dont fall for this crap. Set your prices, be firm, stand your ground, and don't let these schemers try to get over on you. Because trust me, they WILL try. Just not on my watch. And hopefully not yours either.

Hope these tips help guys! Feel free to leave feedback!

- DK
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This is actually a repost, guys. The original post was somehow missing, now its back up again in the forum. Still feel free to chime in and leave feedback here or on the original post. Either or : )
It would be awesome if we could block no-shows and flakes at our own discretion. If you haven't had a cash transaction with them they should be able to block them if there pain in the back side. And I've met several many many more nice people but many many window-shopping no shows Bargain Basement Hunters. The only way we can block them is to go through offer up through the OfferUp office. And I don't know what their parameters AR for blocking anybody. I don't think I'll do it just at your request. but if they do I have several. We need "block" button
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Go to the persons profile page.

Click on the flag top right.

Give a reason to report.

Once reported it will ask if you want to block the user.

No more communications with this specific user anymore.
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"Bargain basement hunters" 💀💀💀
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...now if only we don't have to keep seeing them on our timelines AFTER we block them lol
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Where do we report or flag a person at?? Does anyone know where you can read everyones stats??? Low ballers no shows ect..


The below link contains the instructions on how to report users. There are no statistics available on the users that make low offers (very subjective) and the same goes for "no shows".



Thankyou FOR YOOUR HELP and the links I needed!!