A thought to address the no-reply and no-shows

Level 3
To offset the buyers or sellers that are unresponsive or miss appointments perhaps OfferUp could provide an escrow service where you could voluntarily bank a deposit to further reinforce a person's trust level on their profile. Say either a buyer/seller would have the option to filter users' on whether they have funds that are banked. If the user fails to follow through after 3 strikes(? community reported) the funds would be returned, they would be removed from the program and placed on probation for a period of time. I understand it's sensitive dealing with people's money, so that is why in case of a user not meeting expectations, only the offending user would collect their own funds. The additional countermeasures would penalize them. Just a thought to add a level of accountability in an anonymous environment.
Level 9
I'm having a difficult time playing this out in my mind.

"filter users"

I think that's why TruYou exists.

Say I don't have funds to put down (CC) will I lose out on a deal because they're paranoid about me not showing up?

Yeah, I don't know sounds like an app within an app at that point.

I've had good experiences and bad — have learned from them.

What I've learned in most case is a few extra messages / blocking helps and require no real effort — whether you be the seller or buyer.

I believe even you admit, the problem will still remain — since funds will be deposited back.

There's no real way to fix it.

It can be avoided and OfferUp can push people to read up on how to deal with someone in X scenario.


I do well on the app and I think I'm as honest and polite as I could be.

I'm TruYou at heart maybe? but prefer to remain anonymous.

Hate for people to judge me even further because I don't provide a deposit.