Level 1

You know how you love to sell your stuff online? Whether for fun or to clear out the old, isn’t it great to have a way to cash in on the things you no longer have use for.

Timing the meet ups can be a hassle. People can be a no show. Safety can be compromised.

We are BETA TESTING a SOLUTION to pain points surrounding selling your stuff online.

Of course, we are super excited about it, but most important we want to know what you think.

What if you had access to a product that automates pickup arrangements, earns you fees from your customers for extended holds, collects your money without haggling risk, and instantly provides a one time unlocking code to your customers 24 hours a day, all with no app to install!?!

Lock It, List it, Leave it to Nymbull.
We would like to share the Nymbull Lock. We made Nymbull for people just like you - so we are eager for your feedback and collaboration. Would you be open to this?

Level 9

@delisatoole @REMEMBRANCE  I believe I saw this post in another part of the forum. And there you were informed that solicitation is against OU forum guidelines! You might want to refrain from posting this again! I see your new but nobodies going to believe you made a mistake a third time. Just a little neighborly advice!